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Tuesday 7th

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  • Tuesday 7th

    Morning all. Lee has decided to go to a different garden centre today, not sure but will see how many people are there before I go in. If busy not happening. We can go and get the shingle as the hard landscaping is at the back, drive the car round and collect.

    Really chuffed with the notice boards, now have to decide do I order some more canvasses or see how these 2 go, decisions.

    Thinking of reusing MyHermes for larger deliveries especially with the run up to Christmas, hate to do it but cannot see what the alternative is. Post Office I suppose but not keen although only round the corner a lot of people have business' at home so always queues and busy. Plus the shop customers exit right next to the PO queue. MyHermes local courier is brilliant it is the crooks in the depots that are the problem. This time would photograph the box with ruler markings and put the photo on the front of the parcel.

    Oh well better go and sort breakfast, have lost 1.5 lb already just need to continue in the down direction.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning All! Bright and sunny - nice change - dry, and pleasant temperature, but only until lunchtime according to the forecast then it's all change.

    Yesterday, set to with the veg and ended up with two jars of pickled spring onions (new one for me and only two jars so these won't go anywhere near the stall). OH and/or brother will eat them if OK, and several jars of Surprise Lemon & Ginger Jam also done (surprise is that courgette is the base!).
    Afternoon saw many people on village fb group moaning about bonfires, awful smell etc, which is one of the regular moans and groans. Turns out it was one of the hangars on the old USAF airfield (now industrial units) ablaze - contents "bulk biomass"; no wonder it ponged!
    Brother popped round for a short visit in the morning, then in the afternoon I finished off the part made book (another step on the learning curve achieved!) and worked on the coptic stitch spine book (mainly unpicking) in the evening. Ho hum!

    Today weekly shopping - going to go soon to try and get everything done before the rain arrives at lunchtime. Need to go to Grimsby for fuel, so Sainsburys for groceries and will pop in The Range on the way home if not too busy to see what paper they may have for use with the books. House is looking very dusty so damp cloth to be wielded, and vacuum if I have time.
    Beetroot will keep a few days as I still haven't decided exactly what to make with it.

    Caroline - hope your visit to the new garden centre is successful, and well done on the start of your weight loss. Hope you solve the large deliveries problem - afraid My Hermes are one of the courier companies about which we see constant complaints here, but I know it varies with the individual delivery people.
    Mo - how did you get on with the sewing? Hope the machine worked OK.
    Dave - see you're doing the forum housekeeping at the moment. Hope you had a good day yesterday - any cutting lined up for today?
    Mandy - hope your headache is fully cleared and you had a better day yesterday. My neighbour is lovely - she and her late husband (died a couple of weeks ago) love growing veg and have a large garden and two allotments. She's been bringing me surplus harvest for years and will rarely allow me to pay anything - but I find ways to thank her.
    Shelley - Glad you had a good day yesterday - amazing how all us crafty people have been busier than ever during lockdown and just don't know where the time goes! Hope you got your photographing and uploading to Folksy done.



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      Morning all.....bright and dry so far.
      Today I need to cut the plasterboard away from the Velux frames so when they come to replace the tiles and change the windows they should just lift out with minimal damage inside.

      The Severn Art Trail is August/ September here. I never enter it as it usually coincides with our Majorca fortnight plus I canโ€™t be done with the faff of doing this on this day, that on that etc. One of the local photographers that took the picture of the bridge that I cut has asked me to put work in his shop for it as heโ€™s in it too so I get the gig without the faff ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      We were hoping to get to Wales to open up etc on the 11th but weโ€™ve all sorts on that week, looks like the week after now or just a day or two instead.

      Iโ€™ve got to cut the sunflower for someone locally, liked the design, not the colours, luckily black and white, my favourites, I just need to darken the template outlines as Iโ€™m cutting it in silk paper which is grey on the back. Designers mainly print templates in grey.
      Need to buy some more mount board, running low. Now the shops are open again its all starting to get busy.

      Finally the grass was dry enough to cut yesterday so I did that but it was hard work, my back was playing up after that.

      Haircut on the 9th....usually its as short as the depth of my fingers, now strands of it keep getting in my eyes ๐Ÿ˜‚..I was overdue a haircut just as they locked down so Iโ€™m like something from the 70โ€™s at the minute ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†



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        Good morning all.

        Sunshine here at the moment too but possible rain this afternoon and for the next couple of days then an improvement.

        Well done on the weight loss Caroline. I'm trying to cut back again starting this week as back to work and more of a routine. We used to love Hermes but at Christmas we didn't get our usual local delivery people and it all went to pot. Use Royal Mail whenever possible now even if it's more expensive.

        We are not getting haircuts till 15th Dave. I can't remember the last time my hair was this long, I don't mind it actually except for the scraggy ends that need trimming. Petes is a mop and grows really fast anyway and refuses to do the old man thing with the ponytail, at least he hasn't the bald bit on the top to match LOL

        Jam sounds lovely Linda. Have fun in the Range. Trouble is when you go to places like that you get tempted and come out with more than you intended LOL

        Well done on the crafting progress Shelley along with the photos and Folksy uploads. These sales platforms take quite a bit of management to keep your products up there at the front. Good luck with it.

        Mandy hope you had time to make more of your pretty cards.

