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Tuesday 14th

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  • Tuesday 14th

    Morning all

    So funny about the avocado, seems we are not alone love Marmite though. The former was disgusting even done with lemon juice salt and pepper, do not know what all the hype is about.

    Off to the garden centre this time the one at Alice Holt, Forest Lodge, only about 4 miles from us. Roses and gravel then back to the garden centre.

    So pleased masks will now be compulsory but can see some shops more worried about income than safety after the shut down.

    Got to crack on, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny, bit of breeze, but dry.

    Yesterday - chutney done eventually, takes ages grating raw beetroot and apples! Fortunately I had peeled and chopped onions in the freezer so didn't have to do them. Don't know what this one will be like as I used a slack handful of some tiny chillies (Basket of Fire) I was gifted last year - they're supposed to be fairly hot ones, but I'll have to wait a couple of months then get brother to try it for me and let me know how hot. Rest of the day spent unpicking the cardigan, finding the right needles to start the new pattern (you're right Shelley, I was never happy with the original garment I did), watching recorded episodes of Repair Shop, finishing off a small book and making a start on the next one with coptic stitch.

    Today - shopping day and planning to go fairly early and hope I don't have to queue, general clearing up then hoping to get more time on books. No other plans although I had hoped to go to a couple of shops in Brigg this week, so might think about going straight from Barton.

    Caroline - I don't like avocado, but I love Marmite (don't like the "look alikes" much though) I think you and Lee must be keeping the local garden centres in business at the moment and your garden will be fabulous!
    Dave - another one here that doesn't like continuous loud noises, especially banging around! Or crowds, or people talking all the time (old misery guts!) Hope the roofing job is progressing to timetable and Flo has come out from wherever she was hiding.
    Mo - you must have been exhausted by the end of the day at the shop. Hope it wasn't too onerous and the rib held out.
    Mandy - still gaming, or is the creativity mojo rising again? How's the toe?
    Shelley - another one who says they've done nothing then lists so many completed tasks I'm exhausted! Glad Flo enjoyed the prawns but I'm sure she'll be happy to have any for supper rather than none



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      Hope the shopping goes to plan Linda and hope the chutney is okay. I have an electric mandolin grates and chops so quickly. Change from a manual one when I sliced the side of my thumb off with the blade. St John's Ambulance came to the rescue on our way to the A & E. They were at a fete on the village green.

      I do not like the other look alikes, nothing like proper Marmite on toast.

      I agree think we have kept them in business with deliveries etc.

      Enjoy our day x


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        Morning all..bright, dry.

        Yesterday wasn’t the best. Great roofing guys, cracked on cleared up after them etc but the banging all day, then throwing the old tiles in the skip....I was glad to get out for half hour to get the mount board but then couldn't take Flo because 5 A0 mount boards filk the back seats.
        Late afternoon the banging eased, I got in the loft, started to cut the mount boards, phone rings, Amy and Sue had gone to town with little Daniel in Amy’s car which is a low Peugeot sporty coupe. Sue had gone into a shop, obviously but her heel of one shoe on the toe of the other and fell on her latest hip. They managed to get to the car but because of the pain, she couldn’t get in it.
        I had to go to the carpark in Sue’s Juke, we swapped cars, Amy phoned the doctor who said go to A&E...they went to A&E, I came home with Daniel in case the roofers needed to talk about the roof.
        Luckily no banging so he stayed asleep, x-rays say hips are ok, no breaks, just muscular. By the time Sue got home and Amy went home, we both came to bed at 8pm. Sue couldn’t get comfy, I was so wired I couldn’t sleep.
        There was a delay in delivering the Velux’s so they will be back Thursday instead.
        On a brighter note, the mounts got cut, the one with triple apertures was spot on, there is a fair bit of working out plus you have to make sure you cut it the right way round and don’t reverse a bevel or it’s another new board......and the stamps that were due on the 20th came yesterday...

        Avacado Caroline?.....they eat it because it’s trendy, they have no idea what is is, it’s because it’s in the fashion mags...just like them carrying a take out coffee around that you never see them drink 🤷🏻‍♂️....we are older, wiser,....we know 🙄🙄



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          Poor Sue I hope she feels less battered soon, tell her to take it easy.

          I hate workmen around as they are so noisy plus even if not in the house feels like an intrusion.

