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Wednesday 15th

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  • Wednesday 15th

    Morning all, odd day yesterday as should have been dry but kept getting very dark no rain.

    Planted a load of the new buys about 7 more to go. My sister thinks the garden will look like Wisley, I wish, lol. Still looking for Hostas, will try Rake next week get a discount there as well so worth the trip.

    Breakfast, dog walk, water the garden, then some more planting. I am supervising but do take over if I think Lee is not going quick enough. He fiddles with the soil turns it over removes stones and weeds that is before he starts digging the hole! Placed the rest of the plants where I want them so hopping he does it quicker this time. Still to get down to some sewing maybe later.

    Shelley so funny with Simon eating and presenting empty packets. At least he is honest I have seen people feed the kids then discard the wrappings round the shop at the Tesco in the next town. So unfair on others that pay.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning All! Dull, with sun hiding, dry at the moment but rain forecast for later this morning. Still feeling cool for July.

    Yesterday - a mixed day, grocery shopping went fine, set off for Brigg only to be diverted off the A15 (having seen a few police cars racing up and down the road assumed a notable incident), so went the country route. First couple of shops I visited were very helpful but unproductive and the other wasn't open until 10 and I wasn't going to wait. Headed for S-c-u-n-thorpe Morrison's - straight in, grabbed what I was looking for but informed there was a queue for the tills in aisle 8 (didn't see any signage in the shop and aisles not numbered). When the queue was pointed out to me I saw nothing but a sea of faces and overflowing trolleys to the far end of the shop, so headed for the exit only to find the express till I couldn't find originally was free flowing and only one person there. Absolutely fed up with people, noise and traffic by then so went to head home, avoiding the A15 and encountered two lots of road works causing major traffic queues. So pleased to get back to the comparative peace and quiet. Turns out the incident was a lorry fire - on of the huge lorries shifting stuff from the docks, was completely burnt out, road closed both ways (incident at Junction 5 of A15/M180/A180) for quite some time. Haven't managed to find out if there was any human damage.
    After that I watched some TV, did some knitting and started another couple of books. Found out in the evening a friend's daughter had arrived home one day last week to find her partner (23yo) had taken his life and she had to cut him down and do cpr without response, so not a good end to the day.

    Today I am hoping will be better overall. Have sorted tomato plants, raked up the hedge cuttings I hacked down yesterday but still to clear them from the front to the bonfire pile at the end of the garden. Usual bit of general clearing and the chutney jars to label and pack away, then I think I'll retreat to the books for a few hours.

    Caroline - I'm sure your garden is close to rivalling Wisley - I think we need to see some pictures Hope today's planting is straightforward, and you get time to do some sewing later on.
    Dave - I hope you have a more peaceful day today, Flo is calm and ready for a long walk and Sue isn't too stiff this morning. I expect the bruising is coming out and looking dreadful, but should start to clear in a couple of days.
    Mo - glad the first couple of days in the shop were reasonable; hope today is the same for those that are there. Enjoy your day off and hope you make some progress on the pyro - looking forward to seeing the pictures.
    Mandy - great to see you've actually joined the fb group - don't know about the others, but I don't post pictures of the failures (and there are plenty of those), so you're only seeing what I think is the better of my creations. Sounds like your life could do with being a little calmer at the moment (like the rest of us!), but glad to hear the toe is recovering.
    Shelley - glad to hear the business is picking up already, despite your qualms. Agree with Simon that it's not up to you to police people's actions, but I understand your difficulty and thank goodness I don't have to deal with anything like that. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day in the garden with a few minor projects to keep you interested to make it a lovely haven, when the summer finally arrives.



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      Morning all.....bit dull here, had a light rain shower now dry.
      Nothing much on today, Sue is getting around much better, just got a whopper of a bruise.

      Need to try and clear space in the loft for tomorrow, the loft windows are a bit bigger than the originals due to the old ones being over 30 years old so we will have to chop some plasterboard out so will have more mess than I wanted but hey ho, got to be done.

      Girl came and picked up her mounts and acid free barrier board, sent me a photo of the triple aperture one that I cut with the art in, looks great.

      Out for a gentle walk around the park later.

      Apart from that, BBL


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        Morning, just, all.

        Dull but not raining. Just got back from the hairdressers, yay. Leaving my hair a bit longer but got rid of all the straggly bits and splits. Pete has gone in now. What he needs cutting could make a reasonable hair piece for me LOL

        Seriously back on the 5:2 diet now so a fast day for me. Don't want to ruin all the work I did earlier on in the year as half a stone in lockdown can soon become 1.5 stone then I would be back to square one.

        There was another incident with Mum and the carer so back to the docs who recommend a change of medication. My poor sister is at her wits end with Dad and has decided to take a step back and let him do what he wants. If Mum gets taken away from him then it's his own fault, he won't listen to us or reason and thinks he knows best, so down to him.

        Looking forward to seeing photos of this garden when you have finished Caroline.

        How is Sue today Dave ?

        The more I go out and do battle with the public the more I want to be home Linda although I am looking forward to being able to visit places that are not crowded.

        Nice to see you on FB Mandy, look forward to seeing your creations when inspiration strikes again.

        Hope you are getting time to Craft again Shelley and hopefully the weather is picking up to enjoy the garden. How is the paint job goung on the chairs ?

        Right, off to do some pyro.

