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Thursday 9th

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  • Thursday 9th

    Morning All, still raining here and feels quite cold downstairs.

    Still waiting for deliveries, so annoying on box of craft theme posted 29/6 not yet arrived will give until Friday then can only assume lost in the post.

    How did you get on at work Mo? hope not too horrific for you. I am sure the gallery will do well for you as you do something very unique. Sue Ryder in Grayshott are not opening in July.

    Petrol has dropped in price seems to be about £1.129 here was £1.299 at one point. Said if we go past the BP at Kingsley will fill up as just over half atm. I find The Range hit and miss, go there sometimes and brilliant then not so much so. Think supplies could be a problem atm, Still waiting for the Quartzite pea gravel but apparently the quarries are not yet open.

    How annoying Dave batteries are the pits. We were luck that ours started 1st time after it’s hibernation. We are in the RAC with home start as not getting the car serviced every year no longer get free recovery etc.

    Today quilting some velvet on the embroidery machine, adding some pearls on the cross lines then making into lavender hearts with flowers at the top. Moulding some wire at the top and stitching onto the heart to make curved shaped hangers. Itching to finish the noticeboards, hope the felt arrives today. Already have got the hooks, mini round cup hooks and wire. Plan to add a small packet of each of these items so can be hung immediately.

    Waitrose coming between 8am and 9 am today, me thinks they will arrive early as they know we are up and tend to come to us first or earlier. Never moan about someone coming early, one of the things I get annoyed with my sister. Says arriving at 10 lucky if her by 11.30. Mum used to get very angry with her when she came for lunch as all ready at 2pm and no sign. I just think it is rude.

    Oh well better get on HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all, dry here so far....

    Sue is doing a shift at the Sams shop this morning.
    Scaffolders coming at 1pm and a customer picking up the sunflower cut, black & white not blue and yellow. Amy wanted to come round but we will be too busy keeping the dog in and other stuff plus nowhere to park easily.
    Haircut at 4.40pm.
    Need to clear my electrical stuff, 2 printers etc away from under the velux’s as they are being changed in the week, sods law something will get dropped on them or it buckets down while they have them out.
    Need to grab some petrol, I’ve only put £40 worth in since lockdown and at 23 to the gallon, that shows how few mikes I’ve done, still on 1/4 of a tank.
    Me too Caroline, service every other year or so, at 2k or less a year, not worth it, the old oil comes out clear!

    All go today..


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      Morning all! Dull, wet, cool, breezy - more like mid March than mid July

      Yesterday turned out to be a chaotic morning one way or another - ended up making two lots of bread, laundry done successfully, trip to printers informative but not successful, collected order from butchers. By the time I'd finished clearing up and cleaning stuff and pandering to unsettled cats and chatting with the people I shop for (they do like a chat!) who were out for a first view of the world for the first time in months and I happened to see them walking past the house I felt exhausted. Went to bed ridiculously early, but woken twice by George wailing in my ear to let him out (OH was up and awake the first time), then not going out the second time after I'd trailed downstairs; also rain pelting on roof kept me awake.

      Today - cats started whingeing for food at stupid o'clock but I refused to get up, now I'm up only Bert has been down for breakfast and George is refusing to move from under the radiator in the bedroom! Not feeling at my most alert and after dishwasher finishes I'm not planning on doing anything that requires attention or concentration, or any hw that can be put off until tomorrow. I do need to take out the coptic stitching I've been trying to do for the last several days - had about three goes at it and still not happy so time to remove everything and start from the beginning again.

      Caroline - so frustrating waiting for deliveries, hope yours turns up today and you can get things finished. Filled my car with fuel (petrol) on Tuesday and price at £1.039 - always find price differences between our part of the country and "The South" a surprise when I visit Winchester
      Dave - we have quite a number of "craft" shops in the region that rent out shelf space, but quite honestly the pictures I've seen of them look more like a jumble sale than anything - no sense of display, just cram as much as you can on the shelves. Wouldn't give them a second glance if I were near enough to visit - same thing with tables at craft fairs, rarely look at stuff on the "pile it high, sell it ......." tables!
      Mo - hope yesterday's first day back went well. Must have been a nice change to be there with Jen; not so sure about the sorting, cleaning and rearranging that would need to be done.
      Mandy - not visited for a couple of days, hope you're OK and busy with creating.
      Shelley - only went to The Range because it is on the route home from the supermarket, so about a 200 yard detour to their car park Next place to try is in Brigg but I haven't been there this year yet (only 12 miles but with lockdown etc...). Need to check if the place is open as is basically paper based craft stuff and office supplies so non-essential retail. Great news on the R=0, and you can look forward to enjoying your garden with the birds again.



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        Afternoon Peeps 😊 I'm sat here trying to come up with some inspiration... nowts coming, i don't think i've ever done 2 cards the same in all the 10 or so years i've been making them.

        Had an accident about 3 days ago, i was in the garden chucking the ball for Bren when i went to kick the ball my toe got caught on the floor, i wear Crocs and didn't have socks on, so my foot stuck and it pulled my nail from the base of my big toe, ripping the cuticle, omg it was soo painful, i thought i'd broken me toe! It took about 4 hours before it stopped bleeding, its very bruised and swollen and still very sore. Hey ho... lesson learned...Don't try to kick a small ball wearing Crocs 🙄

        I binge watched a really good series on BBC iplayer yesterday called The Secrets She Keeps, there are only 6 episodes 👍

        Mo i think you went back to work yesterday, how did it go?

