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Wednesday 5th

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  • Wednesday 5th

    Morning All, quiet on here atm, hope everyone is okay. Going to be hot for about 8 days from tomorrow, early dog walks and just staying cool.

    Today want to try to finish off the facemasks have another 10 to do, fingers crossed. Just have to wait for the filters which should be here today and the DL cello bags, will add what I can to Folksy and then just top up the quantities once received all I need to to complete.

    Then onto some deer antlers and ears to add to headbands, then decorated with flowers.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning All! Dull, breezy, damp from overnight rain and cool - complete contradiction to the forecast.

    Yesterday, as expected spent most of the morning jaunting around from place to place for various bits of shopping etc. Afternoon - got started on a small cross stitch piece, bit of knitting in the evening (more unpicking than making!)

    Today, don't know. Had hoped weather would be conducive to attacking weeds in paving, but it's far too damp out there at the moment. May try, yet again, to get back to the book making. Need to ring garage to book car in for a service, also need to ring dentists to see if they are open as I have a tooth crumbling and another bit broke off last night.

    Sounds like you've got your day mapped out Caroline - hope it all goes to plan.
    Dave - hope you get the car sorted and get back the Wales very soon.
    Shelley - hope you got all your shopping done, and glad you've enjoyed some garden time. Good news on the business front.
    Hope everyone else is OK.



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      Morning all.

      Day off and need to make a start on some design work for #2 daughter as they have bought a business and need the shop revamped. Hoping to do it over Christmas as economically as possible. First thing is I need more dimensions before I can do any accurate drawings but can sketch out ideas in the meantime.

      Still not done anymore on the sewing, may have to wait till next summer LOL I also have plenty of pyro and ink to do and some Christmas baubles to decorate. Not going to be bored which is good as it's a fast day. Jen is on leave next week so I will be working all six days but every week that passes is another one closer to retirement.

      Mum came home Monday but arrived without a good portion of her clothing and no wedding ring !! That hasn't been off her finger since she was married and there was no reason to remove it at any stage. She is also not herself, I spoke to her last night and she was talking gibberish. Dad said she didn't want to eat either which is also not like her. Really makes me wonder how she was treated there. No one could visit due to Covid either.

      New NHS appointed carer arrived this Tuesday and then complained to her boss that firstly....................
      She was cold. Well Dad had shown her where the heating controls were and they have an electric oil filled radiator permanently plugged in ready to be switched on for instant heat.
      She couldn't make a cup of coffee as the milk was off, great one this, the fresh bottle of milk in the fridge was full cream jersey and what she was looking at was the 2 inches of cream on the top.
      The house has a damp patch as it's detrimental to her health !! It's an old stone cottage that my parents rent and there are 2 small stained patches where a gutter was blocked last year and fixed and the neighbour had a leak which ran down the wall of one room which was also fixed. They are 80 and 90 years of age it doesn't bother them, they are not going to redecorate.
      Apparently she will be back Thursday but not after that and no they don't have anyone else available. Social worker said she will have to go back into care, she is definitely not going back to where she has just come from and there is nowhere else available apparently. Neither my Sister nor I can be there for the three days a week Dad needs help as we both have to work.

      My parents have worked so hard all their lives well past retirement, paid every penny due to the state, are as honest as the day is long as this is how the State treats them.

      Sorry for the rant but I'm so upset about it. Will catch up with everyones goings on later but not really in a sociable mood at the moment.

      Have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        I am so sorry to read about this Mo, and I do sympathise entirely.
        We had lots of trouble with my Mum's deteriorating mental health, and never did manage to get her the care and treatment she deserved Far too many cracks in the system for her to fall down, and if it hadn't been for my boss, my director and the lady who dealt with the single payment funding for treatments being so generous with their advice and support (I worked at the local primary care trust at the time) I don't think she'd have had any help at all. GP's weren't much use, social services weren't a lot of help until we found the one gem of an officer.
        When she finally ended up in care I rarely saw her in her own clothes despite the fact I had labelled every single piece she had, and they also allowed her to lose her wedding ring, which was lost entirely when the home closed down and she had to move. They were extremely rude to me when I tried to explain and enquire about the ring, and I never did get it (thank goodness I'd taken her engagement ring home with me a long time before).

        The vast majority of carers want to do just that for the people they are looking after, but the few who think they shouldn't do this, that or the other because it doesn't suit them spoil the reputation of the rest. They have no concept of the knock on effects of their selfish and short sighted attitudes on the family and friends of the person at the centre of it all.

