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Monday 27th

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  • Monday 27th

    Morning all

    Checked back at what you had all been up to yesterday and the thread I started had disappeared. Wrote a long spiel and nothing! Thank goodness Linda was on the ball.

    Anyway completed the 16 embroidered blocks for the hanging quilt, all pieced together, binding added to the front, folded and ironed to the back. Today after the dreaded housework, cutting out the felt stitch in the ditch and should be finished. Just have to wait for the rods which hopefully may arrive tomorrow.

    Still waiting for the mini hangers from The Cotton Patch think may have to chase that order up, I know things are slow atm but think that is being used as an excuse a bit too much. Fred Aldous have already posted the rods and only ordered yesterday. My fabric panel of Quirky cats arrived in 5 days from the States.

    Reading the HY Hanna books, read all the Bewitched by Chocolate, English Country Garden sets now on book 3 of the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, very good and all include a cat with character. Kindle for the iPad has got me reading again and love it.

    Pouring with rain today and floors being cleaned! Dog can go out before I start then spend the rest of the day with crossed legs, lol.

    Talking of Shiloh found out that his Dad died in 2018 before he was 10, a bit worrying as Shiloh is now 9 but seems fit and healthy, so fingers crossed.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Cool, wet and breezy and forecast to last all day with heavy rain for much of it

    Yesterday - Billy no mates nearly all day until Shelley popped in, was getting a bit concerned, but pleased it is apparently an electronic blip. Quite a productive day - two lots of laundry (so pleased I did both and didn't leave one for today), bread made, quite a bit of tidying and cleaning inside the house done, family tree stuff on and off all day, and quite a bit of knitting. By the time I'd done the essentials I didn't feel like cutting and gluing so left the books in process, but did redo the stitched spine on one and started another.

    Today - Cats have been Broadlined (two less friends I've got now!), was going to do some clearing up in the garden as still a pile of branches etc from the last lot of hedge executions, but not that important while it's wet, so will do it later in the week. Think it might be a book day, and am hoping my order for headband (the decorative bits top and bottom of the spine) arrive today. Will need to do farm shop order later and see if G&G need any shopping this week.

    Caroline - still busy on the creativity yesterday - will go and check out fb and Folksy for pictures in due course - and still managing lots of reading
    Dave - a busy day yesterday no doubt - expect you got down to some cutting once you and Flo had had a good walk. Getting packed ready for today's journey? Hope Sue enjoyed her "do" yesterday.
    Mo - back in the shop today and more battles with "donations", "masks" and joe public in general. Hope it's not too bad.
    Mandy - hope everything is OK
    Shelley - yes, saw the breaking news about Peter Greene - not a name I recognised but of course knew of Fleetwood Mac. Mentioned it to OH and he reeled off a list of band members, various facts about many of them (all correct as usual!) - he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music of the 60s and 70s (I'm better with the 1600s and 1700s!). Sorry can't help with any specific info about production of the badges, but I expect an internet search will soon find some options for you to get quotes. Sometimes it's good to spend some time wallowing in nostalgia.



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      Morning all.

      Really wet here today but with promise of hot weather at the end of the week.

      Shop really slow on Saturday. 1.45 and I could count all of 4 people in the high street. Masses of donations on Friday so today is clearing that. Huge proportion will go in the bin again I expect. Obviously people still have all the rubbish they have been clearing out during lockdown. Schools finally packed up for the summer on Friday so probably goes towards the slow Saturday as families are invading the coastal towns now they can more or less do what they like. Counting the days to retirement. Realised I will finish a week before with leave due for January and Christmas lieu days.

      No real problems with people wearing masks excepting a lot of the elderly are wearing them under their noses !!

      Yesterday was housework, ironing although Pete did half of it, dinner and TV.

      I see Caroline is motoring on with fully charged batteries. Hope you will be able to enjoy your arbour seat more towards the end the week.

      Hope your bands come today Linda and the shopping goes without a hitch and in the dry.

      Dave off to Wales ?

      Shelley hope you find the supplier you need for the badges or the things to do it yourself.

      Have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Afternoon all,

        Dry but windy here.

        Caroline, glad it was just an electronic gremlin, thought it was odd just me and Linda all day. Looking forward to seeing the finished hanging quilt.
        Its always worrying when you find out things like that about pet's family health things. I am sure Shiloh will be going strong for years. These days its Simon I worry about, famous people like Peter Green was only 5 years older than Simon. Its only a momentary thing but it does cross my mind.
        Glad you are enjoying reading, I am reading a book of short stories - Full Spectrum - Sci fi stories Vol.1 Its an actual book, plucked at random from Simon's library.

        Linda, made me laugh - Billy no mates - haven't heard that for years, Glad I came along and saved you Weather is improving towards the end of the week so garden can wait.
        Glad you are enjoying not doing too much, book making and shopping on line

        Its good to know some one remembers all these facts, I am rubbish it at, considering my whole life and work is in the rock and roll world and we have even worked for some of the big names, I can't tell you any of the relationships between band members and who was in what band when. Simon likes to watch the documentaries on rock musicians and bands, I find it boring and I feel my memories of the time gets pushed to the back. I just like to remember the people and places I was when I heard songs. They say half the pleasure of music is who you were with and what you were doing when you hear it for the first time.
        I do remember though making Peter Greene a cup of tea in our living room before his gig in town, he was certainly not on this planet, didn't even know how many sugars he took. He did suffer from mental health problems most of his adult life. The gig was brilliant though, put a guitar in his hands and magic happened

        Mo, Glad you are ok. I wonder why so quiet, wasn't anything big happening sports wise was there? Not sure but was there a big football match?
        Less time till retirement, brilliant.
        There is no way I can make the badges, I will have to get a big company to do them. Even if I had a posh machine like Caroline's I couldn't make 500 in any economical way time or money wise. No I will just be the middle man and make a bit of pocket money.

        Dave, safely in Wales? Enjoy.

        Today not much done except lots of folding of laundry. Yesterday I did some more work on the card, finishing it off today. Got ideas for more too.
        Spent yesterday evening sorting the photos, didn't find any of the band, so now need to look through the slides, was thinking that it was going to be a pain with the little battery operated slide viewer then remembered my led light box, I could just put out a whole box of slides at a go. Magnifying glass at the ready.
        Did find some interesting pics and have now labelled the packets so next time it will be easy to find something.

        Have a good day.