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Friday 17th

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  • Friday 17th

    Morning All, hot already and going to be a scorcher.

    Stitched up 2 of the lavender sachets 'Bakery' making more today. Have noticed she has added a Pet Parlour so may get those as well. Think will have to order some more lavender at this rate. Found some wonderful designs this morning in a newsletter an outline cat with Pawsitive on the design will make these into lavender sachets and cards. Still have a load of designs from this year not used yet think will have to go through them and start to use.

    Had a liqueur glass of red wine last night, slept like a log and supposed to be good for you. Had it cool as hate warm wine even red, been in the wine cooler all day and delicious a Barefoot Merlot. Normally only drink White Grenache from California.

    Breakfast then a long dog walk before it gets too hot.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, but still and dry, not cool not warm. Supposed to get a couple of hours of sunshine this morning.

    Yesterday went quite well, an hour on the hedging and weeds, only a small area but can see where I've been; OH went off to get beer so I kicked the vacuum into action in the front room while he was out. One book off the production line (picture on fb later), but had to take apart an experimental cover (only because I'd tried to put a small piece of cross stitch on the cover which worked, but the paper surround didn't - if it had been all paper I'd have binned it). Learned that my big Christmas fair has been cancelled for this year (a lovely friendly event that takes over the ground floor of a large hotel in Woodhall Spa for two days); next year's dates have been set, booking has been transferred and I have permission to put books on the stall if I wish Seem to have got behind with some admin so caught up with most of that, long soak in the bath, bit of knitting and that was it.

    Today, thinking about doing a bit more with the weeds, but my back is really feeling the lack of maintenance treatments and I'm having to be extra careful about what strains I put on it. Also need to make some more bread, but enthusiasm lacking. Must get the chutney jars labelled and find somewhere to store them. And there's always more books - got one ready for the final putting together, and another ready for a stitched spine.

    Caroline - mojo up and running again, I'm sure you'll create some more lovely pieces which won't stay long in the shop. I can't drink red wine - another thing that upsets my system, although I'm OK if it's used in cooking.
    Mo - glad the shop wasn't too bad and well done to Jen and the ladies who supported her. Sounds like HO are at the forefront of things again, Not!!! One poster but no more masks I suppose? I did tackle the weeds - managed to clear a bit of the area Day off today - hope you get the chores done quickly then have time to enjoy what you want to do.
    Dave - assume you had a very busy day yesterday. Is the new Velux window in now? Hope everything is going well and no nasty surprises. Hoping, also, that Sue continues to improve and isn't quite so stiff now.
    Mandy - busy playing solitaire again? It is rather addictive, but maybe you're finding time to get those Promarkers working.
    Shelley - working out in the garden or busy getting the shop ready for reopening? Don't overdo things and hope the plans for the next set of cards is progressing.

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      Morning all.

      Beautiful sunny and warm here already.

      Day off so watered the garden first thing now to try and get some pyro done before it gets too hot in the conservatory.

      Be careful with your back Linda not worth overdoing it. Nice gentle day of making books would do the trick.

      Do you not have lavender in your gorgeous garden Caroline to dry ? Glad the wine seemed to help with the sleep pattern. I prefer all my wine cold too but can drink red the 'proper' way too.

      Will it be time for a trip to Wales Dave when the roofers have finished ?

      Hope you have found your crafting MoJo Mandy.

      Weather looks nice for a few days so are you going to paint those pretty chairs Shelley ?

      Enjoy what ever you are all up to today.


      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        We do have lavender but leave for the bees, it is covered atm know I would never get enough to dry for the quantity I use. Goes all along the path in the front round to the back gate.


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          Afternoon all...warm, sunny here.

          Loud bang earlier on, demolition work at the old power station site, they had to use explosives on a concrete pit base.

          Roofers here, the two Velux’s were fitted yesterday, today they fitted the ridge and hip tiles, now nailing the roof tiles on.
          Sue has gone to Amy’s, took Flo with her as she is a bag of nerves with all of the banging.
          Can’t do much myself, the loft is still pretty much out of bounds as I had to move everything for the windows to be replaced and they will be banging to fit tiles around the windows so still dropping dust.



