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Sunday 12th

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  • Sunday 12th

    Morning all. Had breakfast of American Pancake, strawberries, blu berries and yoghurt. Walked the dog for 40 minutes getting quite warm out there, it was lovely and cool down by the river did not want to leave. Still tree shade for about 90% of the walk so not too bad. Said dog is now fast asleep! Watered the garden and now on the www. Not sure what I have planned today feel tired so may not bother doing much of anything.

    Sorted through our slides yesterday ditched a load now down to 42, will go through again today then get the sorted for the post tomorrow to digitise. Only going to Farnham so should arrive as no main sorting office to go through.

    Shelley the craft box should be full of journal bits and pieces, just hoping may turn up tomorrow as no post again on Saturday.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! At last a day which is probably as close to summer as we will get for a while - bright, sunny, dry, virtually no breeze, temperature rising.

    Yesterday I managed just over half an hour attacking the resurgent weeds - nothing to see as I took off top layer and easy to remove stuff over a larger area rather than totally clearing a small area; back is letting me know it didn't appreciate the exercise. Quick visit to supermarket and dropped in for a cuppa with brother while I was in town. Spent a couple of hours reorganising the book materials and the stuff I had to move from shelves to accommodate it, then doing some more prep on pages and covers ready for binding. Soak in a hot bath then finished off the stitched spine book I've been working on for days, then almost completed a smaller book - same main stitching but have found a YouTube video of a different way of foundation row and finishing off.

    Today - just cooked the beetroot I'm going to pickle; pickling liquor left from the last lot so only need to reheat that, slice beets and bottle. Was going to do the chilli beetroot chutney as well but OH is up and about (contrary so and so), and as he loathes the smell of beetroot I might have to defer that for another day. Fingers itching to get on with more book stuff.

    Caroline - sounds like you've already done a day's work Poor Shiloh - being dragged out so early in the morning and made to walk for 40 minutes!!!! roflmao! Enjoy the rest of the day doing not much.
    Dave - a busy day for you yesterday, and you've got lots of plans for craft(s) - hope they come to fruition
    Mo - how you have time to do such beautiful pyro after running yourself ragged for three days getting the shop ready I don't know! Glad the rib is well on the way to full recovery though. Shame you've got to put the sewing to one side when you've just got started again, but I suppose the bits for show/sale have to take priority.
    Mandy - you might as well catch up with your viewing while you have time; when you do get back to work it won't be so easy to see all these films. Abe Books is a great site, and one of my go to places when I want a particular (reference) book. They often have less easily found books - especially if you're in to some of the less common crafts. The fb Crafty Chat we're using is a private group and I think they don't show up in a search. Find Shelley on fb (Shelley Williamson) and send her a private message - she started the group so is creator & admin and she'll make you a member, then you'll be able to see the wonderful photos being posted and dozens of my books!
    Shelley - Beetroot is a Marmite thing I think - I love it, but hate chilli; OH hates beetroot in any form. Cats are fine thank you - George is trotting around like a good 'un again - last dose this morning. I'm thinking of asking vets if I can have a bottle of medication to keep in house for when it's needed again as I have no doubt he'll deteriorate as the weather gets colder and wetter. Glad the ABs have worked their magic, and the Sainsburys trips are more normal. Hope the office paperwork is done and you can do some crafting today.



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      Morning all...bright and sunny here.

      The Wharfage is closed to traffic and remains of a body have been found further up so that’s scuppered the walk down the river today.

      Busy yesterday, took Sue to her party but then never heard the phone ring downstairs as I was in the loft conversion and the door to the lounge was closed, my iPad was flat, no signal on the mobile, Amy picked her up in the end, I was temporarily in the dog house 🙄😆

      Ordered my mount boards, getting them tomorrow at 2pm, appointment system, Lisa the local artist has just messaged me for two black mounts, a multi aperture mount and three acid free barrier boards...

      Stamps delivery now coming on the 20th...don’t know why...

      Roofers starting tomorrow, that will take a week so I need to move the printers etc from under the windows today...

      Yes Linda, I use Abebooks too. I got my 1920 editions of “Years at the spring” and Poe’s “Tales of mystery and Imagination” from there but I only use UK sellers.
      Beetroot, ( I love marmite too 🤷🏻‍♂️) love it pickled, with chilli, used to have smoothies with raw blended beetroot in. Sue used to buy the ones in a vacuum sealed pack. Best thing for those is cut them into chunks, put them in a frying pan with a good glug of olive oil, heat them through then add a good glug of balsamic vinegar and let it all blend together. The beetroot juice, oil and vinegar makes a nice rich, gorgeous coating, crumble some Stilton, Roquefort etc over the top, good to go!



