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Wednesday 8th

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  • Wednesday 8th

    Morning all

    Rain, rain and more rain here for the next 3 days, at least will not have to water the garden.

    The garden centre visit went well no one there. Got to the till trolley laden they gave us £10 off a tree fern, then got a further £10 discount for over 60’s. Lee was a happy bunny I was not on the drive home as had a jasmine stuck up my left ear and had to pull the seat forward to accommodate the tree fern. The fonds of which tickled my right ear. Things we do for the garden. All planted apart from the tree fern our backs at this poiint said No More!!!

    Quieter today going through our old photos and moving to a posh new US scrapbook. Some of the photos not sure why we even took them what they are of. Got to go through some slides and send them off to turn into digital. The plan is to get rid of the old scrapbooks, print off digital ones and then clear up all the albums on iphoto. Just too many and never look at them online. That should keep us busy, the plan is to do after coffee.

    Think that will be it and must not nod off in the chair in the afternoon!

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Good morning Crafters.

    Wet here today but the forecast is for a nice dry and sunny weekend, yay.

    Back to work today, three days to clear out, clean up and set up for opening again on Monday. Jen and I together will soon get organised and sorted. Can't say I am looking forward to it, I think we will be the only Charity Shop open but don't know for sure. Monday and Tuesday will see masses of donations which still have to be isolated for 2 days. Waste company organised but the rag merchant can't give me a day yet and will call the day before they have a slot apparently. Already got 20 bags left over from before lockdown, think we are going to be overrun.

    New Gallery reopens today so fingers crossed for that. Hoping things will build up nicely for Christmas shopping in a few months.

    Managed to pencil in the latest Zentangle bowl but not such a rush now to complete.

    Sounds like you have a lovely day yesterday Caroline. We have a couple of Jasmine next to our seating in the garden and the smell is glorious. Also have what we think is an indoor version which has just decided to flower again, the smell is a strong as lilys, just beautiful through the house.

    Right better get going. Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all! Dull and breezy, but at least dry after overnight rain. Temperature still not really summery; possibility of rain from mid-evening to late tomorrow morning.

      Yesterday, shopping done, mooched around The Range - not a lot of choice in paper/card as expected but bought a couple of things to try. Filled car with fuel and pleasantly surprised at how much less it cost than last time I did it (pre-lockdown). Wielded the vacuum cleaner and damp duster in most of the downstairs then spent the rest of the afternoon soaking in a hot bath. Finally resolved a computer communication thing that has been stressing me for a number of weeks and now have a bit of paper printed off with the information I'd been trying to confirm. Still not got the latest coptic stitch book finished - had to unpick a couple of bits again - don't know why this one is causing me so much trouble but it's not going to beat me.

      Today, laundry in the machine (fortunately it worked straight away, so pretty sure the problem last time was a sensor playing up), kitchen cleared, everything ready for bread making. Need to go to local printers later to see if the promised samples of 130gsm paper have arrived and see if they've got any greyboard of useful weight; call at butcher's on the way home to pick up the order, then farm shop delivery this afternoon. Desk needs clearing and tidying as it's covered with clutter at the moment and no room to work, then if time I ight start another book. Still got beetroot to cook and decide which chutney - got some hot chillis in the freezer so might end up with more beetroot & chilli.

      Caroline - glad the garden centre trip was successful - have you got any room left in the garden for any more bits? You seem to have been adding to it for a long time now Hope you make good progress on the photo sorting.
      Dave - you are very lucky as seem to have lots of artisan/craft places and events fairly locally. We're in a desert here - people will say there's craft but the majority is "after tea and kids in bed table top" stuff (hair bows, knitted baby clothes, painted bottles type stuff) and little artisan level stuff out there. How is the latest sunflower cut looking?
      Mo - I was very good in The Range and resisted temptation (must have been because I was wearing my t-shirt with the appropriate quote on it!). Did you manage to juggle the new zentangle/sewing situation? Hope the visit to the rag and waste companies was worthwhile.
      Mandy - Are you busy making more lovely cards?
      Shelley - pretty sure the fire wouldn't be intentional as it was in one of the old hangars, but I gather there were several fire tenders in attendance for some time. Like the sound of your plans for opening the shop - necessity is the mother of invention - and hope your customers appreciate the effort.



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        Morning all...throwing it down here.

        Roof guy came yesterday to double check the velux window sizes, roof being done next week. Scaffolder just rang, he’s coming tomorrow at 1pm.