        Have a good day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Afternoon all,

          Grey and overcast here, and colder.

          Caroline, this garden of yours is going to rival Exbury Gardens, which is fantastic. We had friends who lived in Exbury village and as such had "the keys" to a private gate and we would wander round at our leisure many times when visiting them. My friend became quite knowledgeable about the plants and the gardens, sadly he died aged 49 in 2001. She didn't feel happy in the big house on her own, so moved.
          I am sure parents keep the kids quiet with sweets on the way round, but they should pay for them, Simon may be in his own world most of the time but he is an honest goofball
          I hope Lee isn't too frustrating with the planting.

          Linda that sounded like a very badly organised shop, I have to admit to never liking Morrisons.
          They took over our Safeway for about a year, they just ran it in to the ground, dirty, bad stock levels and product choice, actually stopped using it and drove 20min to the big Tesco, then Waitrose bought it and it was redone and much better but it was Waitrose, weird products and expensive for the basics. Then they built a big Sainsburys less than 1/2 a mile away and I have never looked back, what with Tu clothes and more and then it got Argos and now there is not much we can't get there.
          I hope there were no casualties on the roads, and you are recovered from the round about travelling.
          Enjoy your afternoon with the books.

          Dave, glad Sue is not suffering anything more than a whopper of a bruise. Its a pain when new things are slightly different and aren't just direct replacements. When we had to replace the kitchen window due to a Nov 5 firework fire rather than just replacing the double glazed units which had cracked we had to have a whole new window frame and all. Good job it was all on the insurance.
          Glad the mounts were a success.

          Mo, hope the hairdressers when well for both of you. Hope the diet goes well. Sorry to hear there is more problems with your Dad, possibly not a bad idea to let things take their natural course, maybe for the best in the long run. I have no real idea though, obviously I don't know the full picture, family things are always so difficult, tugs between heart and head.
          Enjoy getting lost in the pyro

          Mandy, glad to see you on FB, I don't post my failures by choice just WIPs that may end up being failures But its all good if you learn from it.

          Today not much planned, going to strip and change the bed, fill the washing machine and then spend the next few days doing laundry with the good weather coming.

          Not painting the garden furniture yet, need to be sure of no rain for a week or so and I need to get out there and give them all a good clean. The next couple of weeks is looking good.

          I haven't made much the last few days, but did pick out some papers and colours schemes for the next card, may start it tonight. I did spag bol last night so easy dinner tonight- left over spag bol and rice, chilli con carne with out the chilli so should have time for some crafting.

          Need to tidy the leads in the shop now, ready for our possible customer later.

          Have a good day all.



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            Afternoon Peeps 😊 Got up this morning and the internet was down, rang BT and there was a problem in my area, so after housework i went and made a card, will post it after this.

            Yet again, i have read what you all got up to yesterday and i must apologise... but the only thing i can remember is Dave letting me know that he does paper cutting 😅

            I remember when in the supermarket with Wesley when he was very young and to keep him quiet i let him chomp on a french roll then paid for half a roll or the empty wrapper.

            Thanks to whoever told me that advocado's were a fruit. Not sure i'd try one though, don't like the look of them.

            I saw spag bol mentioned, my son's girlfriend is staying over tonight and he's cooking spag bol for her with quorn mince as she's a prespritarian (i think thats the right word) she doesn't eat meat but does eat fish.

            In Morrison's i always use the express self serve checkouts, so much faster as not many use them.

            Shelley i agree with Linda, if you can get the business then go for it if they are stupid enough to have a party!

            I also totally disagree with the rule... wear a mask in shops but not in pubs!

            Just to add... a lady has posted in the introduce yourself called Rara and needs a mod. (if its not already sorted)

            Enjoy your day peeps x

            Mandy x


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              Mandy, hehe made me laugh. A prespritarian is a Presbyterian spelled differently. Some one who eats fish is a Pescatarian.

              Trouble with wearing a mask in a pub or restaurant is you have to take it off to eat or drink, better to enforce rigorously the social distancing rules in this situation.

              Yes the business is welcome but not if more trouble than its worth, if they do close it down the police might confiscation the equipment and then we have to jump through hoops to get it back and drive to where ever they have taken it to retrieve it. been there done that with the illegal rave scene in the 90s. Soon got to recognise a likely illegal raver and started to refuse hires, especially of big systems, too much to risk losing and the bigger the system the more likely it was for a rave.

              The customer was supposed to be here at 4pm now half an hour late, no phone call to ask us to wait, so reckon his plans have been cancelled and we won't see him.
              I don't mind



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                Shelly thats disgusting not to inform you they wanted to cancel! Thanks for the correction, yes she must be a Pescatarian 😁
                Mandy x


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                  Mandy, they very rarely inform us of cancellations. If you try and pursue them for the money they just ignore you and its not worth the effort, court costs more the hire.

                  So we don't stress about it, we have enough duplicates of equipment not to miss out on a hire. You get to learn certain scenarios and people that will not collect and you prepare for it.

                  A booking is just a line in the diary till they actually collect.

                  Now I am the opposite of a Pescatarian, I eat meat but hate fish



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                    Well Shelley i guess you know what works for you best. I eat meat but the only fish i eat is... fishfingers, tuna, fish in parsley sauce and chippy fish, oh and McDonald's fillet o'fish 😁
                    Mandy x