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Tuesday 21st

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  • Tuesday 21st

    Morning all! Bright, dry, breezy, coolish.

    Yesterday - plans went awry and I didn't go to MIL's. Instead I gave the vacuum cleaner some serious exercise upstairs, did a little bit of "stuff" sorting, found a few bits to pass on if someone can use them (waiting for someone to collect), then bummed around for the rest of the day mainly watching recorded TV and knitting.

    Today - hairdresser's, weekly shopping. Do have a book to finish, not sure what else - might have 10 minutes attacking weeds if the weather stays good.

    Caroline - hope your creativity was working well yesterday and your deliveries have arrived to finish off your projects.
    Dave - roofers gone? getting things back in place, and also getting ready for Wales?
    Mo - hope the shop situation isn't too bad and you're coping with the donations.
    Mandy - busy playing solitaire and/or creating with the promarkers?
    Shelley - big opening day today - I'm sure you're already for it, and there's enough business to make it worthwhile but keep everyone safe

    HAGO & BBL

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    Morning all, a beautiful morning. Breakfast and long dog walk. Waiting for th spin cycle on the washing machine to finish then hang out on the line.

    Rake garden centre today maybe one at Liss as well, will see how we go. Still short of the 10mm gravel. The 6 bags did most of the seat bit but need some more for 5e front and sides. Fingers crossed get some form somewhere today. Not keen on using th e larger ones at the sides will have to wait and see.

    Late morning I expect more planting and watering in.

    Hand stitched the mitre corners on the mini quilts, ordered some softer felt for the backing p,an to stitch in the ditch then trim the felt on the back to near the stitching line. The curved scissors that come with the embroidery machine are ideal for trimming as sharp and precise.

    Delivery of another set of A3 boxes arrived, the first were late and thought missing, said they would send some more which they did as arrived 2 days later. Then yesterday got another load. Emailed them and they said not to worry.

    Shiloh is playing up this morning as he knows we are going OUT! A real pain.

    Hope your hair cut is not to stressful Linda, waiting until August for ours and things should have calmed down a bit, we hope. Mine is a mess and really needs a cut. Have trimmed some but cannot do the layers and there is no way Lee is coming near me with the scissors.

    Busy day yesterday and the same again today. Exhausted at night and sleeping well.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Good luck with opening today Shelley, just shut if gets too much.

      Hope Mo is okay and not buried under a mound of donations.


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        Morning all.

        Sorry just all social media'd out at the moment and got too much going on in general.

        See everyone on FB so not disappearing completely.

        Be back soon.

        Mo XX
        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Originally posted by MornieG Jewellery View Post
          Morning all.

          Sorry just all social media'd out at the moment and got too much going on in general.

          See everyone on FB so not disappearing completely.

          Be back soon.

          Mo XX
          Not to worry Mo - as long as we know you are OK; understand there is a lot going on with shop re-opening, parents and trying to get ready for galleries, shows, magazines etc. Look after yourself.

          Linda x


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            Afternoon everyone,

            Lovely sunny day here.

            Linda, thats the thing with plans, they can easily just go out the window and there is nothing you can do about it. Hope you enjoyed your alternative day and got things sorted and vacuumed.
            How did today go? Enjoying the new do from the hairdressers?
            I keep joking and telling Simon I am going to post pictures of me before and after and they will be exactly the same. Lots of people are doing it on FB and to be honest some of them looked better with the lockdown hair do.

            Caroline, hope the garden centre visits went well and you got your gravel. Hope poor old Shiloh wasn't too stressed. The craft boxes turned up after all, bonus.

            Mo, glad to know you are ok, I am sure you will be back soon and as you say there is always FB so we know you are ok.

            Dave, roof done, on the road to Wales? Enjoy.

            Today opened on time, was worried my bad habits would catch up with me, I had been slipping later and later during the week, not much but not bang on 10. I hate being late even 10 minutes, in fact 5 or 10 mins is almost worst than half an hour.
            Simon and I put the table up last night and I put all the PPE out and the signs. Now when someone comes in they have to stop at the table, the sign says Please wait here to be served. Keeps them away from the stock and me. I don't want people handling all the stock, its on the wall on hooks and customers often don't know what they want or where it is, so they handle everything looking. I know where everything is and if they ask me I can show them, if its wrong (often is, becuase they don't know what its called) I can put it back and show them another one and eventually we get there. Pay contacless/card or cash if no choice.
            One customer and several phone calls today. Customer was an old college from days gone when he worked with a lighting company, clearing out his shed, can I give you loads of stuff? Never say no to free stuff, some of it is actually worth having. He will deliver on Friday.
            I am not surprised we aren't busy yet, word needs to get out that we are open.
            Posted a notice on FB to let people know we are back.

            Didn't do much else, had to put more ink in the shop printer, updates on the PC and things like that kept me busy this afternoon.

            Going to do some more card making after supper, probably watch some telly and have an early night, well early for me, by midnight/oneish.

            Have a good evening everyone.



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              Evening all, bright sun here...

              Roofers finished yesterday, scaffolders here at 8 am, gone by 9, put the loft straight, had a tidy round, packed, straight over to the roofers office, paid up, he said he wasn’t used to payment on the dot (😆).....I don’t like having outstanding monies. Job done, I pay up straight away, puts you in good stead if you need them again.
              Back in the car, straight over to Wales, 3 hrs, not a bad journey.
              Glad you’re ok Mo, I know what you mean about being “All, socially media’d out“ sometimes...
              Just removed a few more chancers, waiting for tea to cook while I watch the sea 😁

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