          They carry the big handbags on the arm with iPhone in one hand and coffee cup in the other. The bag probably carries a calculator as they cannot add up without one. Oh to be older and wiser and so glad we lived in the 60’s growing up.

          Millenials and Generation Z a nightmare.


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            Oh dear Dave! Not a good day all round. My sympathies to Sue, she is no doubt feeling battered and bruised today - would she consider taking arnica to help progress the healing process? Lucky there are no breaks, but I think we're all aware that muscular problems can take a long time to heal (and you can't have physical treatments until the bruising has cleared ).

            I hope today runs much more smoothly for you all.



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              Originally posted by craftdancer2 View Post
              Oh dear Dave! Not a good day all round. My sympathies to Sue, she is no doubt feeling battered and bruised today - would she consider taking arnica to help progress the healing process? Lucky there are no breaks, but I think we're all aware that muscular problems can take a long time to heal (and you can't have physical treatments until the bruising has cleared ).

              I hope today runs much more smoothly for you all.

              Thanks very much Linda, bit battered and bruised, Arnica, good idea.....she’s moving around now, the doc at the hospital said best thing to do in small bits....just making sure she doesn’t over it...🙄



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                Afternoon Peeps 😊 Not really done much today, me and Wesley (son) went for our outing to Morrison's, i haven't been for 3 weeks, now here's a thing, the hotel i work at is next door to Morrison's and i get my taxi home from there, but i always go in and buy stuff, probably spend about £20, that's 4 or 5 days a week depending on the days worked, so i have realised that if i haven't had to go for the last three weeks that i don't need to go in after work every day and buy stuff, stuff i don't really need! 😏 Lockdown has saved me a shedload of money!

                Advocados... i've seen them in the supermarket but never had it, is it a fruit or a veg? is it sweet?

                Dave i'm sorry to hear that Sue had a fall, i hope she recovers quickly. I know what you mean about the noise from the roofers, the house across the road from me went up in flames in November, it was the most horrific thing i have ever seen! The couple got out through the bathroom window, sadly their dog didn't make it. It was an electrical fault behind the tv, it was the dog that woke them, they didn't have smoke alarms! Anyway the builders have been gutting the house for the last couple of months and re roofing it, omg when the roofers arrive at silly o'clock everyone is up! Radio blaring and shouting to eachother, thankfully the roof is done and new windows gone in so all the work is inside now.

                My toe is on the mend now, i can bend it a little 😀

                Looking at all the photo's of your crafts on the fb page, i am well impressed, you are all very clever! I'm especially fascinated with Dave's paperwork (not sure what you call it) I just don't see how you can cut so intricate with the knife, i can barely cut around an image!

                Enjoy the rest of your day x
                Mandy x


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                  Lol, It’s called “Paper cutting” Mandy, very popular now, FB groups only had a handful of members when I started, now they have 1000’s.



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                    Evening all.

                    Sorry to hear about Sues fall Dave. Even when you don't break something damaged muscles can be very painful not to mention the tenderness from the bruising. Hope she starts to feel more comfortable soon. A friend of mine fell and dislocated her false hip a few years ago she said it was far more painful than giving birth, so Sue was very lucky. Glad the noisy bit of the roof work is mainly over and done with and the cutting went to plan.

                    Your garden must be the envy of the road Caroline with the amount of work you have done this year alone. Lovely to have a nice outside space to relax in though with all the lovely weather we have been having. I hate avocados, don't like the taste or the texture, Pete loves them but I buy them and he forgets to eat them !! I love marmite, Pete doesn't. Crumpets with butter and marmite, yummy. Calculator is on the phone along with card payment facility and everything else they need to function.

                    Hope you got the shopping done in good time Linda and had time for your books.

                    Can never understand why people don't have smoke alarms Mandy, the Fire brigade will give them one for free especially if they are elderly. My Ex used to work for the Fire Brigade for years and it was horrendous seeing the things that happened for the want of a £10 smoke detector. The lockdown has been an eductation for many on how little you actually need, mind you we have probably spent more on alcohol. Good savings on fuel though.

                    Hope you have had time for some crafting as the weather hasn't been the best for sitting outside but due to get better hopefully. Have you sorted out all the pros and cons of reopening yet ?

