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Tuesday 28th

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  • Tuesday 28th

    Morning all! Bright and dry but very breezy and unseasonably cool.

    Yesterday - usual bits of clearing and cleaning, spent a few hours in the office/craft room - caught up with general admin and finance stuff then had a couple of hours with paper, scissors and glue. Progressed all six WIPs, but nothing finished yet. Headband arrived and delighted that all six of my ordered lengths are over measure by anything up to 15cm. There is an extra free length in the package because of the six I originally ordered only 3 were available at the time so (after phone discussion) acceptable alternatives were sent, plus a short length of one of the "sold out" colour schemes included.

    Today - shopping day, some craft magazine and paper storage stuff to take to its new home, drop in the printer's to collect greyboard. Realised yesterday that although I renewed my craft insurance 10 days ago, the new certificate hasn't arrived yet - it's not effective until 5 August, so not particularly worried but need to make sure it arrives in time for whatever event I do first.

    Caroline - surprised there's no early post from you again - hope it's just an electronic blip again. Did your supplies arrive?
    Mo - hope you managed to get through the majority of "donations" yesterday and not too much more has landed since. There was an item on the BBC programme this morning about it - obviously most charity shops are in a similar situation to yourselves. Another day closer to R-day and a week closer than expected! Yay!!!!
    Dave - arrived safely in Wales? Looking forward to walks on the beach and lots of open, uncrowded space?
    Shelley - a day of nostalgia looking at the photos - much better than clicking through an electronic computer file of pictures! Did you get the card finished?
    Mandy - hope you're OK and just overwhelmed with social media at the moment and taking a break.


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    Morning all....was bright, now dull.

    Off to Wales later, not until late afternoon, roads are quieter. 3 hour drive, will get in about 7pm.
    Taking some cutting along to do. Took most of the big stuff last week so more room for the dog this time ๐Ÿ˜. Donโ€™t know what the weather will be like as the forecast changes daily.
    Linda, did my craft insurance, week before last....soon comes around...
    Donโ€™t know where the others are....hope everyone is okay.


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      Morning all. Not a blip today Linda a case of got up early straight out with the dog, started to stitch some designs and forgot what the time was.

      4 more lavender shops, 2 of each design a pet parlour stitched out, just need to make them into sachets now. May do later. Postie has just been and unless by courier no deliveries of the hangers and rods. All posted though, so that is something, maybe tomorrow.

      Still waiting on the plants will check later and again if not posted chase up. Donโ€™t feel like ordering anything else until all arrived.

      Enjoy your trip to Wales Dave.

      You are doing really well with the bookbinding Linda, must start up again but have so much to do on my list.

      HAGD & BBL x


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        Afternoon Peeps ๐Ÿ˜Š

        Wet, windy and sunny here... all we need is snow and its a full house!
        Not heard anything from work, so still waiting.
        I read someone mention me not being on social media, to be honest i don't go on fb, i only keep it because i have a lot of photos and i need it to play games ๐Ÿ˜…

        Caroline what is a *fatless sponge* i feel i need this in my life! My son and his girlfriend baked a chocolate cake the other day, i could feel the pounds going on as i just looked at it! I daren't have any lol. Well done on your weighloss.

        Linda yes i am close to Oldham which i've just heard on the news is in the top 3 of the highest hit areas of the UK! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        Shelley how do you store your die cuts? I've got quite a collection now and have them in a box, but wondered if there is a way of storing them so you can see what you have at a glance?

        Dave enjoy Wales, its a beautiful place.

        Have a good day all x
        Mandy x


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          Mandy I used this recipe it was it too bad and every little helps.

          • For the Sponge:
          • 3 Eggs
          • 75g Caster Sugar
          • 75g Self Raising Flour
          • For Filling (Optional - If making Victoria Sponge Version)
          • 100g Single Cream (I personally use Elmlea)
          • 100g Strawberry Jam

            • Preheat Oven to 170C/Fan 150C/ Gas 5. Place baking paper in a 7inch circular baking tin.
            • Using an electric whisk, whisk together the eggs and sugar until it has tripled in size and is stiff. A test of this is to use the whisk to create a line on top of the mixture with the mixture and if it stays, then it is ready.
            • Carefully fold in the flour, making sure to knock out as little air as possible so that the cake will rise well, pour the mixture into the tin and put into the oven for 10 minutes.
            • (If making Victoria Sponge version) Create two of these cakes and leave to cool, whisk the cream ready.
            • Once cooled, spread jam on one of the halves and then place the whipped cream on top. Then place the other half on top and enjoy - best served with a nice cup of tea!!


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            Afternoon all,

            Dry, sunny spells and warming up here.

