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Wednesday 29th

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  • Wednesday 29th

    Morning all

    Long dog walk at crack of sparrow, breakfast now thinking what I can do today. Hmm? not a clue just go with the flow. Just hope my hangers turn up today.

    Weather warming up and hope to make use of the new arbour seat, too cold yesterday.

    Not much else to report, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all....bright here.

    Just got in from taking the dog for a run on the beach, not a soul about, just us, the sea was just going out so there was about a mile of unmarked smooth sand.
    There is a pod of bottlenose dolphins that live around the bay because just around the other side of the harbour is a fish processing plant and the water there is mineral rich due to the waste etc. I’ve seen them many times, not recently though, they have been quite active recently so we might catch a glimpse.

    Got nothing planned, a long walk to somewhere is on the cards, we just go with the flow, Itineraries are for home, not masks required in shops here either, a result of controlling CV properly when England was clueless 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Have a good’un, BBL



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      Morning all! Weather is clear, dry, breezy but not windy but still cool.

      Yesterday, dropped off the paper storage yesterday and the lady is delighted - running a graphic design/print business from home, went to printers and he'd forgotten all about collecting the greyboard However, he fetched an A0 sheet of board that had been used to back a pad of paper to see if it would be any good - nearly snapped his hand off! It's exactly what I use and he wouldn't charge me for it When I do get the greyboard I'll be paying more than he's asking (cost price) for it! Picked up a couple of trays of reduced price strawberries in Tesco, so strawberry jam is in process and to be finished off today. Hadn't planned on any cooking this year because store room is full, but couldn't resist these. Session on the books and I stupidly managed to tear one of the decorative covers as I was glueing it to the end board Had to walk away and leave it to prevent me fiddling. Think I've come up with a solution to rescue it though.

      Today - strawberry jam to finish, back to the books and see if my idea to salvage the damage works, still got the last lot of hedge hacking fall out to clear up and plenty more weeds appearing in the paving.

      Caroline - you had another busy creative day yesterday; enjoy your go with the flow day and fingers crossed the hangers arrive
      Dave - so jealous - I haven't seen the sea for years (the Humber estuary doesn't count!). Enjoy the space and peace and quiet.
      Mandy - after you mentioned Oldham yesterday I saw on the news that there seems to be a worrying rise in cases. Hope you're not too close and can stay away from any potential danger. Keep working on the cards, I love seeing the pictures of your work.
      Shelley - was expecting an email with the certificate, but they usually send an A5 copy ready laminated too. It'll get sorted. Hope your headache has cleared and the idea for finishing the card works the way you want.
      Mo - enjoy your day off - sounds like you've got a lot planned so hope you get through it all.



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        Evening Peeps 😊

        I've had a lazy day today, i watched the bbc drama that was on on Monday, Anthony, omg i was in tears... such a waste of a young life.

        Linda i'm keeping an eye on the situation and hoping we don't have to go on lockdown again, especially if i don't get the chop from work as i'm looking forward to going back in.

        Wow Dave, Dolphins! I love them, can you go swimming with them?

        Caroline the first line of your post made me laugh *crack of sparrow* because this morning the radio DJ said she was up at the crack of sparrow and i said to Wesley... where on earth has she got that saying from! I've never heard it in my life and i hear it twice in one day!

        Enjoy your evening all x
        Mandy x


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          Lol, it would be great if you could Mandy, you aren’t even allowed to go near them in boats as they are pretty much classed as wild animals in a large family group so are under marine conservation protection. You can go on dolphin spotting boats but they only get anywhere near if the dolphins approach the boat, not the other way round. I’m sure they are much happier with us at a distance than being in there with them 😁
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            Aww Dave thats a shame, but still amazing to see!
            Mandy x