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Tuesday 11th

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  • Tuesday 11th

    Morning all. Shiloh woke me for a cuddle at 5:20 now up and ready for a long walk. Best time of the day.

    The heat yesterday was just too much did not know what to do with ourselves, the dog was lethargic. More of the same today then hopefully a plummet in temps.

    Getting not a lot done apart from the cross stitch but have to keep washing my hands.

    May try some machine embroidery early before it gets too hot.

    Hope you are all keeping well, take care. HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright but not sunny, not cool, not warm, little breeze about.

    Yesterday, bread did get made and bins emptied, but apart from clearing the kitchen nothing else. Soak in a warm bath helped the back muscles, started a small piece of blackwork and early night.

    Today, shopping, back still a bit stiff so care being taken, farm shop delivery later but no plans. Crafting seems to have gone on hold or down to a minimum for most of us at the moment. Must be the weather.

    Caroline - think the weather in your part of the country is more severe than here (looks like we're getting away with things as usual). Hope today is more bearable than yesterday and you do manage a little bit of productive craft work.
    Dave - saw frightening pictures of flash floods and severe wetness in Wales. Hope it's not near where you go. Brambles here have been ripening for the last month - looks like it's going to be a long and very generous harvest.
    Mo - hope you survived the shop yesterday (and for the rest of the week). Sloes in our hedgerow are dropping to the ground (or birds are picking and dropping) - shouldn't be ready until October/November here!
    Shelley - Much improved thank you, just one of those things I think Sorry you've suffered with intercostal trouble again (I tweaked a back muscle chucking out food for the birds yesterday morning - too easy to do), I hope you're feeling better today. I don't normally borrow quality books from anyone for the same reasons as you, but it was one of those situations where it would have been churlish to decline, so am being super careful with them.
    Mandy - hope all is well. Have you heard anything further on the redundancy situation yet?



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      Morning all....wet and misty this morning...

      Yesterday wasn’t too bad here, thundered a bit but only a quick shower, the storm seemed to skirt around us....more threatened for today.

      Spent most of the day cutting, too hot, arms kept sweating. The new roof is better insulated and the new windows are crystal clear, at least the grubby old ones gave a bit of shade 😁

      Yes Linda, Wales did get it a bit rough.....when it rains in Wales, it RAINS 😂
      Luckily we are at a higher position in the area so heavy rainfall will pass us to the lower parts.....back there on the 21st.

      Glad you are on the mend Linda, judging by our posts lately we are all dropping to bits at the minute 😆



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        Glad you are on the mend Linda, judging by our posts lately we are all dropping to bits at the minute 😆
        Thank you - it's an age thing I think


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          Afternoon all,

          Another scorcher here.

          Caroline, I am glad you let Shiloh share morning cuddles, one of our cats - Flo - always spends most of the night with me, its lovely to reach out half asleep and share a cuddle. I always feel sad for pets and owners who shut them away at night and I can't even begin to express my hatred and sadness at the use of crates.
          You must be the only one being productive in this sticky heat. I just can't do anything more than what needs to be done, spending the day flopped in my chair with the fan.

          Linda, glad it nothing serious and you have recovered mostly. I have managed to keep up the sleeping on the left side and its much better again today. I do think its the weather, couldn't even bring myself to do some crochet.

          Dave, you are lucky to have some rain and thunder, I think it helps to break the oppressive feel to this weather. At least you managed to get something done in the creative dept.

          Mo, hope the shop is ok and you get some pyro done too.

          Mandy Ok?

          Not much on here, just flopping around trying to get through this heat. I don't do well in it, I feel headachey and queasy, I think I need to drink more but its hard when you don't feel like eating or drinking.

          Take care everyone in this heat.