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Thursday 23rd

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  • Thursday 23rd

    Morning all, another beautiful sunny day. Off for an early dog walk then back for breakfast.

    Sewing for me today, still waiting on the quilt hangers so can not do much else. Stitched out the final design yesterday cut to size will add the edging, cut the ribbon loops to size and fold ready to go round the hangers. They are not split at the bottom so have to stitch with the quilt.

    The fabric I ordered from the states has loads of quirky cats, spent yesterday afternoon cutting out the squares and will make into lavender sachets, will not be idle. An embroidery design supplier did Christmas in July and got some lovely designs to add to cards yesterday. The other project on the machine is a larger lavender sampler quilted blocks, that should be fun to do. 16 blocks to stitch out, then match up the squares so the top borders flow.

    Gardening on hold now until next week, my legs have been so bad and not sure whether the stains or all the work I have done. Back on the tonic water for the cramp and walking but no kneeling, bending, lugging etc.

    The glass of water and wine for Lee was bliss on the new seat last night.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning All! Was dull and cool when I got up but brightening up now. Bit of breeze around but local forecast has no indication of the rain shown on the national forecast.

    Yesterday I managed two half hour sessions doing some heavyweight attacking of overgrown hedges and shrubbery plus a bit more attacking weeds and moss on the paving. Ancestry has suddenly come up with hundreds of hints (99% of which are irrelevant for whatever reason) so a couple of sessions working through some of those, bit of progressing books and managed to complete the experimental one I ended up taking apart last week, some more knitting and TV and another day is gone.

    Today, my neck, shoulder and arm are objecting to the amount of vegetation hacking I did yesterday. The detached pieces of branches and twigs still need to be raked up and carted to the bonfire pile, but I'm not intending doing anything else strenuous using my arm and shoulder after that. OH supposedly going north of the river for a few hours, so I'll just enjoy having the house to myself hopefully.

    Caroline - being industrious with the sewing again today; glad to hear the garden is done and being enjoyed.
    Mo - just seen the sketches for the next platter/bowl design - loving it!
    Dave - settling in to the Welsh way and enjoying the sea? No doubt you've got a bit of cutting with you for when the weather isn't good enough for walks with Flo. Hope Sue continues to improve and can keep up with you on the walks.
    Mandy - at least your employers are being communicative about the redundancies. From what you say it sounds like you have a good chance of staying (I expect those employed for less than 2 years will be high up the list as they won't have to pay redundancy money). Fingers crossed that it's all sorted amicably and you're soon back at work.
    Shelley - how is the shop opening going? I hope your customers are all understanding and following the systems you have put in place and things are running smoothly.



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      Morning all.....bright morning here, spotted the notifications, done the deed 👍🏻

      Got to go back home today, Sue is having a new “Do” after a 3 month wait, then she is away for the weekend for a birthday bash for one of her old workmates, the “gang” still keep in touch.

      I’ve started a new cut “Bill the minder” by W.H.R. again, then on to something new.

      Got to go to an outlet to drop some work in, the guy is a professional photographer. He is starting a web directory for local businesses but to buy people will have to go to the shops, no posting out. Good because one shop could host a few “ Indie creators” without us having the faff of posting, returns, paypal etc as It’ll be done at the shop who just take their cut as normal plus it would just be selling what we have instead of having to build a stock so I’m Just thinking about it atm.

      Redundancies?....Centrica are facing them now, glad I left when I did.



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        Afternoon all,

        Sunny, dry, warm here today.

        Caroline, you are funny all that gardening, driving around going to garden centres, putting down gravel, planting and crafting and you are surprised your legs are tired and crampy. Take it easy, drink plenty of water, and as the doc keeps telling me for my swollen ankles - elevate, elevate and elevate
        At least it was all worth it and you enjoyed your drink in the new seat.

        Linda, another one overdoing it in the garden Take it easy and enjoy your time in the house on your own, the garden debris will not be going anywhere. The latest books are looking good, you are getting to grips with the techniques.

        Dave, short but enjoyable visit to Wales. Having a outlet is a good way to go. Even though we have the shop and I have a small corner of it, its not the sort of shop people think of to come to to buy cards, Need to get the word out. Was thinking if the business was slow offering window/shelf space to local artists. One person springs to mind, he makes steampunk style home lighting out of copper pipes and similar, very good. Would not be out of place in our shop really.

        Mo, busy day at the shop? The new project is looking good, like the sketches.

        Mandy, any news about work?

        Today was much more normal, more customers, phone calls and free stuff. More free stuff tomorrow. Today's gift was a large, and I mean large flight case on wheels. It was sat in the shop sort of in the way when I had a brain wave and swapped it for the table I put out. Its on wheels, stands about 4 ft tall and is about 2ft square so a good size for a table/counter. Gave it a clean swapped all my signs over and put the PPE on it. Works a treat.
        Some more HW today, yesterday I did the bed, didn't do the other day, its the one job that depends on when he gets up all the rest I can do while he sleeps, but I have yet been able to manage changing the sheets while he is still in it I also did most of the VAT paperwork yesterday.
        Today was cleaning the bathroom and the little one too. Put the first of several loads of laundry on, one a day for the next few days.

        Hope to get some more done on the card, going a bit slow with this one, getting back in to the swing of things.

        Have decided to stop getting food deliveries, much prefer going to the shop and buying what is fresh or has prompted me to cook a certain meal. I like to shop twice a week and just buy what I need, with the deliveries I was buying stuff just in case becuase I couldn't go out, but now things are changing I am going to get back to my normal routine.

        Time for some supper now, then card making.

        Take care all and have a good evening.