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Friday 31st

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  • Friday 31st

    Morning All, got the date right today, lol.

    Dog walked, breakfast, garden watered back and front. Photos taken of the mini quilts etc, draft form on Folksy. Admin work done. Now what to do?

    Lee has been playing The Doors and other's from the 60's think the current one is Stevie Wonder. He does the top 40 singles chart and the top 10 albums from this day in 1969 atm. He is a happy bunny as an album he bought for £70 is now worth £250. I love music and currently watching Laurel Canyon on documentaries.

    Going to be a quiet day for me unless orders arrive. Still not heard from The Cotton Patch re the broken hangers. will ring them this pm if still nothing heard.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Was here earlier but got side-tracked. Bright, sunny, dry and very warm outside. Cats have already retreated to deep shade.

    Yesterday was mostly much of not much - trip to Barton in the morning, weather brightened up at lunchtime (like a different day) so had an hour clearing up hedge cuttings and attacking yet more vegetation in the paving. Bits of family tree on and off throughout the day, and a refreshing bath for a couple of hours in the afternoon, a couple of rows of knitting and that was it.

    Today, had thought I might do some more triffid clearing, but apart from the 15 minutes I've just done chopping back the weeds growing out of the dyke at the side of the house (only because they try and get in the car the moment I open the door and they attack me on the way to and from the building), I think it's too hot. Didn't get the last book finishing touched yesterday so will try again today, and I have one more that I want to re-do the stitiched spine. British GP practice today, so that will keep me occupied while I do more family tree. No further plans.

    Caroline - the mini lavender quilt is lovely. Enjoy your quiet day and hope you hear about the damaged hangers.
    Dave - really not friends with you when you keep writing about deserted beaches and long walks - so jealous. LOL!
    Mo - hope the shop customers are behaving and you're getting a bit of time to yourself each day
    Mandy - sadly the only alcohol I use in my preserves is occasional small amounts of red wine (there are rules covering how much alcohol you can put in without needing to have a license for that in addition to everything else!). Hope your card creating mojo is still working and the promarkers are being put to good use.
    Shelley - Hope all is well and shop business is good. What's on the creativity front at the moment?



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      Linda its too hot here too! I really don't like it. So don't stay out too long!

      Caroline my music taste is 60's 70's and 80's, i don't much care for stuff after that. I'm a big Elvis fan, love Diana Ross, Queen, Bread.... lots really, nothing my son likes, so he hates it if a good tune comes on the radio in the mornings and i wap up the volume when he's still in bed 😂

      Don't think i'll do much today, maybe just chill and watch Netflix. We are back on a partial lock down, most think its because Eid starts today and we have a lot of Asian communities around Oldham and Rochdale. I still don't think people will comply though 🙄
      Mandy x


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        Afternoon all....
        Was very warm and full sun this morning at around 9.30am, beaches were already full of people, red hot at around 1pm, waiting for it to chuck it down now 😆

        No long walks today Linda, too hot, might do a late evening stroll to the harbour instead.

        Mandy, I’m the same with music, can’t be done with modern stuff, I usually have “absolute radio 60’s” on while I’m cutting but I can’t have it loud, just background is enough. I read about the partial lockdown, let’s hope it doesn’t spike in any other large cities.



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          Evening all,

          Phew, what a scorcher today, later in the afternoon the wind pickup and sort of threaten to thunder but nothing happen and its just been sticky.

          Caroline, I didn't notice you had the date wrong Saw the pics of the lavender mini quilt, that was one of the ones my mum used to sing to us, lavender blue, dilly dilly, I used to sing it at school when I was 6,7 or 8 and got laughed at becuase no one else knew it. Must have been my mum's British upbringing and us being in Canada they didn't know it.
          Did your deliveries arrive?
          No music here for us today, Simon is watching the snooker he is a happy bunny too
          We have a couple of boxes of albums that haven't seen the light of day for at least 30 years, apart from a few that hang about for testing of players in the workshop I haven't seen a disc spin in earnest for years.

          Linda, hope you enjoyed your day of the British GP practice - had me scratching my tiny little head - what ?why is she watching British doctors at work in their practices?? Then I saw an advert for it - nearly fell of my chair laughing - The racing - what an idiot
          Not much doing on the creative front for the last couple of days, had to finish the VAT, spent today chasing a largish invoice - did succeed in the end, and had to do a quote for a good amount of equipment.

          Mandy, I quite like all sorts of music except I will leave the room if someone puts on Jazz, sorry about the four letter word I like a good bit of classical, almost anything from the 50s, 60s, 70s, the 80s starts to be disco and thats not my favourite and the rest of it has left me behind. I do like some of the new stuff, very occasionally something will come along and grab me.

          Dave, hope you get some time to yourselves on the beach. Did you go for your stroll?

          Mo, busy? hope all is well.

          Yesterday was a an odd day, had 3 telephones calls from the hospital in the morning, about my cardio-version, they had sent me a letter to say come in on the 14th August, but you must self isolate for 14 days, got the letter the day before yesterday. Tried to speak to them then, but no one was available till yesterday, it was then decided I would not be able to do 14 days before the 12th when you have to go for a covid test, and then completely isolate for 48 hours till you go to the hospital. Boy they were cutting it fine even if I started the day the letter arrived I wouldn't have made it. So all going to be rescheduled for September with more notice as the only way I can do it to shut the shop and go back into lockdown.
          Not sure why they don't test on the day, its all done at the hospital anyway. They said I will have to go in at 7:45 but should be prepared to wait all morning, so plenty of time to do the test, keep the known and unknown separate, no problem.

          Spent the rest of the afternoon making potato salad, coleslaw and a green salad, so we have that and ham, scotch eggs, and salad scotch eggs (full of chopped egg and mayo).
          I made enough for a couple of days and tomorrow there will be ham and coleslaw sandwiches, mmm not sure why but they are great but the coleslaw needs to be a couple of days old.

          Today worked on the VAT, finished it off, just need to submit it. They owe us whoopie, first time in years.

          Not much else planned for the weekend, so may start on a card, had a few ideas.

          Sleep well everyone, will try and pop in earlier tomorrow.