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Friday 24th

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  • Friday 24th

    Morning all. Usual dog walk, breakfast and sewing for me today.

    Got an invite to the Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair in Syon Park, apparently my products are a perfect fit for the affluent Ladies that visit yes at £251.00 plus vat per square metre they can think again. I know a good area but do no want to travel that far on my own.

    Moving on, legs are better and think it could have been the cool me fan as always have my legs out of the bed and the cool air was straight on my legs. Stopped using directional and all better now. Knees still bad but I know that is the gardening. We have a load of plants being delivered by Waitrose Garden aka Crocus within the next week so no trips out next week except maybe for a peppered cat fish.

    Not much else to report but made up 16 cat lavender sachets and a hair bow with the border at the bottom of the strip. Photographs done plan to load onto Folksy today.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Not exactly bright and sunny, and there's a noticeable breeze, but it's currently dry and warm(ish).

    Yesterday it took an hour to clear up the hedge and shrub cuttings from Wednesday - six barrow loads taken to the bonfire pile. Spent a couple of hours just dossing and enjoying the peace and quiet (no horrible fizzy electronic noises coming from the front room!), a couple of hours soak in the bath and OH was home just as I emerged. Had a bit of time looking at and discarding more of the Ancestry "hints" and a bit of knitting.

    Today, usual clearing done plus given the top of the stove a good scrub, chopped down half a dozen self seeded ground elder trees (at least 8ft high) that were blocking a lot of light to one of the downstairs rooms. Still a bit stiff and achey from the last couple of days attacking hedges, so probably looking at more book making, family tree stuff and knitting for most of the day.

    Caroline - That's a heck of an outlay for someone who is a small crafter business working from home, although Sion Park is a lovely place (managed a visit once about 40 years ago!); not surprised you declined the invitation. Nice that someone has noticed your creations though. Glad the legs are better. Looking forward to seeing the cat sachets when you get them loaded into the shop.
    Dave - assume the trip home completed without incident, and the delivery to the outlet happened. Sounds like a good plan of the photographer - so many people don't realise that much craft work just isn't online saleable, it needs to be seen and touched! Hope it all works out for everyone.
    Mo - busy creating more beautiful work to further enhance Pete's beautiful work. Hope the rib, back etc are holding up OK.
    Mandy - still on tenterhooks re the redundancies? Hope you're finding time to do some card making?
    Shelley - looked at the steampunk metal craft work - I agree it would probably fit quite well with your shop. Glad things seem to be returning to normal with the shop and hand washhing/distancing system is working. I've never had any online grocery shopping - I like to do my own shopping, that way I get what I want, spot offers that could be useful and occasionally pick up a bargain. Additionally our local supermarket is so small that the cashiers and trolley collectors are more like friends and usually have a bit of a general chat whilst getting through the tills and loading the car.



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      Afternoon all,

      Not too overcast here, sun popping through occasionally, not that warm, but muggy.

      Caroline, Wow and thats per sq metre. Just a medium table would cost you at least £500. You would have to charge a fortune for your items. Nice to have been asked though, down on your CV as invited but dates clashed.
      Glad your legs are better, you have really benefited from your Cool Me. Worthwhile purchase.
      More plants where are they going? There won't be anywhere left soon
      And you have been busy with the sachets.

      Linda, be careful with all that gardening too. I am glad you are taking some time for book making and FT. A bit of rest and legs up
      Haha when will the similarities end - Simon has almost always got funny noises coming from his corner and his computer. The latest thing is his Satellite meter that beeps when it finds something, soooo horrible, he finally put a switch in it to turn of the noise, yeah bliss. Lately he is playing with synthesizers but he can't play a note so its beep, beep, bop, bip, bip and so on. Arg.
      That is one reason I don't mind his late mornings, its peaceful and quite just when I need it
      Not sure if I am going to go down the route of being an outlet, we are already busier than I expected.

      Mo, the new piece is looking lovely, is it a vase?

      Dave busy shredding paper after your short break away from it? Roof looking ok and new windows doing their job?

      Mandy, any cards made or news on employment?

      Today quite busy in the shop, Simon got a call out to the club we installed speakers in just days before the lockdown and now they are getting ready to open they need his help to do the last few bits. He is there now.
      Got a call from the customer with more free stuff, put him off till later today when Simon is back.

      I need to pop out to the shops for food, I also much prefer to go to the shops but at the height of lockdown I wasn't prepared to stand for 2 hours in a queue and I wasn't supposed to go out anyway. There was also not much in the shops, deliveries were usually better stocked. We don't really have small shops anymore, we have Waitrose at one of the high street and Sainsburys at the other and all the small shops in the middle have gradually closed, so no more butchers, greengrocers etc.
      Now its become much more normal I am happy to go back to my old routine. Also now my car has a lovely new clutch it would be a waste of money to not use it, also just renewed the insurance so an expensive month for the car.

      Finished the card yesterday, well sort of, I think it needs something else but not sure what, so its sat on my desk looking at me, I am sure I will get some inspiration soon.
      I also put together the metal model of the Eiffel tower that I got free with a bigger model of the Temple of Heaven, it was like a practise piece. The bigger one is going to be fiddly. Pictures on FB in a minute.

      Take care all and have a good day.



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        Afternoon all.....

        Been a bit busy today, waiting in for parcels. Did a bit of cutting, mounted a series of stamps in a frame, see how it looks.

        Loft is straight again, need to batten around the windows and board it where the old windows have come out.

        By the time I’d realised, too late for the outlet, going tomorrow as I’ll have more time. Get a few jobs done, back to Wales on Monday. No masks in shops as a requirement there yet..
        Ah, Shelley, got the tower reference now, Saw it, I though it may have been cut with a laser from card etc...nice job.

        Blimey Caroline, that’s not a cheap gig is it??

        Linda, we still don’t do supermarkets, Sue only went near one week before last, went base over apex if you remember, M&S bras everywhere....we’d best keep away 😆