        Had a message yesterday from The Pyrography magazine wanting to feature my latest Zentangle bowl. Sadly it's in the gallery and I don't really have any decent high resolution photos that they need. Sent what I have but if not suitable I will have to do another one PDQ. I have one planned but not started. Looks like the sewing will have to wait.

        Cut out both pieces of fabric as it's the bit I dislike most, a wrap skirt from one and a shift dress from the other. The fabric for the dress was a nightmare. The dress has sleeve and hem bands so with the stripe I wanted to make them go the opposite way but the print is not level or even so pattern matching had to go out the window with just the hope of getting it to look as if it follows around in general. Fortunately I had masses of fabric to mess about with and I wasn't expecting the best quality for the grand sum of ยฃ9.99 / 6yds. The skirt has 7 panels which can't be matched anyway. Just fancied getting back to doing a bit of sewing and I'm very very rusty. Never make it to sewing bee that's for sure. Even at my best it would take me the total time they are allowed to cut it out no chance of making it as well LOL

        Got to pop into town to make a couple of calls for work to the rag collector and the waste company to get the collections going again. Apparently the rag companies are having massive problems getting rid of the stuff so we will only be getting a pittance and it was bad enough before. At least it gets it out of the shop as we have no storage.

        Have a creative day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Afternoon all,

          Nice sunny day, warm and not too breezy.

          Caroline well done on your 1.5 lb loss, keep up the good work. Its a good time of the year to take up walking, lovely weather most of the time, Shiloh won't know whats going on
          Well done on the notice boards, very pretty and useful.
          I use Parcel to Go for larger parcels, I can chose the best deal on the day for a parcel, always get them to collect and its a reasonable price and I have never had a problem with deliveries, I must admit I never chose Hermes, either UPS, DPD or the royal mail usually, just depends who is going to give me the best price.

          Linda, glad to see you back in the kitchen, a change is nice, we crafty types always seem to have many irons in the fire
          Was the bio mass fire intentional? or a unwanted blaze?
          Hope your shopping trip went well, how was the range? Can't decide if I want go to the range or HC for my run in the car, both approx equidistant but in completely opposite directions, so its one or the other in a day.

          Dave, hope it doesn't make too much mess in your craft room when they do the roof. Wales will be there and when you finally do go you might have missed the initial stampede. Enjoy the sunflower.

          Mo, there does seem to be a bit of lockdown dieting thing going on, people not realising just how much they haven't done/have eaten
          Well done on the magazine feature, you do deserve it.
          I don't want to teach you how to suck eggs, but.. I remembered a book on my shelf that I went looking for for one of my projects and I thought you may benefit from having a look or even owning a copy. It is called Chinese Lattice Designs. Its a Dover publication so all copyright free but its more for the info than straight out copying. You can have a peek here
          Choose look inside and then choose print version to see some of the actual designs.
          Another really good book is the Grammar of Chinese Ornament, but thats a xmas present type book
          The sewing looks like its coming along, I am sure we are not going to dock you points for not having perfect pattern matching

          Mandy, keeping busy?

          Today Simon and I talked about plans to open, I came up with the idea that we will put a table we have thats a little gateleg fold away table, not very posh but thats actually fine, I won't worry about it getting scratched. We will put it just inside the door so that you can open the door and then go no further becuase of the table. Checked to see if the customer bit of the credit card machine reaches so contacless payments can be made.
          Feeling more confident now I can keep them at bay, just didn't want them charging in and up to counter, I can't move 2m away there, but if they are at the door and I am at the counter they are 2m away. One customer only at a time, and some notices about the place I will make stressing staying behind the table, and wearing face masks if they have them. Need to get some hand wipes and some paper towels for me and the customers.

          I also cleaned the big bathroom today, was going to do the little one but got interrupted by Simon wanting to know where the bird coconuts were and so I decided to do the little one tomorrow and came down and spent some time with him in the garden filling up the feeders, cleaning the birdbath and topping up the fountain/pond and a bit of tidying up of some the plants and a bit of watering some pots that needed it.
          It was lovely.

          Now I have to go and wash up everything in the dishwasher as it done its horrible thing of coating everything in a fine white powder. Its my fault it does it when it runs out of salt, I need to check more. Going to run a cleaner cycle with a finish cleaner pack.

          Not sure what I will do this evening, more listing in Folksy, did the Rainbow Butterflies earlier.

          Have a good evening everyone.



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            Thanks Shelley for the recommendations, not a problem at all. I already have Owen Jones general Grammar of Ornament used to use it a lot when I was designing furniture. Found a paperbook version of Owen Jones Grammar of Chinese Ornament for 98p plus postage on Amazon so bought that one. The Lattice book is lovely but in the main too many straight lines as I can't pyro with a ruler it's all freehand so I just do the odd ones.

            Well the high resolution photos I found late last night were ok for the magazine but by the time Pennsylvania was up and about I had started on the dragonfly one. When I sent them the progress photo they said to send it finished and they may put that one in another magazine as well, but I have more time now to finish it, phew.


            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Ah yes thats a good one too Mo, grammar of ornament. There are some curly ones, the end of the book has a whole chapter or 2 on architectural lattice works which are less rigid. If we were next door neighbours I would lend you my copy just becuase it would probably interest you.

              Glad they accepted your photos and now you have time to work on the other one at your leisure.

              Have a good evening.