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Tuesday 4th

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  • Tuesday 4th

    Morning all,

    Sorry missed yesterday went to post saw Linda on and left until later, then promptly forgot my age is showing, lol.

    Housework yesterday upstairs, all doen and not out of breath. Long dog walk earlier and stitched up another 6 masks, cut out another 6 in Liberty print. They have bacterial proofed cotton lining with a pocket including one PM2.5 filter. So far so good. Can do another 2 today plus some pockets but ran out of the bacterial proof fabric. Ordered and dispatched so you never know may be done by the end of the week. The 2 doing today using up one in each pattern this will give me 4 to photograph and draft onto Folksy.

    Repeats from the chemist today and then pop into the farm shop for some strawberries and cherries. Lee is coming with me so don't doubt will have a delivery of compost and gravel tomorrow. Not to mention the plants he will load into a trolley. Guess what we will be doing this evening, yes more planting. Have made a stumpery out of the large branches cut from the cherry tree, got some bunny statues coming today and if the bunnies turn up can have some fun. Lee could not understand what I was doing but now the wood is down he can see a bit clearer. He moans that I can visualise in my head but he cannot unless record related.

    Lee is also planning colours for the living room, Oh Lord! the plan is to get to a Homebase or across the road (preferable) get the paint mixed then he can start in the Autumn. May have to pay a bit more in Altis then again maybe not as they sell to the trade. A useful shop to have in the middle of the village. They have been here since about 1860 something a family run firm. They do everything screws, nails, electrical bits, hire out machinery etc. Next door hired a large roller when he did a bit of tarmac on his drive and drove the roller across the road. Needless to say all dug up now and blocked paved to match the rest of the houses. The builders put it down for us though.

    Anyway rambling a bit and you will be bored, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and dry, but a bit of breeze and temperature still "fresh".

    Yesterday spent the morning chasing around after and/or phoning other people and waiting for responses. Afternoon I gave in to the cross stitch finger itching and went to find a project to start - ended up spending a couple of hours sorting through pattern magazines (found a few more to pass on), and threads and discovering a pack of stuff I'd prepared 20 years ago for a project. I hadn't forgotten that it was something I wanted to do, but it's not small (cushion cover in blackwork and gold) but discovered I have double the amount of metallic thread and only half the amount of one of the blackwork threads required. Of course that thread is one of the less commonly available so have been hunting for a supplier - finally found one and put an order in this morning, just hoping the dye shades don't vary too much. Haven't got anywhere near books for a few days now, despite promising myself every morning I'll get started on another.

    Today, shopping day and I have several places to go so will be out all morning and possibly into the afternoon. Might get started on the cross stitching I finally settled on yesterday.

    A bit quiet round here recently, but I'm assuming everyone is as occupied with various bits of life as Caroline seems to be. Trust you're all well and finding time for a bit of relaxation and crafting occasionally.



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      Afternoon all,

      Funny old day here, grey with bursts of sunshine, supposed to be warming up but I am chilly and have put my office heating on.

      Caroline, like your latest mini quilt, marinaded chicken indeed You are doing well with the masks. More gardening stuff? where are you going to put it all? I am sure it will look lovely, perfect week for it, the weather is going to get the glorious highs of 30c or so they have threatened.
      Planning for painting in September, well I guess its good to be prepared.

      Linda, glad you found a suitable cross stitch to work on. You could alternate between the old and new black threads so if there is a difference isn't so stark.
      Hope the shopping goes well and it doesn't take too long.

      Dave still having a whale of a time? Sorry, hope you are both well and enjoying wonderful Wales

      Mo, lost track, in the shop or a day off?

      Mandy any news on the job status?

      I have been in the garden the last two days taking advantage of our days off and the good weather. Hoping to spend more time later in the week as it hots up.

      Off shopping in a bit, need to get petrol, food, go to the chemist and pop into the £ shop. First time I have put petrol in the car since March, bet I will never say that again

      Not done much on the crafting side of things, but have made a start on a card. Hope to do more in the evenings but intend to enjoy the weather this week.

      Business has been strangely busy, not complaining but as there are no gigs I am impressed with the fact we have had hires, repairs and sales. Did a quote for best part of a £1000 for a cd player/mixer setup over the weekend, customer is supposed to be coming in with the deposit this week, we will see.

      Need to try and get some dreaded HW done before the heat sets in. So will probably give the Hoover an outing tomorrow. No laundry, all done last weekend, so ok for a few days. Need to pay some attention to the kitchen and steam clean the floor.

      Have a good day everyone.



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        Afternoon all...Wales was bright and breezy this morning.
        I noticed the exhaust on the car making a slight blowing noise, phoned Kwik fit, Nissan Juke exhausts aren’t stock items so they would have to order parts in, I can’t be done with an exhaust that will get worse or spending seaside time chasing car repairs, especially as Aberystwyth KwikFit is about 25 miles away so we’ve come home to sort it out.
        I’ll get the ball rolling tomorrow, we’ve got my car, we can get it done then go back.

        That’s life 😁