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Wednesday 12th

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  • Wednesday 12th

    Morning all.

    The rain due between 4am and 6am did not happen. It was 92 again yesterday a bit cooler today but we want rain. At one point got so hot could not go into the garden as no air to breathe. Had a cold shower before bed, fan on but struggled to be comfortable. Just not cut out for this.

    On a plus note have completed 3/4 of the first of 6 blocks of cross stitch. Will do some more today as the coolest place in the house apart from the shower room.

    Not much else to report, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry and bright, little breeze at the moment, but as previous days it could increase and keep things coolish.

    Yesterday, did the shopping but as I was going out OH announced he was going to his mother's. So when I got back from shopping I got the vaccuum into his "space" for a good clean up, decided it was time I took photos of a table I want to get rid of (but had to dust and wipe down first). Back was complaining by then so sat down and started on dealing with half a carrier bagful of overgrown spring onions my neighbour brought on Monday (she'd forgotten about them and re-discovered when she was weeding part of her allotment). Two hours later and I had 3½kg of onion to pickle. Took another couple of hours (stood up) to do the pickling and my back was really complaining so went to bed to rest it.

    Today George (the elderly moggy) has his annual check up and jabs appointment at the vet's - assuming I can find, and extract him from, whatever hiding place he has chosen for the morning. Must do labels for the pickled onions and kitchen floor needs to be cleaned. No fixed plans for anything else, but will try and do something crafty at some point.

    Caroline - surprised you're managing to do anything in the oppressive heat which seems to be covering your part of the country.
    Dave - glad you're not likely to have been affected by the recent severe Welsh weather. How's the weather situation at the English base?
    Mo - hope you're coping with the extended stint at the shop. Doubt you've had chance to do much on the craft work, so hope there's enough stock ready for your upcoming show.
    Shelley - glad your muscles are recovering. I know what you mean about getting dehydrated - I think that's partly what happened to me and I'm making an effort to increase fluid intake, but it's not easy.
    Mandy - How are things?



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      Morning all.....scorcher so far.
      Yesterday was about 30 degrees. I was up in the loft finishing off that hummingbird cut. Thunder and lightning was a nightmare yesterday evening, the gorge acts like an amplifier, the sound just echoes down the valley.
      There was not too much rain thank god, just high winds, flashes and noise.
      Flo got under the settee and finally emerged at around 3am...
      More of the same from around 4pm today right through to 9am tomorrow if the forecast is to be believed.

      Just hadxan Iceland delivery, Tesco yesterday, much easier than plodding round supermarkets.

      Cutting Korries tiger later today.