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Saturday 1st

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  • Saturday 1st

    Good Morning to August, only another 146 days until Christmas, lol.

    Been for a lovely long dog walk, admin work on a FB group. Sat in the garden for a while after watering. Going into the sewing room soon.

    I ordered 2 hangers from my usual supplier as nothing heard from the other people, came yesterday. Then got an email saying they are sending out 2 replacements 1st class, may get them today but not sure we have a delivery on Saturday.

    Hope the fiasco in Wales was not near you Dave.

    Linda I am really proud of the books you are making they are so lovely.

    Mo, hope all okay at the shop.

    Shelley sorry about your hospital op but at least you now have it sorted, fingers crossed for you.

    Mandy more card making?

    I am trialling a new form of Folksy, have to use and write a report with fulkl details etc. So far looks good.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, but feeling a bit muggy after heavy rain last night (my fault - I watered the tomatoes before I went to bed!) Temperature is down, but not by as much as predicted.

    Yesterday, had a couple of 15 minutes stints hacking vegetation, but not cleared it yet, quite a bit of family tree stuff and tv, finally finished the WIP books (photo on fb if you haven't already seen it), had an email cancelling one of my favourite Christmas fairs, then found out later via a friend that an annual social weekend I've been attending for the last 35+ years is no more as the venue (hotel) has closed without notice permanently and I am gutted Did email a few friends who live in the Manchester area to check they are OK - positive response from one, awaiting other replies.

    Today, laundry done and on the line, bread made and in first proving. Didn't have a good night last night and not feeling 100% today so nothing much else planned. Might clear the vegetation waste if I feel like it, otherwise watching the grand prix qualifying and generally bumming around.

    Caroline - thank you for the complements on the books - they are improving in quality slowly (I'll have a lot of "seconds" to sell when I get chance to put them out for viewing and sale). The new version of Folksy sounds rather time consuming, but as you feel it is working well it can't be as bad as I fear.
    Mandy - thanks for your concern - I took note Hope you enjoyed your day chillin'
    Dave - hope you got your walk to the harbour yesterday and it was more peaceful than the crowded beach.
    Mo - hope the shop situation has settled into some sort of a routine and is cope-able. How did you get on with the sewing?
    Shelley - sorry about the abbreviations (I must be getting lazy) - I actually dislike using them too much; abbreviating words is so widespread these days that it usually takes me longer to read things because I have to scratch my head trying to work out what the initials represent! You've had a very busy couple of days over a range of tasks. A real nuisance about the hospital - wouldn't be surprised if it was admin systems that caused the timing situation - but pleased it seems to be sorted at last. Have a chill weekend and hopefully you can spend some time in your garden with the birds and butterflies.



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      Afternoon all,

      Odd day, feels like a hot summer day but its grey, windy, warm but sticky.

      Caroline, hope the sewing is going well. Oh dear, a new Folksy? I haven't finished getting to grips with the old one. Oh well, I will know who to ask if I run into difficulties

      Linda, no need to apologise about the abbreviations, it wasn't your fault, I just hadn't thought along the right lines. As soon as I saw the advert for it, it all fell into place. GP is very widely use acronym for Grand Prix, any fool should have worked it out
      The latest books are wonderful, one of the minis looks perfect for a shopping list note book.

      Dave, hope the beaches are emptier now the heat is off, but I suppose its the weekend and its the last weekend before all the people who have been shielding and on furlough are suppose to get back to work, so they may be going for a last hoorah.
      I hope you are both enjoying things the best you can.

      Mo, busy? I hope it hasn't been too much in the shop with the heat.

      Mandy, all ok? I see you have been busy making xmas cards, very lovely too.

      Today has been the most sluggish day for ages, although its not scorching hot, its sort of heavy and oppressive, like we are waiting for a thunder storm, I have a bit of headache which is very unusual for me and I think its to do with the pressure. I hope it does something like thunder or rain.

      Made the first steps towards the next card, colour choice, card base shape, general concept and dies.

      I did a load of laundry and its hanging out, been to Sainsburys and got a few bits.

      Need to submit the VAT this evening, then start the card in earnest. I also need to do a proper picture of the red/green card and list it. It still need an insert and labelling too.

      Hope to get some time in the garden tomorrow if the weather permits.

      Have a good evening all.



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        Afternoon all. It was raining here this morning, good old Wales. It lifted at lunchtime, been bright sun ever since.

        Fiasco in Wales Caroline?....missed that, we donโ€™t watch much telly and only catch news shots on the Ipads... ๐Ÿค”

        Off to day to visit Mwnt, itโ€™s a cove about 14 miles away. Thereโ€™s a high hill with a very small 14th century church at the bottom. Glorious weather, so you could see for miles.

        Just sitting in the sun now, cup of tea, slice of cake.



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          Evening all.

          Day off yesterday and went for a lovely walk, all 2.5 hours of it, along the canal patch from Dundas Viaduct towards Bradford on Avon. Although everyone was complaining about he heat with the trees along a lot of the footpath it was a lovely dappled sun with a little breeze now and again, gorgeous. Had to have a double ice cream at the end of it though LOL Hips protesting today but no pain no gain as they say. Saw so many different wild flowers, a heron and lots of dragonflies etc. Such a lovely relaxing day. Far too hot to work in the conservatory when we got back so the sewing is still not done.

          Another event cancelled but seem to still have one at the end of September and end of November that will still go ahead with all the new rules and regulations attached. Fingers crossed.

          Need more hours in the week to get stuff done really. Oh well have a lottery ticket for tonight LOL

          My dearly beloved has called me for dinner so better go.

          Have a good evening all.


          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Evening Peeps ๐Ÿ˜Š
            I spent my day making cards and not much else. My son and his gf have gone for a night out in Manchester, i hate him going to town as there are soo many idiots around. She is in our *bubble* so its ok for her to stay here.

            Shelley i look forward to seeing your card.

            Mo i also find my conservatory too hot or cold in winter so my son has it as his gym.

            Dave your day sounds lovely, i love looking at buildings, me and my ex went to Oxford twice, but you tend to get neck ache with looking up at all the gorgeous buildings ๐Ÿ˜

            Linda i'm sorry to hear of your cancelled events. My mum used to grow tomato's, i can't stand the smell of them!

            Tomorrow is reset day on solitaire so i'll be playing all day and watching Ronnie O'Sullivan play snooker ๐Ÿ˜„

            Enjoy your evening all x
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            Mandy x