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Saturday 4th

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  • Saturday 4th

    Morning all.

    Raining here, very dark and dog will not go out! He is supposed to not mind getting wet as soft mouthed used to retrieve ducks on shoots, ours is only good for slothing. When we met up with 2 of his siblings and his mum when he was 1 they all dived in a pond, he sat next to me.

    Started the pinboard but the staple gun (electric) has given up the ghost. Have a manual one from Amazon being delivered today but probably not till late afternoon.

    To keep busy have decided to load the new items onto Folksy today as drafts, then post each day. Plus sort out my Keychain folder plus all my bookmarks on the computer.

    Tai Chi later and not a lot else. Lee enjoyed his salmon with roasted veges and I had a lovely big bowl of salad and some chicken. Did 3 walks yesterday the hardest was after lunch, felt so tired that struggled and as warmer harder to breathe. Shiloh is in shock and spent most of the day sleeping on the bed, he did not even bother to bark at a delivery man.

    I have had the Benecol drink before will order some more this Thursday, every little helps. Just hope the statins do not cause aches in my legs, get enough of those anyway. Lee has taken it badly he hates going to the doctors or hospital. Think because he has had so much done the last 5 years plus he loves his grub. Catherine (pharmacist) did say he could have a treat and a bacon sandwich 2-3 times a week. Have got him on the bread with all the grains in and so far accepted it okay. Men!!!!!

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Currently dry, but still dull and breezy, think the temperature might have lifted by a degree or two.

    Yesterday, had planned to spend the day on books, but noticed in the morning that George was obviously having great difficulty walking and when I caught him hauling himself up the stairs rather than trotting up I got on the phone to the vets. He now has some more of the anti-inflammatory/pain relief goo that worked so well a couple of months ago. As I had to go into Barton to fetch the medication I popped round to see my brother and his girlfriend. That break must have disrupted my concentration because I made a couple of really stupid mistakes on the books I was trying to finish off when I got back to them. Managed to recover them, but I know they're there.

    Today, George - for the first time ever - decided to sleep upstairs near me, but that meant when he needed to go out at 5 o'clock this morning I was the one he woke up! Sorted a load of laundry, then couldn't get machine to work - did finally after I got aggressive with the drum and gave it a good shake and jiggle, but it looks like I'll need a new machine soon (bought at the same time as the fridge freezer after our flooding in 2007, so wearing out at the same time). That's next month's pension gone! Just hope it keeps going until I can get sorted. Later on I'll get back to the books and try and progress the one I started yesterday (before I made the stupid errors) and perhaps see about putting some more project packs together.

    Caroline - Shiloh is definitely OOAK! I'd have thought a bacon sandwich allowed 2-3 times a week was a real treat, but so many don't like change, especially with diet. Hope the crafting work progresses well today.
    Dave - making good progress with the cuts. Did you manage to get the carpet clean?
    Mo - you really have been busy these last few days. I hope you managed to achieve everything yesterday and haven't aggravated any of the joint/osteo problems.
    Mandy - hope the essential supplies are holding out! Farmers market - don't think it's out of the way to expect farm stuff at them and cows and sheep are farm stuff LOL! Love the card you posted, did you start any more?
    Shelley - I hate days where you're on the go all the time and have nothing to show for it at the end - especially when it's other people using your time by keeping you waiting (usually with boring monotonous "your call is important to us........" or "muzak" for minutes on end!). You're getting brave with dashing out to the shops now - I still try and keep visits to once or twice a week at most.



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      Poor George, Linda. Give him a big hug from Shiloh and I.

      Know the feeling about white goods, when we had the kitchen redone the first time all changed, so all decided to go at once. Now seems to have staggered a bit.

      The computer played up this morning, black screen did the normal alt, ctrl, esc and got it back. Think that may be the next thing but worked out it must now be almost 10 years old. On all the time so not bad. To replace would be about £1500 to replace through JL may try Apple direct when it needs to be done as got a discount previously for loyalty. Been with them since 1985. What the heck is Thunderbolt and Vesa!


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        Morning all.

        Dull and damp again and that wind doesn't let up. All my roses have dropped their blooms and I can see some wind scorch on the Acers.