                    First two days of opening the shop have not been too bad. Not so much heavy work but that's to come later in the week when we can handle the donations and start sorting again. I have restricted donation days to Mon, Weds and Fri and may make it 2 days a week if it gets to much to handle. We just don't have the storage space or an area big enough to isolate it for 72 hours. It will be interesting to see the response from people to the mandatory mask wearing in shops Friday week. We get about 50% of people wearing them at the moment. The till operator has to wear one or a mask now. I just won't let anyone in if they are not wearing one, abuse or no abuse. It's funny the range of peoples attitude to safety. There are the small number who won't go within a shops length of someone else even to pass them wearing a mask and cling to the edges of the shop. The majority are fairly sensible and generally avoid close contact. The rest are too relaxed and don't care a toss about anyone else. Surprises me the number of people who feel it's beyond them to say to someone else 'excuse me please' in a restricted space to enable them to pass and seem to think people have eyes in the back of their head and should know they are waiting to get by and get all huffy and puffy and push past storming out like a prima donna. Heyho take all sorts. All I'm concerned with is keeping myself and my staff safe, the public can deal with their own safety.

                    Sorry what an epistle, not been on for a couple of days LOL .

                    Day off tomorrow so can get back to pyroing.

                    Have a good evening all.


                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                      Oddly enough, from the 24th they are mandatory in shops....but not pubs or restaurants or any other social meeting place where social distancing usually gets forgotten CV19 knows the difference 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄



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                        Evening all,

                        Another nice day for working in the garden, overcast but dry and warm.

                        Caroline, you are going to have a wonderful garden, hope you get time and the weather to enjoy it this summer. Its looking good for the weekend and the beginning of next week.
                        The garden centres are probably very happy to see you coming

                        Linda, hope your shopping trip went as planned. Glad you are keeping your hand in with the preserves. When I say I haven't done anything I mean crafty wise it did make me laugh when I realised what you said.

                        Dave, oh dear - poor Sue, what calamity. I am very glad it nothing serious, plenty of rest with limited exercise, oh well she will just have to sit in the garden with cold drink at hand and a good book or whatever entertainment she enjoys. If the weather is not good its duvet time on the sofa and silly daytime telly I hope she recovers quickly.
                        I am glad the noise abated and you got some time for cutting mounts. Hope Flo is ok too.

                        Mandy, strangely I think I spent more during lockdown becuase I had to get everything in one shop per week, so I sort of over compensated and bought things just in case becuase I couldn't go to the shops and it is no good sending Simon, he never gets further than the deli counter and eats it all before he gets to the checkout and pays for empty bags
                        Now I can go out to the shops again I don't panic if I run out of something. So I am buying less.
                        Glad you found on us on FB, its nice to share pictures and chats. Good to hear your toe is recovering.

                        Mo, so glad your first couple of days weren't too bad. A day off already, lets in you gently Enjoy the pyro.
                        I am so glad they are making face covering mandatory, makes me even happier to open, we open Tuesday, mandatory masks Friday but they aren't getting in without them, they might as well get used to it. Glad we ordered ours last Friday, should be here tomorrow got ahead of the crowds.

                        Today didn't do much (crafty wise) spent the afternoon in the garden, did the bins and sorted out the little stores and threw away quite a bit of rubbish. Did some more tidying in the garden, gained about 1/8 more garden Feeling happy now with the garden, just going to paint all the furniture, two benches and the two chairs. Going to enjoy it now, no rats, no rubbish, and it looks quite nice. The plants are doing well and its a pleasure to sit in again.

                        Avocados I think are a fruit, they have a stone like a plum. They never seem to be the right ripeness - either too hard or so soft they explode all over the kitchen at slightest provocation with a knife. Best place for them is in what ever is the natural enemy of avocados in its native land

                        I had a customer ring up wanting to hire speakers for a party tomorrow in a hall. I mentioned that didn't sound like it would be allowed, but no its okay, its only his friends and family travelling from miles to come to his birthday party...wt..f. I wrestled with my conscience, talked to Simon, he said its not up to us to police them, so I took the booking but hhmm not happy. I am just hoping that for one reason or another it doesn't happen. I am surprised they could hire the hall.

                        Its looking like its the right time to start opening again, had 2 hires if tomorrow's happens and a few other enquires.

                        Have a good evening all and sleep well.


                        P.S. Yes Dave and why wait till then, is Covid going to behave its self till then? I don't think so.

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