            Linda, hope your shopping went well and you got your grey board. That sounds like good little bargain bag of headbands, you only use a inch or so per book if I have it right as to what you use them for, should last a while. Surprised you can't print out your certificate at home. All my documents for insurance, home, car, business I print myself, it makes it cheaper on the insurance.

            Dave, on the road as I type? Safe journey.

            Caroline, its nice when you get so engrossed in something that time disappears. The fantasy cats are fabulous, the with the bunch of flowers looks like he has done something that deserves an apology with bouquet. You seem to be waiting on deliveries, hope they turn up.

            Mandy, glad you had a positive experience with buying dies from overseas. I store my dies in wooden storage. I will post a couple of pictures on FB. They are from Lasersmith.
            I like them because they store a lot in a small space and all the dies are on view, but protected from dust etc. I have them organised by type, so sentiments, xmas, nesting sets and so on. I have put a magnetic sheet on both sides of each shelf, so all together I have 60 A4 sides, I do have about 5 sides empty still for more

            Mo, your day ok? not too many bags of rubbish that has detoured to your shop on the way to the tip? I have been fending off the none mask wearing customers in our shop, had one girl on Saturday, but at least she kept her distance. An older gentlemen today no mask, no social distancing and touching everything. I kept backing away till I was in a corner. He didn't seem to notice. I need to work out what to say thats not too aggressive or too passive aggressive, its hard to pitch it just right, don't want to annoy people. had another but he stayed behind the barrier.

            Today I went to Sainsburys, it was fine, almost everyone was wearing a mask and it wasn't too busy at all. Didn't get the best nights sleep, not sure why, just seem to be waking every hour and not sleeping deeply at all. Early to bed for me tonight.
            I did decide on the finishing touches for the card but will leave it till tomorrow, sort have a headache, can't concentrate.

            Looking forward to our mini heat wave coming at the weekend, some more garden sitting.

            Take care all.

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              Aww Caroline thanks for that, i have put the ingredients on me shopping list. Believe it or not but i have never baked a cake! That looks quite simple though ๐Ÿ˜Š

              Thank you Shelley, i've had a look at that storage, but i don't really have the space, my craft room is the box room so its really tiny. I have come up with one idea though... buying a magnetic sheet and putting it up on the wall, whats your thoughts?
              Mandy x


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                The secret is when beating the eggs and sugar, to keep going this is what gives it the rise.


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                  Just had a thought.... i don't have a whisk, can it be done by hand?
                  Mandy x


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                    Evening all.

                    What a busy bee hive you all are. Day off tomorrow and the intention is to do some sewing or it will be autumn before I finish the dress and skirt. All cut out, tacked and pinned up. Also want to make a couple of masks got some fun fabric to do them in.Also need to feed the poor plants in the garden. Something has been attacking the runner beans, stripped the leaves off and some of the baby beans, can't see anything though.

                    Shop has settled down, still masses of donations but accepting them only Mon, Weds and Fri is just perfect, long may it continue. No problems with people not using masks. Sometimes they just forget, as I did tonight when I popped into the local shop for a lottery ticket, but put it on when I mention it no problem. One couple wouldn't last week, so they weren't able to come in and haven't seen them since. Delighted, they are a couple of undesirables anyway. It's very quiet as son as the schools all broke up last Friday everyone seems to have disappeared. No kids about either so maybe they have all gone to terrorise the coastal holiday spots LOL Shelley we always just say, hi could you please pop your mask on. I do have a notice on the door which says, it's a criminal offense to not wear a mask, so they are prewarned.

                    Enjoy your time in Wales Dave.

                    Great cards Mandy.

                    Hope you sleep better tonight Shelley.

                    Hope you get the WIP's done Linda.

                    Most things seem to arrive as normal these days Caroline, hope you get your goodies soon.

                    Have a good evening all.

                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                      It will take ages by hand. I put it in the large mixer and left it.


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                        buying a magnetic sheet and putting it up on the wall,
                        Yes, Mandy, that is quite a popular way of doing it. People cover the back of doors or the inside of wardrobe doors so when they are shut they are tidy.

                        Start with one but plan to expand



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                          Originally posted by Lilly42 View Post

                          Yes, Mandy, that is quite a popular way of doing it. People cover the back of doors or the inside of wardrobe doors so when they are shut they are tidy.

                          Start with one but plan to expand

                          I'm soo glad you said that, i thought i'd come up with the idea as i've not heard of it ๐Ÿ˜… I ordered a sheet last night, its 36cm x 61cm and it was only ยฃ8.95.... happy days!
                          Mandy x


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                            Here are what other people have done:




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                              Originally posted by Lilly42 View Post
                              Here are what other people have done:


                              Aww and i thought i was ded clever coming up with the idea! LOL
                              Mandy x