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Friday 10th

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  • Friday 10th

    Morning all. Bad night kept getting cramp in my legs tonic water finally cleared. It just took me a while to get out of the warm bed to go and get a glass. Dog walk and breakfast done. Lee is playing some Fleetwood Mac and I am tired and doing a lot of nothing.

    Planting the tree fern later, Lee has sorted a spot but will be swearing as he hits tree roots!

    Last delivery of meds yesterday from 1st August have to get our own or pay £6 to get them. Lee said we will review nearer the time depending on the situation out and about. Southampton has spiked again Shelley, you stay safe. I think it will come back and possibly in September according to the boffins. I suppose with the summer holidays and general stupidity not surprised.

    Not much else to tell you we live such boring lives, lol.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Slightly less dull than yesterday but still cool and breezy. According to the forecast we should be getting a couple of hours rain any time now, and possibly some more later this afternoon.

    Yesterday - the morning was one of those "came and went" times, not sure what I did. Afternoon I managed to make two book blocks and left them overnight for the glue to dry thoroughly. Removed completely the coptic stitching I'd done - after three attempts to unpick and redo the linen thread was looking decidedly "used". Have started redoing it with some cotton perle 5, but only the first couple of rows done so far.

    Today, usual clearing up and I'm going to try and get the hard covers made for the books and get them put together. This is usually the part where things go wrong if they're going to, so I'll need to be extra extra careful with following the method and checking measurements.

    Caroline - cramp in the middle of the night is dreadful, but glad you managed to get it cleared. Not surprised you're tired; take it easy today, hopefully all your deliveries will arrive and you can get going again tomorrow.
    Dave - hope Sue's shift at the shop was incident free and sales were made. Sounds like you had plenty to keep you busy so hope it all got done in a timely manner.
    Mandy - hope you're finding plenty to keep you occupied and the toe is slightly less painful. Watch TV and peruse magazines and you may find your missing mojo!
    Mo - the charity are going to miss you when you retire considering the extra work you do gratis - the top management really are pathetic in their attitudes to customer and staff care (probably with one or two notable exceptions). You must be exhausted and I hope the end of reorganising is in sight for you and Jen - roll on 5 o'clock (or earlier) today!
    Shelley - Coptic stitching sorted but not completed yet. It doesn't sound like yesterday was a day of nothing for you considering how much you got done and planned. Simon was busy too Plans for a busy day today - don't overdo it



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      Morning all....bright and sunny, forecast is good.

      I cleared the space in the craft room and sawed through the plaster board up to the Velux windows so they should just lift out next week.
      Scaffolders coming today instead as it was torrential all day here yesterday.

      Sue had another good shift at Sams, only two customers in at a time can’t cause much trouble, they have a contactless card machine at last.

      Lady came and picked up her sunflower cut, loved it, she lives in a huge house split into four apartments at the bottom of the road, overlooking the river and park, next to Captain Webb’s old house ( first man to swim the Channel). She told me that the slave trader statue that was pulled down in Bristol was cast here in the village at one of the foundries.

      Got my hair cut which was a relief, sick of pulling out stray hairs going in my eyes, it’s only an inch long now.
      Bojo has announced beauty salons can open. Great news for Amy as she has joined her friend doing 3 days of treatments in her salon, another owner wants her to do a day or two for her so she can from Monday but the college where she teaches is still closed, especially as its a “Hands on” environment, probably be the last to open.

      Decided to cut one or two of Heath Robinsons from the “Bill the Minder” book series, I have about 300 of his images to play around with, all PD.
      Need to stock up on frames, Ikea online, HobbyC in person, buy mount board, visit an outlet to drop work off, getting busier now.



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        Evening all.

        Last of three days in the shop. Worked like Trojans again and have enough in place to open as long as the HR Manager, who is not in today, passes all the paperwork and photos I have sent him. Still stuff to do but it can be done bit by bit. I have an hour morning and evening without customers and can't process the first donations for 72 hours, so time to finish up. On my own Monday and I know we will be getting loads of donations from the people who have knocked on the door in the last three days, but only taking in Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and if I run out of space any day then they will have to come back another time. The following week we have help for 4 hours out of the six we are open to the public each day so should be able to manage. Not looking forward to the abuse we will have coming from some quarters but quite happy to ban people, I'm not going to stand there and take it.

        Thank you Shelley for the advice, my book on Chinese Ornament by Owen Jones arrived today. Think I will look for some more in this vein, secondhand from Amazon is such good value. Enjoy the weekend in your R free garden.

        Hope the fern was planted to your satisfaction Caroline. I hope we don't have a spike in September we have out first event this year scheduled, but obviously we would want to be safe and are prepared for a cancellation. Still hoping for the big Christmas one to go ahead though at the end of November.

        Hope nothing went wrong with the books Linda.

        We both have hair appointments next week Dave, looking forward to it although I may keep mine bit longer.

        Mandy I'm sure you will be inspired with some new ideas for cards.

        Have a good evening all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening all,

          Sun tried to shine today, its looking good for the weekend.

          Caroline, I hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. I get my repeats delivered FOC even before Covid, there has never been mention of a charge.
          Hope Lee didn't hit too many roots As I write this Simon is listening to Pink Floyd - Momentary Lapse of Reason. Very nice really.

          Linda, how did the Coptic stitching go? I hope it went well. Some days go like that - a whole lot of nothing that takes all day. That seems to have been my day today

          Dave, did the scaffold go up ok? The weather is looking fine for a roofing job this week, good timing. You are quite the centre of amazing world facts
          Glad the lady liked her Sunflower.
          All this talk of haircuts, I am feeling almost left out, but not really, Simon and I haven't been to the hairdressers/barbers for 40 years, we just have hair

          Mo, glad your time back in the shop wasn't too bad. I am sure you will keep them all in order and safe. Glad you got the Grammar of Chinese Ornament, quite a lot of Japanese art has its roots in Chinese art. Was the condition of the second hand copy good? the price certainly was.

          Mandy, found some inspiration? I am sure its there somewhere

          Today didn't do any of the things I planned, I actually got "busy" in the shop. I had a couple of phone calls and one of them was from a regular customer who needed to hire some lights for today so we arrange what and when, so I had to wait in for him at about 3pm ish. Did that and then pottered around a bit in the shop coming up with more plans, the customer today brought to light another problem and a solution all at once, we have to get customers to sign the hire agreement, so we have about 400 ARC pens left out of our purchase of 500, they all come wrapped individually in a cellophane sleeve so can be untouched by human hand, just open a box and put it out. They can take a pen, use it and take it with them. They are supposed to be given away and used as advertising so if people lose them as people do with pens they get around.
          Simon once gave a hitchhiker a ride home after a gig and he invited him in for a coffee before Simon's last leg of his drive, and there on the coffee table was an ARC pen. A quick cup of coffee turned into an hour or more's conversation
          So will have these out ready. Its all coming together and I am feeling more confident about it. We will have our nice grey face masks, I have ordered 8 of them so plenty to wear and wash.

          Tomorrow I will go out to Sainsburys and then get petrol on Monday, and I think I will go to HC too because there are some things I want from there, the range is good for a mooch but can't guarantee what they have. Maybe the range next payday

          Starting to get itchy fingers to make some more cards, hopefully make a start tomorrow. Not sure what, but I am sure it will happen, going to play with my triple layer dies and I got a die to make box frames, may play with that too.

          Take care all and sleep well.