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Monday 6th

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  • Monday 6th

    Morning all, bright first thing then sunshine and clouds. Housework (upstairs) for us this am, prior to that breakfast and a dog walk.

    Finished the other 2 noticeboards, hope the felt backing arrives asap. Then can get them listed on Folksy. Have some fabric left over from the cats and perfume bottles, making up into gift sets to sell.

    The walking is getting easier but must admit getting sore legs and hips atm, hoping that will pass. Mainly I think because walking a lot quicker so we get out of breath. Shiloh is then flat out for most of the day until he gets dragged around the village again, after lunch and early evening.

    Have not lost any weight yet will check again on Thursday as would be a week of this new regime. Looking at a treadmill but height is the problem with Lee. Saw one on Amazon which would not break the bank but some have said he will be okay but the maker's said no. Of course they pointed to the one which is twice the price. So hard to know what to do as has to be a paid return costing £68.

    Happy creating x

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    Morning All! Very dull and cloudy when I got up but brightened up a bit now. Very breezy though and possibility of rain shower later.

    Yesterday spent some time bagging, labelling, pricing(! - hopeful) and stock listing the books - just in case I ever get round to selling any, then a couple of hours putting project packs together with the cover papers I had already cut - missing some accessories/materials so little notes put in each pack as to what is still required. Then I actually started making another one, but not finished yet. Was part way through that when gardening neighbour called with a big bowlful of courgettes, beetroot and a bagful of spring onions. Had a few minutes chat to see how she's getting on since husband died recently, then caught up with TV and watched GP.

    Today, need to deal with spring onions, sort out recipe for courgettes (lemon and ginger jam if there's enough to make a batch), find out when OH is going to be out so I can cook beetroot (he hates the smell). Also need to give vacuum some exercise downstairs at least. Would like to finish the case bound book and continue with coptic stitch - I've been very brave and am trying an A5 size 12 signature book with the coptic stitching. Will look at doing laundry if washing machine works.

    Caroline - busy with the creating again, in between the exercising; well done all round and I'm sure you will see results from the new regime soon.
    Mo - only go to the pub for a meal very occasionally, so no, didn't go on Saturday! Never watched a James Bond film in my life, but glad you found it watchable and amusing. Made any decisions on which fabric and which pattern you're going to make?
    Dave - there was one pub in our village when we moved in, but a local building firm (amid much controversy and legal battling) ended up flattening it and building residences. A couple of village stalwarts had been running occasional "pop up pubs" for the last couple of years, but we've never been (OH severely anti-social and I hate noise and crowds). Really like the test cut
    Mandy - hope you've had a good weekend and maybe even managed a bit of crafting.
    Shelley - I've always tried to make books (more like cobbled together) and been interested, so now I've learned some of the basic skills there is no stopping me! R number = 0 Yay! Long may it stay that way. Hope the damaged muscle is recovering well and the pictures and listing got done.



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      Good morning all.

      Lovely and sunny when we got up but very windy again. Clouded over but the wind has blown them away and we have bright sunshine again !! Think the day is going to continue like that with the addition of showers.

      Bit of ironing yesterday morning to finish off the pile then got on with the sewing. Skirt is cut out and pinned together. The fabric was cheap Ankara so if I messed it up or didn't like it, it wasn't the end of the world. The printing is not the straightest but with 7 panels the best I could do was keep the pattern around mainly in line. May finish it today as long as the machine works when I dig it out LOL

      Well done Caroline on keeping up the exercise, it will get easier. I'm looking forward to going back to dance class next year. Not looking forward to the pain I know I will have to go through at the start till my mucle get used to it again. Think I'm going to feel the same going back to work on Wednesday for a couple of weeks till I get used to the bending and lifting after over three months off.

      Hope you can think of something nice to make with the donation Linda. Glad you have really got into the books again too.

      Delighted the Rats appear to have gone Shelley, long may it last.

      Have a good day all.


      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning peeps 😊

        I didn't do much over the weekend, had a migraine all day yesterday so was out of action all day.
        There is also an abundance of pubs in my area, though since splitting from my ex husband, i don't go out at all now, i actually can't be bothered and i like it that way. I'm presuming the pubs will be a lot busier this weekend.

        Caroline good luck with the exercising, i have fits n spurts with it, I use the Wii and just before lockdown my son bought a Nintendo Switch, so i bought the Ring Fit to go with it, its quite good, my job is quite physical, but obviously its not the right kind of exercise, so after about 2 weeks of doing the Ring Fit the pain in my back had gone! I haven't done it for a few weeks but once i start back at work i will do it on me days off.

        Linda that was lovely of your neighbour to bring you all that stuff.

        Mo I have a sewing machine and can do owt as long as it resembles a pillow case! LOL

        Have a good day all x

        Mandy x


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          Evening all,

          Just a quick I am ok post.

          Don't know where the day went, will catch up tomorrow.

          Take care all.