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Sunday 26th

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  • Lilly42
    Afternoon all,

    Sunny, breezy day, perfect for laundry

    Linda, seems your the only one to have made it yet or at least by the time I started this. Sometimes while I type others post. Hope all your tasks went well and you are now enjoying a bit of you time.

    Today my plans have had to take a back seat, I don't know how many of you are familiar with Peter Greene from Fleetwood Mac. He died yesterday and this prompted one of his fellow musicians that we have known for years from Osibisa get in touch with me again, we did speak just before lockdown and I may have mentioned he wants me to arrange some merchandising in the shape of some embroidered badges. This is becuase a few years ago I handmade him a few at his request but now he wants a commercial amount and I need to organise it. The original logo was designed by Roger Dean, Greg and I both like that one but apparently the band have a new one. So when I get the design specs I can start making enquiries.

    A bit of a long shot but worth the ask, anyone know of company that can do embroidered patches in hundreds, maybe thousands? I have found a couple on line but just wondered if anyone had any recommendations.

    He has also asked me if we have any photos of them playing together, they did a couple of gigs here in Southampton in 1981/2 and we were very much involved and it is possible one of us took some pictures. I have got the box of photos ( several hundreds) out and will go through them later.

    So thats my day sorted, lost in nostalgia land.

    Hope everyone is ok and you are all just enjoying a pleasant day away from SM.

    Take care.


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  • craftdancer2
    started a topic Sunday 26th

    Sunday 26th

    Morning All! Bright but very breezy outside, warmish and no rain currently; possibility of a short shower later this evening.

    Yesterday nothing exciting - did the necessary HW and changed bed linen, bit of time with the books - more tidying and sorting than actual progressing. I appear to have about six book projects on the go at the moment (3 usual size and 3 mini/micro) so next on the list is to get some of those completed. Still some aching neck/shoulder joints and muscles so treated myself to a couple of hours soak in the bath, then a bit of knitting and TV. Had a phone chat with an online friend from a craft group, so that took me up to bed time.

    Today, kitchen cleaned, laundry done, stuff out ready to make bread, need to go to Barton for some milk, then I can please myself for a while.

    Caroline - out for an early walk with Shiloh? Loving the lavender bags you're currently making.
    Dave - did you get to the outlet yesterday? Progress on the mounting and cutting going well?
    Shelley - as far as food substitutes/variations go I'm with you - I'd rather have a smaller serving or go without than have "pretend" something. Just the way I am. How is the card making and listing on Folksy going?
    Mo - glad you managed to pop in yesterday and to hear that on the whole the shop is going OK. Absolutely taken aback by your latest artistic piece - you and Pete are such a great team
    Mandy - hope you're OK - have you heard anything from work yet?