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Thursday 13th

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  • Thursday 13th

    Morning all

    Well the thunder, lightening and rain appeared at 3pm instead of 8pm. Torrential rain running down the road, next door had a massive pond outside their driveway. Luckily we are higher up so no problems. Finally cooled down but still uncomfortable to sleep thank goodness for the fan. This morning lovely feeling so fresh and temps certainly down from yesterday am.

    Grocery delivery this morning and they have every thing we ordered, 8 - 9 today. Waitrose website crashed at the weekend and took a while to sort out. Finally got in and have to book for a Friday as Thursday all ready booked and that is with priority booking.

    Today sewing room listening to some 60's music wafting from Lee's music room next door.

    Hope you are all well, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, cool, breezy but dry.

    Yesterday, 10 minutes cutting some of the thicker overgrown stems from the big hedge, George to vets for annual poke and prod - all sorted and bill less than I expected (yay!). Tremendous 15 min thunderstorm while I was waiting in the car park for him (thought the rain would make dents in the car roof), young lady and young man (with brolly) brought him right to the car to save me having to get out in the rain Not much otherwise - labelled and packed away pickled onions, bit of knitting, bit of family tree, bit of blackwork/cross stitch.

    Today, was going to clear yesterday's hedge choppings but it's too cold and breezy for that, car has gone for annual service. No other fixed plans. Dentists will be ringing later to do Covid assessment before I go for tomorrow's appointment.

    Caroline - glad things are a bit cooler down your way. Hope you get everything done in the sewing room and enjoy listening to Lee's music.
    Dave - Plans to return to return to the land of song going well? Hope Flo is coping with the thunderstorms reasonably well.
    Mo - over half way through the week at the shop, hope you're surviving it all.
    Shelley - assuming temperatures with you have reduced a bit and any rain you had was beneficial. Still busy with the hiring and testing business?
    Mandy - in lockdown or just outside the area? Any possibility of restrictions being eased?



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      Morning all.....bright and fresh here today.
      Yesterday the thunder started at around 4pm, continued until around 2am. Torrential rain and a flooded road which luckily subsided as it had risen. 7pm it was pitch black here and this morning, a 100ft long wall along the Co-op car park at the end of the road was down.

      Started Korries tiger but couldn’t do much as the craft room is like cutting on the sun!

      Going back to the land of song on the 21st.
      Hope everyone is safe....and dry.



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        Evening all,

        Caroline, we didn't have any rain till 3am last night, a measly spattering that evaporated and the only way you knew it happened was the cars were spotty but then about 3pm this afternoon the skies darkened and the thunder and lighting started, the rain started slowly, finally building up to something substantial. Temperature started at 30c and dropped a degree by noticeable degree and by 5pm it was a pleasant 22c, so I went food shopping First time in days.
        Sounds like a nice way to spend the day, sewing and music.

        Linda, glad George's visit went well, was he easy to find? hope he got a clean bill of health for him. Valet service for cats now They did say there could be hail. Had to smile when you said it was too cold and breezy, what I would have given for cold and breezy lately, I think now we have had the worst of the heat and life can get back to normal, the heat really knocks me for six and I can only do the bare minimum, so a few days of catching up.
        Interesting that you have to a Covid assessment for the dentist, Simon just went as normal but he was an emergency so maybe that was why.
        My doctors have closed my practice to everyone and are using it as the Covid centre for all of Southampton so now I have to go to one of the other practices in the group if I need a face to face, they have done it all by phone and online up to now.

        Dave, glad the weather has become tolerable, maybe you can face the cutting room soon. How high was the wall that went done? Sounds like a lot of water down your way.

        Mo, you been alright in the shop on your own so far? Has the temperature dropped where you are yet? Did you find any time for pyro? or just chillin in your lovely garden being made dinner by the hero Pete? Simon never got the hang of cooking, best I get is a pot noodle from him but when I am really ill (which is the only time he has to do anything) its better than nothing Thats why Pete merits hero status as far as I am concerned

        Mandy, hope you are ok, any news on the employment?

        Today was not much of anything to start with. One of the very first repair engineers that we worked with for over 10 years came over to make use of the workshop to fix up two very old guitar amps, a VOX and a Marshall that used to belong to a mutual friend who sadly committed suicide 3 years ago this next week. They are going to be sold and the proceeds given to his flying club. He was very talented computer software engineer, musician, scuba diver and pilot and more. He got a PhD in computer sciences at the uni here. So he was known as Doc amongst other things
        It was nice seeing our friend today, he does pop round now and again but he is/was very busy touring with his PA rig and being a sound engineer for some big names - King Crimson, Porcupine Tree and Steve Wilson lately.

        Once the rain passed and the temperature dropped, I went out food shopping, came back did some much needed tidying up, did something to eat, did a bit more about the house and now am here

        Not done any crafting for days, not that I didn't want but it was too hot and muggy, the paper would have curled and the glue would have dried too fast. Hoping to finish all the necessary stuff tomorrow and get back to the crafting over the weekend.

        The 15th - Saturday is ARC's 45th birthday, we were going to do something to celebrate, find a field, maybe put on some chance of that now, it will have to wait till next year or maybe the 50th.

        Have a good evening and sleep well everyone.



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          Shelley, the wall was about four feet with four feet of railings on the top. Previous floodings of the car park may have weakened or undermined the walk strength.
          Woke this morning to a bursts stop tap in the drive, luckily Severn Trent responsibility...😩😆