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Thursday 16th

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  • Thursday 16th

    Morning all

    First load of washing in the machine, delivery list from Waitrose only 1 item not available and that was sardines for Lee, so I am not bothered. Hate fish with a passion and the smell.

    Lee decided to start cutting out the turf around the arbour seat yesterday. I put the membrane down and said not to put the stones within about 3" from the next cutting area as need to overlap the membrane. Did he listen? NO! 😡 He got told off and we did not realise that Colin was behind the fence next door until he started laughing. Having a break now until Monday, more stones being delivered Wednesday. Tried to put him off going to the garden centres Tuesday but not happening.

    Got to make myself a new mask as the other one is too thick, as soon as I put it on my glasses steam up.

    Sewing today and hopefully for the next 2 days.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, breezy, cool, dry.

    Yesterday - usual pottering in the morning, 5 minutes of clearing outside (better than nothing), quite a bit of time crafting - finished off one book, and got another ready for a stitched spine, then started another hard case and left it when the first lot of glue needed to dry. Started getting things ready for another coptic stitch, using bits and bobs from my stash but made a silly mistake on folding the pages (probably salvagable one way or another) so stopped immediately. Nearly finished one stitched spine book using up more stash, and had a few sessions of knitting (3-ply yarn, size 13 (3mm ) needles and 155 stitches takes a while for each row). Friend from Scotland rang (never a quick conversation) and 45 minutes later we had put the world to rights again and caught up with news - not that there was much as I emailed three days ago!

    Today - got some hedge cuttings to shift from the front of the house and would like to have a go at some weeds in the crazy paving before they get too big. No other major plans, but probably more cutting and gluing this afternoon; will see how I am as had a disturbed night then slept in so not a my most alert at the moment.

    Caroline - Lee is really into sorting the garden at the moment - he'll be at Chelsea next year with all the experience and skill he has Hope your sewing goes well and looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new shop ranges.
    Mo - day off from the shop very usefully spent with the pyro (it's gorgeous); I hope you found time to just sit and contemplate the world for a little while. Very sorry to hear that all is not well with your parents - more stress for everyone just when it really isn't needed. I hope that it is resolved one way or another soon, although I'm not sure what options are left as everything seems to have been tried to keep things stable but unfortunately not fully effective.
    Dave - roofers back in today? It must be mayhem in your house at the moment; I hope Sue's hip/back has improved a bit although she'll no doubt be a bit stiff first thing in the morning and has a technicolour bruise reminding her what happened. How is Flo coping?
    Mandy - getting the promarkers working again, and very nice it looks too. How was the bolognese last night? I hope everyone enjoyed it.
    Shelley - hate it when people say they will do something/be somewhere at specific times and they don't, and don't bother to let you know. I hope you took a non-returnable deposit for the hire of the equipment. Did you get any crafting done yesterday? Morrison's - the store itself is usually quite good under normal circumstances, but I don't go often because it's over 20 miles away (just wanted some bits for OH that I've never seen elsewhere, and combined it with a couple of other chores in vaguely the same geographical direction).



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      Evening all.

      Shop day and not too bad apart from some very rude people, mostly men ! No you don't tell us to FO when we ask you nicely to use the sanitising gel and follow a one way system around the shop, especially when there are two small children not far away from you. He was shown the door. Another one marching in and refusing to toe the line so Jen blocked his path and squared up to him when he said 'and what are you going to do about it' and she was swiftly followed by 4 women in the shop either side of her, he left LOL What is wrong with people, is a little politeness and consideration so hard to do ? Gawd help us when the compulsory face coverings come in Friday week LOL Apparently HO are doing us a poster that says, No Mask, No Entry.

      Day off tomorrow so I can get on with the bowl, might even finish it. Pete has a zoom meeting tonight at 7.30 with his turning club so going to do an instant meal of Tuna Pasta Bake. Chuck it all in the dish and cook.

      Did you tackle the weeds Linda ?

      Hope Lee listened to you and managed to do the job right today Caroline.

      I hate Morrisons Shelley. Too crowded, too many kids running riot, narrow isles, been in there twice and couldn't wait to get out. Their fruit breads are really nice though.

      Dave the paper cut is superb as always. How is the building work getting on ?

      Mandy hope you have time to get those promarkers doing their job creating again.

      Enjoy your evening all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie