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Monday 20th

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  • Monday 20th

    Morning All. A dry sunny day.

    Housework upstairs for me while Lee is cutting turfs. The plan is to get the chores done early before it gets too hot, finish with a cup of coffee at 9:30.

    Edged the mini quilts, still have one to stitch out but got to wait for supplies. Still debating about the back, the felt is very stiff but thought would add body, cannot go much further now as waiting for grey thread and the hangers. I need to hand stitch the mitre corners could get on with that later, watching Lee did turfs, lol.

    The next one is possibly a lavender sampler that is if I can find the design!

    Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny but on the cool side at the moment. Rain shower expected around lunchtime.

    Yesterday - apart from trip to supermarket for milk and attending to felines I bummed around most of the day. Did finish another book and started resurrecting, with different materials and techniques, the experimental one that didn't work. Got quite a bit of knitting done and recorded tv watched.

    Today - OH is going to MIL's today, so I'm going as well as I haven't seen her since before Christmas last year. Her grass needs to be cut - dread to think what state it is in as she says she hasn't had anyone to cut it, so who knows how long its been neglected (she does tend to leave things without saying anything for far too long then it's a major job to sort out). Fortunately it is only a pocket hanky sized patch, but the journeys there and back and doing the work means a main chunk of the day is gone.

    Caroline - hope you get all your chores done before the heat takes hold, and fingers crossed your supplies arrive.
    Dave - glad the main roofing work is done and hope the plastering doesn't take too long. Glad to hear Sue is improving and able to walk around reasonably well.
    Mandy - how is your toe? Hope it's still on the mend. Any more of your lovely cards to show us?
    Mo - hope you've had time for a bit of pyro over the weekend, and the stock, packaging etc for everything is ready for your first show (fingers crossed it goes ahead). Back to the shop today? And more "donations" landed over the weekend no doubt - hope they can be dealt with and there's a little treasure or two to be found.
    Shelley - did you manage to spend more time in the garden listening to the birds? Hope the R number is still 0. All organised and ready for the big re-opening tomorrow?

    HAGO & BBL


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      Morning all....sunny, keeps clouding over.
      Roofers have nearly finished. All the rubbish has gone, the tile lift has gone, starting to look normal again.

      Sue has gone to Warwick castle with Amy and Daniel, lots of places to sit and have a rest if her hip aches while I stay here and organise the troops.

      Just done the forum housekeeping, why the hell do they come here to peddle their wares?

      Off to Wales tomorrow for a couple of days....need some quiet and to see the sea again.

      BBL, Dave
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        Evening all,

        Another glorious day here.

        Caroline did you get the HW done and Lee finish the turfing? The mini quilts sound intriguing.

        Linda did the grass cutting expedition go well? Hope you both back safe and not too tired.

        Dave safe journey to Wales, its been awhile, I am sure you will both thoroughly enjoy it.

        Mo, a busy day? was it ok?

        Mandy any news on the redundancies?

        Today spent all afternoon in the garden, yes R no. is still zero Tomorrow we open so last day of nothing for a few days, sort of looking forward to, shame the weather is garden sitting but there you go, I think I have made the best of it.

        I have been working on a card, using the triple layer dies, have a feeling its going to go all Chinese

        I have also been sorting out the shop ready for tomorrow, printing signs and sorting the PPE. Will finish off tomorrow.

        Take care all and sleep well.



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          Got the HW done plus helped Lee with the turf cutting. Supplies? Still waiting.