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        Morning all.

        Beautiful day here too.

        Done the weekly shop and decided what's for dinner tonight. Seems a shame not to enjoy the sunshine while we have it so may not be dong much pyro today. Have to get some products out for selection and possible purchase for a charity auction but that can be done later as long as it's done today, photographed, itemised and costed.

        Remains of a body Dave that sounds gruesome. All systems go for roofers, hope the weather stays dry at least. Hope your spell in the dog house wasn't too prolonged and you had Flo for company !

        Shop opens to the public tomorrow, on my own the first day so not looking forward to it and the influx of donations. So many people have been phoning and knocking on the window when we were getting set up could be a busy one.

        Shelly glad the AB's have worked and you are feeling more confident about reopening. I'm sure your customers will be far more understanding about the new trading restrictions than mine will be.

        Oh I had forgotten about ABE books, must have a gander.

        Enjoy the lovely weather all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening Peeps 😊

          Shelley there are loads of you on fb lol whats your profile pic?

          I absolutely love beetroot! Though i have only ever had shop bought pickled, i can eat it straight out of the jar!

          All i've done today is play Solitaire, i play in a team on fb Gameroom, its Royal Solitaire and today is reset day for the teams, bit geeky but i love it 😀

          Best of luck for tomorrow Mo.
          OMG Dave, remains of a body sounds scary! I just read online that a woman was raped not far from me... its a very scary world we live in these days!
          Mandy x


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            Mandy - Shelley's profile on fb says ARC Electronics under her name - picture is of Shelley.



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              Originally posted by craftdancer2 View Post
              Mandy - Shelley's profile on fb says ARC Electronics under her name - picture is of Shelley.

              I've just had another look and still cannot find her, I will message her and ask her to find me, it will be easier. Thanks anyway x
              Mandy x


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                Evening all,

                Lovely day, sun shinning and it was warming up.

                Caroline, I do hope your crafting box turns up, sounds like it would have been fun. Hope the dog recovers I have still not sorted the photos yet, I can see me not doing it till the weather turns, so probably autumn.

                Linda, glad George is doing well, our vets let me keep a small bottle of Metacam so I could start it on weekends or evenings with Molly ( she was even older than Pepper , she made 20 years and was about 10 years older than Pepper) It would be a bit like my ABs for my chest - a rescue pack they call it.
                Beetroot, yes it is a marmite thing I guess, Simon likes it, I don't. Talk about contrary so and so, Simon got up before me!!! Its Sunday I usually have a lie in till 11ish. He was up and downstairs before I woke at 9:50 to go to the bathroom, was confused but went back to sleep for a bit.
                The new books are really good, like the stitching and the wave paper is lovely.

                Dave, how inconsiderate of the bodily remains to scupper your walk Added to the shame of the doghouse, not the best day. You are going to be busy making mounts and mounting the stamps.
                Hope the roofing goes well.

                Mo, glad you enjoyed the sunshine, it has been a lovely day. I really hope its not too busy for you and that your customers see sense and follow all your rules and guidelines. Bojo was muttering something about making face covering mandatory in shops, I think its a good idea, if for no other reason than to put an end to the halfhearted efforts people are making at the moment and confusion.

                Mandy, did you have a look for me on FB?

                Today well as I said odd start, but its been a nice day. Got an email from Sainsburys about the delivery, no prawns and no substitute, well as this is what Flo gets for supper I had to go and buy some from Sainsburys. I usually buy the cheapest, but they didn't have any either so had to go for the next price up. Hope she doesn't get used to them!! So 2 trips out in 2 days, petrol tomorrow and HC Tuesday I think. Petrol is not on the way so think I want to spend the time in the garden.
                Simon and I spent ages in the garden this afternoon, the water butt smelled like a farmyard, so we used it all up watering and then cleaned it out and checked the guttering and down pipe for debris, there was a largish branch with leaves half way down.
                Cleaned out the water fountain thingy, again more leaves blocking the pump, works much better now.
                Simon was poking about in the shed and moving things and I said whats that, looks like a small garden table, so he dug it out and there were two, they were really nice folding wooden garden chairs. ( pics tomorrow) Must be my friend's in Spain. Anyway got them out and will use them, they need a coat of paint, I think we will need more than the one tin we bought to do my bench

                No crafting indoors today, but will be making the most of the weather this week. Next week will be back to work.

                Take care all and have good nights sleep.