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Sunday 2nd

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  • Sunday 2nd

    Morning all! Bright and dry, but cooler and breezy this morning.

    Yesterday - after the bread and laundry were done I did very little - quite a bit on family tree, bit of knitting, and a bit more on the <shhh!> Christmas </shhh!> decorations WIP that I've neglected since I got the book bug.

    Today, I've had another unsettled night and not feeling with it at all. No plans for anything major after I finish clearing up the kitchen, but thinking a bit of physical exercise might wake me up a bit there is still the chopped down vegetation to be cleared.

    Caroline - hope you had a productive time in the sewing room yesterday. No doubt you're out for an early morning walk with Shiloh at the moment (or may have returned and having a lovely breakfast)
    Shelley - sounds like another busy day for you yesterday, but hope the sluggish feel cleared and the card creation and photographing is progressing well.
    Dave - hope you got to your high hill with the ancient church yesterday. Sounds like a glorious place.
    Mo - another of "the crew" having a lovely, and well deserved, relaxing day. The sewing will wait until you are ready to complete it. Sorry to hear yet another of your events has been cancelled. Time has progressed and so many of my events have been cancelled I'm now thinking about further price reductions on my stuff, as and when I get chance to sell, just to get it out of the store room.
    Mandy - ooh! been busy card making - do we get to see pictures? I hope your son and his girlfriend got home safely after their night out. I loathe the smell of tomato plants, but I love eating the fruit Have a good day today - my OH is glued to the snooker!


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    Morning all, early dog walk, breakfast, water the garden, stripped bed, washing on, bed remade. Helped Lee chop another branch, all now placed in the garden under the tree. Will plant with ferns this week and then take a pic.

    The rest of the day? Not a lot as don’t feel like sewing.

    Have a break today Linda and relax, maybe a nap with the cats in a chair.

    HAGD & BBL X