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Saturday 25th

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  • Saturday 25th

    Morning all, dull here and due rain ideal day to stay in.

    Still waiting for the mini quilt hangers, so annoying. Never mind have started the machine on the first block of the lavender sampler quilt. Think it has beeped for a colour change.

    Baked a fatless sponge yesterday, filled with blackberry jelly, not bad but not as good as the normal type, never mind. Lost 10lbs in total now, the last bit has been slow but hoping will pick up pace again. Otherwise I get bored and give up! So much more to lose.

    Not much else to report, still reading books from Amazon on the iPad, not like a proper book but saving loads of money from the non purchase of actual books.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and breezy here - had rain overnight and national forecast says we're in for more, but nothing shown on the local forecast.

    Yesterday, aches and stiffness eased off a bit as the day went on. Did quite a bit more on the family tree hints, but they're coming in faster than I can review at the moment! Spent most of the afternoon with books - finished off one and started text blocks for three more, then decided I'd got far too much "leftovers" and offcuts that "I'm sure I can use for something" so trying to do something with those and making up mini project packs. Got hungry in the end so just walked away from the desk and didn't go back. Bit more knitting and recorded TV catch up.

    Today, bed linen change day and laundry to do, probably spend much of the day with the book stuff, then pottering around. Giving the garden a miss today.

    Caroline - I've tried fatless sponge in the past but they just don't taste right Don't eat much cake/biscuits so stick with the traditional type stuff. Well done on the weight loss - don't give up, it always slows down as it progresses but as long as it is working that's good.
    Shelley - have you been getting your energy batteries from Caroline's stock? You don't seem to stop all day! Don't overdo things, but glad to hear that business is getting busy again so quickly.
    Dave - our "supermarket" is more the size of a large corner shop than anything else; before the current situation set in many people used it as a "top up shop" place and did main shopping in S---thorpe, Grimsby or Hull - the shop in the new filling station in Barton is nearly as big as the supermarket! I went into Morrison's in S-c-u-n-thorpe last week and won't be going again for a very long time! I'll stick with Sainsburys in Grimsby on the rare occasions I need to go somewhere bigger.
    Mo - lovely progress on the new pyro piece - very keen to see the photos of the end product. Hope the shop isn't too stressful - how are your volunteers coping with things?
    Mandy - busy creating lovely cards? Hope you're well, I seem to remember you're over Manchester way somewhere, but hope not anywhere near any of these local spikes that seem to be occurring in the north west.



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      Morning-ish all.....
      Was bright sun, keeps going cloudy now.
      Just took the dog out for a walk, she is being picky about her food, hasn’t eaten it. Sue put three sausages in from last night.....woofed it down if you'll pardon the pun 😁

      Going to an outlet after “brunch” ( Sue’s word for it, not mine 🙄) to drop some work off.
      Got a few small frames left so I’ll cut mounts and do another stamp set.
      Got to crack on with “ Bill the Minder” cut.

      Sue is away Sunday to Monday on a birthday bash in Derby, just me and Flo left to our own devices. I’ll sleep for about three hours, I’m useless on my own 😆.
      When she’s back we are off to Wales.



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        Afternoon all,

        Wet and grey here all day.

        Caroline, agree about staying in, so glad I went shopping yesterday. Glad you have found something to keep you busy.

        Not sure about the fatless sponge, rather just go without. I have always felt that way, have less or none of the real thing, substitutes just don't cut it and what calories they do have are almost more empty than the real thing. Would rather enjoy my calories and have less of them.

        Reading books in any form is worthwhile, but especially fiction might as well be free, but I will spend money on reference/text books etc.

        Linda, haha I suppose it does sound busy, I am doing it at my usual slow pace, I do manage to do most things just slowly. You are the one who seems to have found the same batteries and are using them in the garden and going out and about not to mention all the HW you manage to get done in between. And then some book making, FT and even some preserve making.

        Dave, keeping busy, those mounted stamp sets look good. Its made me think I should do something with the 2 sets we were given from the states, one set of the Simpsons (about 12 stamps) and one set of the Beatles (again about 12 stamps) I think there are some doubles. I just put them away safely and they are not on display, you may have pushed me it to doing something with them.
        Hope Flo's appetite picks up and its not a ploy to get sausages for breakfast every day
        Wales calling, ever thought of a permanent move now you are both retired? You do seem to enjoy it a lot.

        Mo, that is a beautiful piece, lovely. Glad to see the return to work hasn't dampened the enthusiasm.

        Mandy, still making cards and waiting to hear?

        Today its been grey and wet all day so just been pottering around doing bits and pieces. Had to hang the laundry out on the clothes rack, there will be another load later, mostly sheets so they can go over the banister - have had to engage winter drying methods. Sun should be out next week so I think I will leave the rest till then.

        I had a nice long chat with my friend from Spain so that the world put to rights and all things sorted

        I have had a few ideas about my card so will try them out later.

        Going to make a pizza later so half today and half tomorrow so an easy day tomorrow, hope to get lots of card making/photographing and listing to Folksy.
        I have made a deal with my tech guy (actually a very good friend) he is going to build me a bare bones website, so I can load the data/pictures and we are giving him a recording device for his music, he is in Scotland and its quite heavy so probably a good deal at mates rates to send it to him. I will then link it all to Folksy and hopefully it drive more sales from there.

        I need to get in the kitchen and get it sorted for pizza making in a bit.

        Have a good evening all.



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          Yes Shelley, thought about it often, trouble is, we live in a beautiful place, we’d hate to leave it for anywhere....even the coast permanently.



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            Hi all, sorry for the absence but I'm finding SM overwhelming at the moment. Still keeping up with all of you on FB though.

            Bet you are really looking forward to a trip to Wales Dave.

            Had no problems with people not wearing masks except for one couple which we were more than happy to refuse entry to. Nearly forgot my own when I did a quick trip into Sainsbury's this evening but they don't seem too bothered about them. Guy going in when I was leaving didn't have one on and no one challenged him.

            Realised I will have a weeks leave due in January one way and another so will finish a week earlier than expected, happy days.

            Still have so much we need to do for our first event of the year in late September. Spent a small fortune on PPE so hope it all goes ahead.

            Faggots, peas and mash a la Pete tonight.

            Have a good weekend all.


            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Good to know you are ok Mo, I sometimes find myself AWOL for a day or 2, its life.

              The big supermarkets said they will not be policing the rule about face masks - requesting, reminding and encouraging but they don't really have the time or power to insist you wear one. They can ask you to leave but again they aren't going to be throwing people out by force.
              I think they are just hoping we will all behave and follow the rules, like not travelling to test our eyesight - once he had done it seemed to become a free for all and the beaches were invaded.

              I will wear one for my protection as much as others. All the people who have come in our shop this week have worn one except one lady who just seemed to be oblivious to it all, but then she was hiring speakers for a party so probably not a lot of masks or social distancing going on there.

              Well done, one week sooner, Don't have xmas hols, 2 more weeks earlier?

              Dave, that makes perfect sense, if you really love where you are then trips to Wale is the way to do it. I didn't think of the fact you might like both places as much as each other.

              Take care.

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