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Monday 3rd

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  • Monday 3rd

    Morning all! Bright but not yet sunny and quite a breeze at the moment.

    Yesterday, cleared the previous couple of days vegetation hackings and one lot barrowed over to the bonfire pile, the remainder has become a bed for the cats at various times of the day, but I'll get it shifted eventually. Crafting wise I did another Christmas bauble and quite a bit of knitting whilst watching the Grand Prix (another Hamilton/Bottas/Verstappen "follow me" until the last couple of laps then it got quite interesting). The couple I've been shopping for came round and brought me a thank you card and we had a chat for 20 minutes. Otherwise nothing of note.

    Today, overslept this morning and feeling a bit groggy with a bit of headache. Window cleaner has just arrived, farm shop order to sort and send in, vaccuum cleaner needs some exercise. No serious plans for anything else so another pottering day.

    Not sure where everyone is these days, but you're obviously busy with life so hope you're all well and can pop in from time to time.


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    Morning all....cloudy today but white clouds dotting a blue sky.
    Yesterday was a scorcher, sat in the sun a while with factor 50 on....still got me here & there, nice white outline of my specs πŸ˜†πŸ˜Ž.

    Don’t know what we are doing today, might walk along the beach into NQ as its pedestrianised and less busy now the weekend is over.

    Cutting later on, not done any for a few days.