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Sunday 19th

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  • Sunday 19th

    Morning all! Bright and sunny at the moment, looking good for the rest of the day.

    Yesterday, got the hedge and shrub clippings cleared up first thing, bread made and usual clearing and cleaning done. Spent the rest of the day catching up with TV, finishing/progressing books and knitting.

    Today, need to pop out to Barton for some milk, having a day off from fighting the triffids and apart from continuous door opening and food bowl filling for cats will just potter around. Have decided to change the way I'm storing the book making stuff so might do that and have a bit of a change round in the "office".

    Caroline - how did the sewing go yesterday? Any pictures to show us?
    Dave - a day off from the noise and dust, but glad the work is almost finished. Hope you enjoyed the walk and the outlet deliveries went smoothly. Trust Sue is able to move around without too much stiffness although the multicolour bruising is no doubt much in evidence.
    Mo - a busy day? Catching up with household tasks, pyro, sewing etc. Hope you had time to relax.
    Mandy - oh dear! what a shame about the glitter glue explosion (I'm sure we've all been in similar situations), but at least it's a lesson learned. And you managed to cheer up by buying more crafty goodies
    Bread isn't complicated at all - takes a bit of time but much of that is waiting time. I'm using a bread recipe I got at school in 1968 for "dinner rolls", but with minor changes (wholemeal flour instead of just plain and ½ & ½ milk and water). I'm sure dried yeast versions are even less involved and quicker, but I use fresh yeast.
    Shelley - you haven't seen my garden - it is nowhere near under control! Must have been a lovely peaceful interlude sitting in your garden with Meimei and Simon and just chillin'. Hope you get plenty of time for card making today.


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    Morning all, raining here but gently which means will soak in better.

    Did 4 embroidery designs doing another 2 today, then will have to cut to size, cut the edging and stitch and order the quilt hangers. So a little while yet Linda before pictures to show. Will post the Bakery and Florist lavender sachets on CC later.

    Stripped the bed, towels in the washer dryer a long cycle so should be out and ready to put in the airing cupboard by midday. Bed linen will be done overnight on timer ready to hang out tomorrow morning about 7.

    Not much else planned, found a kit for Dorset buttons, Lord knows how long have had it so may sit and have a go later. Not done Dorset buttons for an age but can remember visiting the Dorset Button shop on holidays in Lyme Regis.

    HAGD folks x


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      Afternoon all....Bright and sunny here.

      Thanks for the notifications, done the usual...until the next wave.
      Roofers turned up, did 8-1pm, needed to get the lead flashing in an lay some more tiles ready for the last day tomorrow ( sorry neighbs....bottles of red on the way 😁)...dry ridge being fitted then done. Be glad when it’s done, I can’t bear upheaval any more than lot’s of noise....and I’ve got both atm!

      Sue is moving around a lot better, still keeping our walks up, bit hard going for us both at the minute, both of us have aching joints this week.

      Can get the loft back into some order now. Plasterer is next, just need to batten around the windows and fit some plasterboard first.

      Everyone sounds busy, have a good’un all