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            Afternoon all,

            Lovely hot sunny day here.

            Caroline, that sounds lovely - all that lavender, must smell wonderful. I must try and cultivate a patch. Glad to hear you have got your making head back on and creating some more beautiful pieces.
            Oh no, not for me red or white, but then I don't like any kind of alcohol. I sleep like a log anyway.

            Linda, I like the way you get in there the moment OH is off out, Simon rarely goes out so I do it while he sleeps. I once washed all the walls in the living room, couldn't physically get the ladder in his corner becuase he has built his desk in to the corner, so we have 3 and 3/4 clean walls and it has stayed like that for years Friends understand and it has become a bit of a standing joke
            I really like the WM paper, the colours are really good, I think its my favourite so far.

            Mo, really like the new bowl, glad you got more time to work on it and spend time in the garden. Going to try and start painting the chairs and benches next week, first need to give them all a good clean.

            Dave, its gone from quiet, quiet to really unbelievably loud , explosives, roofers banging hope it doesn't go on to long. Good plan to take Flo out, hope Sue's bruise is not too bad today.

            Mandy keeping busy? made any more cards?

            Yesterday was a busy day, sort of I went shopping to top up the fridge. I have decided to make my trip out to HC after the face covering rules come into force, feels safer somehow. We got ours yesterday, very nice actually, grey so don't clash and are very comfortable and not at all smothery, becuase they are very light.
            On Wednesday I spent time tidying the shop and getting plans ready for opening on Tuesday. The hire for the party never happened, don't know why, never heard from him again.
            We don't take a deposit to book a hire, its not worth it for a £35 hire, you would really need to get them to pay in advance. We also don't take a deposit when they hire as its not worth taking £50 - £100 deposit for 1 or 2 thousand pounds worth of kit. Also when we started all musicians were starving and had no money till they did the gig so no deposit but ID - who you are, where you live, its worked well for the last 40 years.
            We did have a regular customer hire some lights at the weekend, have had a few enquiries about buying leads etc so it feels like its all picking up again and Tuesday is a good day to reopen.
            Spent yesterday afternoon packing and pricing up stock, ready to put out on Tuesday. Didn't do much more, got a really bad pain in my shoulder/back and spend the evening with a hot water bottle. Better today, but still niggly. Finished the stock this morning.
            I need to make some signs for the shop and laminate them over the weekend - please wait here to be served - wear a face covering - etc.

            Spent some time in the garden, came in in the middle of the afternoon, got a bit hot. More tomorrow. Found a box of grass seed when I tidied up the little stores the other day, going to wait for some wetter weather and put it on the bare patches, now the rats are gone they won't eat it.

            I have made a start on a card, but my shoulder put me off, maybe some more tonight.

            Take care all and have a good evening.



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              Evening Peeps 😊

              Dull here but quite warm, warmer out than in the house as i have the fire on... strange. Only done housework today and will maybe make a card tomorrow.
              I got an email last night from work saying they are making 15 redundancies in the hotel and 4 of them will be on housekeeping, we will find out at the end of July, please keep your fingers crossed for me 😞

              Linda the spag bol was lovely and i couldn't even tell is was quorn mince! I keep intouch with one of the women from work, we phone each week and its always a good 3 or 4 hours long!😁

              Hopefully Dave you will get a break for the weekend from the roofers.

              Shelley i'm looking forward to seeing your creation.

              Mo i can't believe the stubborn stupid attitude of people not wanting to wear a mask! I ordered some online the other day and they arrived today.

              Caroline i also hate the smell of fish! I can't walk past the fish counter in the supermarket as it makes me gip!🤢 though i do love chippy fish.

              Enjoy your evening all x

              Mandy x


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                Shelley - it just saves a lot of hassle if I wait until he goes out to do the vacuuming in the front room where he spends most of his time. Everything else I usually do while he's asleep and not getting under my feet

                You've done very well with not taking deposits for hire stuff all these years, but more power to you for making it work

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                  Forgot to say that i won one last nights Set For Life Lottery, so drinks are on me tonight.... aslong as its only £20 worth 😂
                  Mandy x