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Wednesday 22nd

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  • Wednesday 22nd

    Morning all, beat Linda this morning.

    Planted everything we bought yesterday, still have a few empty spaces to fill. Both garden centres were a bit of a disaster the first one, successful 2 weeks ago, this time stripped bare. The second did not open until 10am, not waiting 45 minutes. Went to the farm shop and got some lovely plants and plenty of compost. They are delivering the pebbles today so the arbour seat area can be finished at last. Lee sat there last night sipping a glass of red wine! Our neighbour at the back has been in our garden most of the day replacing his fence, good to watch someone else work instead of us.

    Good nights sleep and raring to go, dog walk, breakfast, clean fish tank then sorting some more photos, this time from before we were married, my God we look young where do the years go?

    A lot of supplies have arrived still waiting for the gross grain ribbon for the hanging loops on the mini quilts. Can set the machine up ready to stitch out the last design, this time a fox, will do tomorrow.

    Got my Arteza pens out, have taken a picture of the pergola and put into the grid programme, now to start painting. Thought may take a section of the Wisteria and paint onto fabric then add some stitching with lilac shaded colours, will then use as a card. Not done this sort of work for a long time but think will revisit as used to love it. The last piece was a cottage and garden, took ages painting onto calico, the stitches were easier.

    Better get on, dog hopping about. HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Cloudy but dry, not July temperature although mild.

    Yesterday, hair done - straightforward no problems, price has gone up by about 10% so next appointment booked for 8 weeks instead of 6; grocery shopping (both buildings on the same plot) done quickly, so apart from forgetting my list then forgetting to turn off to drop off G&G's bits that was straightforward. Called in printers on the way home and lovely man sourced some greyboard for me, which he will let me have at cost - will save me a £28 p&p charge for an online order - I love local firms . Walked round to G&G's, quick chat on the doorstep then home. Spent an hour attacking weeds, then an hour progressing book making, and a bit of knitting and TV.

    Today, forecast is for cloudy all day, so will see how I feel whether I attack more hedges and weeds or if I take it easy. Have done a major clear up, sort out and clean up in the kitchen and utility room, just need to wash the kitchen floor. OH says he's going north of the river tomorrow and will drop in on his mate while there (that will be a 5 or 6 hour minimum visit), so might leave floors etc till then.

    Caroline - creative duracells have gone into overdrive again! Sorry the garden centre visits weren't good, but glad the farm shop could provide suitable options.
    Dave - you must be heaving a sigh of relief to see the sea again, and looking forward to some lovely long walks. (PS, just to keep you busy I've sent some more reports in)
    Mo - hope you're still keeping your head above water. Perhaps day off today, so you can turn you mind to more interesting things than dealing with the public and HO?
    Mandy - how are you doing? Is that toe back to normal yet?
    Shelley - glad the first day open wasn't too bad and hope you managed a bit of card making time.



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      Dave - PS, just to keep you busy I've sent some more reports in
      So efficient


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        Morning all.....bit dull here but very mild.

        Thanks for the reports Linda, Netty beat me to it today, expecting more of them to be honest, booted a load over the last few days..
        Just had a quick walk down the track to the beach with Flo, the sea is in, probably do a long walk later.
        Good to see the sea, stresses just ease away, had plenty of those last week.

        Linda, you just can’t beat going to the local printers for card or board. I think I posted years ago when I made cards about getting A2 sheets of white sheen business card stock, 330 gsm directly from the printer for about ( then) 25-30p a sheet, they don’t get asked to sell it only as a printed end product so usually just divide the pack price by sheets....I couldn’t buy a 5x7 card for that!

        Shelley, hope the opening up for business went ok,
        Mo, still battling on with management?
        Caroline sounds like a one woman craft college 😁
        Mandy back yet?

        Have a good’un all


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          Thanks for the reports Linda, Netty beat me to it today
          Nice one Netty! Efficient as ever



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            Afternoon Peeps 😊

            Been to a meeting at work today re the situation of redundances, in a nutshell, who wants to jump before we push you! If no one comes forward that either wants to take redundancy or leave, then it will be chosen by a points system, ie who's competent, who's good etc. and whoever has the least points gets shown the door. Out of all the maids i have been there the longest, 7yrs and i never throw a sickie cos the sun is out like some, the only time i had off was in 2015 when my brother passed away. So i'm keeping me fingers crossed but i'm not being complacent about it... it could be any of us! We will probably find out the first week in August.

            I wish there were more people that joined the forum and post/chat about cards, i see lots of people online but non members and as far as i know there isn't another craft forum like this one.... so where are they all. If you are a non member and reading this please join and show your creations!

            Dave you are soo lucky to live near a beach, i'd love that, but to walk the dog there in the winter when no one is around.

            Linda my toe is almost back to normal now, just a bit of pain if i bend it too far, thank you for asking.

            Enjoy your day all xx
            Mandy x