        I hope something appropriate can be sorted out for your parents before the situation becomes an emergency and stretches the front line NHS services even further, simply because something that should be done hasn't been done.



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          Afternoon all,

          Another weird weather day, warm and muggy but not much sunshine.

          Caroline, it is going to be a hot next few days, I don't mind it too much, I find my breathing is usually better when its hot and dry, its the dry thats best but you usually get the hot with it. Deer antlers and flowers, intriguing.

          Linda, I think you will find it drying up soon. I think that the forecast was about 24 hours behind, we had rain all day Saturday when it should have been sunny.
          I spent earlier this afternoon sorting out a dentist for Simon, he wanted to try a new one, bad timing, ended up having to go to our old dentist. He has a broken tooth and its now got a hole in it and he is quite a bit of pain. Painkillers not working as well so it needs sorting, I think its been getting worse over the weekend, explains the grump he was in. I don't think he realised it til Monday. Got him to take some ibuprofen, that helped but it needs sorting. Managed to get him an appointment for tomorrow.
          Your mum was lucky to have you fighting her corner.

          Mo, how interesting and fun - a shop to design- what sort of business is it? (if its okay to ask). I often think that if I knew how our shop would end up I would have started differently but it grew organically so not a huge amount of planning long term. If I was younger and fitter I would rearrange the whole shop
          Sorry to hear of more problems with your mum and dad. I can't offer any advise as I was lucky to not have to go through any of this with any our parents. My dad died 20 years or so ago and my Mum 3 years ago but she was self sufficient till the end as were Simon's parents who died about 20 years ago too.
          I hope it can be sorted without too much stress for everyone.

          Dave, sorry to hear your stay was cut short, but better to nip it in the bud than get caught out in these weird times. You can go back knowing all is well. You could take advantage and restock for your return.

          Mandy, keeping busy? any news on the work front?

          Yesterday was a success and a failure. Did well, £20 worth of petrol put in the car then went to the chemist and the £ shop. Got a really good parking space in the disabled bay close to both shops. Went off and got everything I wanted, came back to find I had got a parking ticket aarrgh, my fault I forgot to put my Blue badge in the window, I could have wept, its my silly fault. Oh well as Simon says lesson learnt, first time in 15 years of having one that I forgot, won't forget again. I thought about contesting it but I don't really have a leg to stand on, it wasn't displayed. So will just pay it in a minute (have to wait 24 hours) and only pay 50% still £35 pounds I would rather have spent on craft supplies And Papermill Direct have just brought out some fab new holographic card, oh well might just have it anyway, some shopping therapy
          I did also get food in from Sainsburys.

          Didn't do much yesterday evening apart from sulk and tend to Simon and his poorly tooth.

          Have several tasks to do for the shop, pack up and send off a heavy bit of audio equipment, sort and store a large quantity of cables we got given, but will do that in the garden so will get some sun,​​​​​​ clean some speaker cabs, made of plastic, need a wipe down.
          Try and get round with the Hoover, failed yesterday and today, Simon was grumpy enough as it was

          Going to go and give one of the cat's bed a good clean in the sunshine now. May actually get round to some card making late.

          Have a good day everyone.



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            Hope you got some bb done Linda. Dry here and warm.

            Mo I am so sorry about your problems with your Mum, it is so hard. I was lucky with my Mum that she had a good Doctor who dealt with the home business for us. Lee’s Mum as she was in hospital a lady there got us appts at 2 homes, we chose the smaller one as more personal. Both were self funding though and do appreciate it makes a difference. Lucky that both homes were very good. Fingers crossed you get something sorted soon.

            Shelley you are funny. We got a ticket once as the tax had expired. Stupid thing it was in both cars, appealed and got let off. I think the fact that Lee and I had parked next to each other etc and we had proof that had bought the tax discs 2 weeks before the end of the month.

            Made some more masks just the pleating to do. Already sold 3 on Folksy this pm.


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              Thank you for your kind comments about my Mum.

              Shelley, they have bought a diving company in Cyprus, owner retiring and good going concern but needs updating.They are also agents for a number of top end equipment suppliers. Peter is a qualified diving instructor and Mhairrigh is on her way to qualifying. Difficult having to do it from afar but not impossible. We both have scuba diving lessons to look forward to next year, can't wait.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Hi everyone. How are you doing? I've just looked through this discussion and understood that I'm not alone here. My mother also has mental health issues. She has been recently diagnosed and prescribed meds (but having checked the info about them on the Canadian pharma site, I want her to try the natural ways of treatment first). I want to help her. Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences. I'm glad to be a part of the community where people really can understand me.
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