        Jumped in the car to move it yesterday....dead. Phoned AA, hadn’t got home start, Sue cancelled it because I had the works van, she had a company car....£70 to upgrade. He came out, started it, battery check said it was duff. £135 for a battery, mainly because at 2k miles or less a year I don’t use it enough to keep the battery in good nick.

        Cutting today to get this sunflower commission out of the way.
        Yes Linda, falling over art and craft outlets etc but know me and the arty cliques (😂😂) ...most of the outlet owners know me and have had my work before, now we are all opening up again, I’m getting a few offers again so I’m always in the art trail, I don’t need to pay because I’m invited and the outlet gets their 30%, win 😁. I’m very lucky that people appreciate what I do enough to offer me space, I never take it for granted. We have the general Crafty stuff in outlets here but we also have serious artists too. My friend Sue is a member of Royal Watercolour Artists Society or whatever its called and Jenny at the gallery, her dad has work in the Queens gallery. Mom, dad, daughters are all extremely talented artists, all here.

        Right, stuff to do, catch up later.


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          Afternoon all,

          Drizzly, grey and cooler here today.

          Caroline, had to smile at the thought of your moving jungle, hope Lee could see out the windows Well done on the discounts. Bet your garden looks wonderful.
          I have to go through all the photo albums I was given when we cleared my Mums house, I was given custodianship of the family archives and have yet to sift through them all and digitise them to share with family in the US and Germany. I guess I will get stuck in as the weather draws in the Autumn, not something I want to do now.

          Mo, wow time flies, already back at work. I hope it goes well and you aren't inundated with piles of stuff. The gallery looks great, all the best with it. I am sure it will go well.

          Linda, glad your shopping trip went well, the range is always uncertain as to stock levels and choice, but sometimes a really good bargain to be had, thats why I am undecided about which to visit.
          Glad the washing machine is behaving, my dishwasher is also now working well after a good clean.
          Hope the printers is fruitful.

          Dave, wow over £200 for a duff battery, we have a battery charger, use that and if it won't start the next day you know its not holding a charge, new one for £55. Mind you its only a Ka.
          You do sound like you are in a good place for the arts and attracting the general public to view and hopefully buy.
          I hope the weather behaves for you and the roof.

          Today not much apart from listing on Folksy got another batch done, some more later. Simon decided to move our sky dish as it was being obscured by one of his other dishes but has not managed to find sky again, thought he had but he was on the completely the wrong satellite, only took 2 days to get him to believe me

          Ratman came this morning and removed the boxes, no sign of any rats, no more bait taken so he and I think we have got them all, if I spot any I am to give him a call. So happy to have my garden back and so are the birds, the blackbirds are now back on the grass searching for bugs again without being chased off by rats.
          Looking forward to the weekend.

          Have a good evening all.



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            Yes Shelley, Focus ST 2.5.....everything is expensive 😂😂


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              A bit of a bigger battery

              Mind you you not sure what Simon's SUV would take, haven't had to buy one yet, probably more like yours cost wise.

              At least its done and its now reliable, nothing worse than a duff battery, I know, spent last Autumn fighting for a new one, got it when he had to come and rescue me miles from home He just thinks they need a good charge, forgets they can actually fail



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                I’ve got the scaffolders and roofers coming over the next week, I could have charged it but if it started playing up when I needed to move it on and off the drive, I can’t be done with fiddling around these days, I just get it done. It rarely needs repairing so I don’t mind paying it.



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                  Yup, its like that for me too. You just want it to work.



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                    That is about the price we paid on our last car. Mondeo Ghia v6 2.5. The tyres cost £400 each as well. The same for the Escort RS Turbo. Now have a Focus Titanium X Turbo Eco boost but only 998 engine, very nippy though but £30 car tax and up to 78 to the gallon. Plus the insurance is a third of the others. Lee prefers the other 2 and when we bought this he wanted the Focus RS but he is now glad with our pathetic mileage I won that battle. Very comfy as well back and front seats. Sorting through our pics yesterday found one if his MGBgt.


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                      Yes, I’ve got leather Recaro heated bucket seats, comfiest I’ve ever had to be honest. I can get tyres at around £170 each but the exhaust would have been £2000 so I got a bespoke S/steel one built for £570..
                      I’ve had it 12 years out of its 14, still as good as the day I had it.