        Have a good day all x

        Mandy x
        Mandy x


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          Had an accident about 3 days ago, i was in the garden chucking the ball for Bren when i went to kick the ball my toe got caught on the floor, i wear Crocs and didn't have socks on, so my foot stuck and it pulled my nail from the base of my big toe, ripping the cuticle, omg it was soo painful, i thought i'd broken me toe! It took about 4 hours before it stopped bleeding, its very bruised and swollen and still very sore. Hey ho... lesson learned...Don't try to kick a small ball wearing Crocs
          Oooh! that sounds really painful, but glad to hear that the bleeding did stop eventually. I hope the bruising and swelling start to clear up very soon.

          Don't worry about the mojo taking a holiday - we all suffer from that, but it resurfaces and we get going again.

          Take care, and no more ball kicking!


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            Evening all.

            Dull and miserable but not bothered as in the shop all day. Sooooo much hard work and they have only given us three days. If we don't finish in that time I have to go in on Saturday to finish it and that's not happening. Removed all the surplus central display gondolas this morning. Trying to fill all the rails now from summer stock we saved but that's hanging, tagging, steaming and pricing about 1000 of pieces of clothing, not to mention about 150 pieces of bric a brac plus shoes, bags, books, media etc. The place was scrubbed to within an inch of its life and all the tape markings and directional markers were put in place today.

            They supplied a screen for the counter which only covers a fraction of the space and not the till at all. I was told to move it along and stack books to support it underneath as the till drops a level. So much for H&S !! We have had to devise our own method of screening either side of it and I insisted on being provided with a face shield as we can't screen the till. My area manager said but we only have 10 ( for 40+ shops ) so I said well you only have 9 now. It arrived this morning. Only provided us with 50 disposable masks as apparently they are not mandatory so it's a "gesture of good will" on their part and if we want more we have to supply them ourselves !!! So much for " Our priority is for the safety of our staff and volunteers " You couldn't care a flying toss about us actually Shaw Trust. I doubt if any other shop has done as thorough a job as we have but we always go the extra mile for our own satisfaction. Tomorrow we have to finish stocking rails and shelves, do all the models, dress two high level displays and do the window. Then find somewhere to keep all the things we have had to remove. Rag company can't give me any idea of when they can collect and we are going to be inundated on Monday with donations 80% of which will be rubbish. Sorry for the rant but the face masks were the final straw.

            Anyway glad cars are sorted, R numbers are zero, crafts are progressing despite the delays and roof is being done before time.

            Going to slob out in front of the TV and be served my dinner y my darling OH.

            Catch you all tomorrow,


            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Thanks Linda, i think i've learned my lesson, allbeit the hard way!

              Mo i can fully understand your anger at your employers, i'm angry that i haven't heard a ****ie bird from my manager or employers for over 2 months now! I understand that the hotel should of been fogged and i know it hasn't been! all they care about it the ££'s
              Mandy x


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                Can someone tell me the facebook page i'm supposed to join?

                Mandy x
                Mandy x


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                  Search Crafty Chat on FB Mandy.


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                    Evening all,

                    Another grey day here.

                    Caroline, did your delivery turn up? If it was sent on the 29th of June its only been 10 days and in this strange times I wouldn't give up on it yet. Mind you it does seem to be getting better, had 2 deliveries today, some new shoes from the great river in the sky and a fab parcel of papers with one of Linda's wonderful handmade books.
                    I haven't bought any petrol since March, I can see I am in for a pleasant surprise.
                    The velvet and the pearls sounds sumptuous.

                    Dave, how did the collection of the sunflower go? Did you clear your space? Hope it wasn't too busy for you and Sams went well for Sue.

                    Linda, hope your day of nothing much panned out and you had a relaxing time. Did you sort the Coptic stitching? Had to go and look that one up, looks a bit like the traditional way of binding Chinese books, will post a picture on FB. I hope you get a bit of lie in tomorrow and the cats don't hassle you for breakfast too early.

                    Mandy, I hope you found some inspiration, and don't worry I have never made two cards exactly the same, wouldn't want to, its handcrafted and each one is unique.
                    I lost my big toe nail last xmas after stubbing my toe in sandals in the shop in the summer. It just slowly went weird and then one day after a bath it just fell off, made me go all funny for a minute, lesson learnt here - don't wear open toe sandals in the shop.

                    Today not much done, more planning on opening the shop, PPE ordered, some nice washable cloth face masks, hand sanitiser, we have the infrared thermometer, gloves if needed.
                    We have decided to try opening on the 21 of July. I say try it all depends on lots of things not just us. We had a booking for a hire on Saturday but they have cancelled. But it was a good practice run and got me thinking it won't be too bad. I just slipped back in to it. I suppose after 40 years, 3 months is relatively small gap. The weather is going to be lovely next week so I am going to treat it as a holiday and spend lots of time in the garden now the rats have gone.

                    I say not much done today but we did manage to do the one thing Simon has been trying to do for the last few days, get Sky working again.

                    Simon frightened the life out of me and got up at 10:30 am, one reason why I didn't do much but I don't mind, we got the tv back, he went and got the bins for me and carried loads of things upstairs that I have been trying to get him to do, sort of towards opening the shop.
                    He also went out and collect some shop stock we got from a fellow engineer who retired around xmas, it was actually better than I thought so will have to sort it, price it and put it out in the shop when we open, will give me something to do.

                    Tomorrow I will probably pop out for some petrol and pop in to Sainsburys for some bits. More listing on Folksy too and then plan the next few cards, not sure exactly what yet but going to use my triple layer dies and maybe some of the fantastic papers I received this morning although I was thinking of covering a box with some too. Put a pin cushion on the top and mini sewing kit inside.

                    Have a good evening all and sleep well.

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