        Housework all done and 3/4 of the ironing but had enough standing by then. Washed the two lengths of Ankara fabric I bought a few weeks ago to get rid of the sticky residue from the labels and it came off fine. Fabric is lovely and soft now too, it was so cheap I was a bit concerned it might be rubbish. The supplier still has some at the rock bottom price of £9.99 for 6 yards and more for £14.99 but even the full price of around £21 for 6 yards s good value. Needs a press before I can use it and hoping after all these years I can make something wearable. Going to start with a simple wrap skirt I think. Oh the company is Majestic if anyone is interested.

        Pete is working hard in the workshop replacing stock, making more platters for me to decorate and making the odd order, mostly crafting tools. Not sure what I'm going to do today but certainly not short of options just need to find the Mojo and give it a kick up the rear.

        Sorry to hear about George Linda, poor old boy, hope the meds work. I'm sure no one except you will see the error on the books. You seem to be really enjoying this craft Linda.

        My computer is on a go slow Caroline but it's only 5 years old and I have little patience with them at the best of times. Glad I have a Pete, or it would be long gone out the window by now.

        Looking forward to seeing that cut finished Dave.

        Are you making more of those lovely cards Mandy ?

        Hope your day today isn't so frustrating Shelley.

        Have fun all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Morning all. Bit gloomy here, no rain.

          Not a lot doing today. Yesterday Sue went and delivered a few birthday cards to her sister and Kate, our Bens partner. They have bought another Beagle puppy to cause havoc with Ralph, an older Beagle who is three. We had a beagle, fun but completely uncontrollable, two is twice as bad 😩😆

          Got the carpet clean, it’s wool and only mud so a quick brushing, gave it a hoover, ok’s happened before, usually she waits at the door and lifts her feet to be wiped, sometimes she gets the devil in her...thus.

          Cut is coming along, will do some more today.
          Caroline, “Fix my broken mac” in B’ham are Apple spe******ts and are very good at upgrading and speeding up older Macs, they repair screens, PCB’s etc when Apple say it’s beyond repair, maybe worth an e-mail or a look at their site and very good customer feedback & reviews on there, get a bit more life out of it, definitely cheaper than a replacement.

          More shops open here today, going to be busy.



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            Afternoon all,

            Overcast and dreary but dry here today.

            Caroline, Shiloh is obviously a dog of distinction, you can't expect him to ruin his good looks by getting wet Hope your stapler has arrived, going from electric to manual, hmmm not sure I would, I am trying to find a good reason we need an electric one, the manual ones are such hard work. When we used to cover a lot of speaker boxes I could have justified but now not really. I often resort to getting Simon to wield the stapler.
            Bacon sandwich 2 or 3 times a week, thats plenty, I have one about once a month. Enjoy them Lee. And remember you can get benecol butter too so with the bread you have chosen it could be a "healthy" bacon sandwich.

            Linda, really hope the meds sort poor George out. Well done for getting on it straight away. Kitchen machines are like that, buy them all at the same time they fail all at the same time, I did that when I got my kitchen done years ago.
            New everything except the fridge ( I really liked my fridge, 3 doors with a zero degree compartment I used for meat, really miss that fridge) Two washing machines, one tumble dryer, fridge and two dishwashers later, still have the original range cooker.
            We also had to put light bulbs in every room, the people who moved out took them with them So for the first few years they all went within days of each other, thank goodness for LED, not replaced one since started using them about a year ago when we found some we liked.
            Looking forward to seeing the new books, bet I won't notice your "stupid errors"

            Mo, doing something with fabric will be a nice change from the pyro, from the sound of it, Pete will have you hard at work with a hot pyro iron soon enough The flutterbies for the boss looked pretty. My PC must be about 3 years old by now, no problems so far, Simon on the other hand has to push it to breaking point, lost track of the amount of times he has had to reinstall windows, we bought the same PC each at the same time, he has swoshy graphics card though.

            Dave, I didn't think it would take much cleaning, mud is easy once its dry. Two beagles, must be keen. Saw the cut, doing well.

            Mandy, busy today?, don't forget to find me on FB.

            Well today I braved the outside world again, for the two most important ingredients for supper tonight and tomorrow - extra thick double cream. Only took 20 min including the queuing which wasn't bad at all. Still getting used to the clutch, its becuase I haven't done a long journey yet with it, 5 minutes to Sainsburys isn't enough time to sort it, may have to take a spin out to HC next week I get my money on Thursday so maybe then.

            I managed to edit some of the pictures yesterday, the Rainbow Butterfly set done, will post asap. More editing tonight and start listing again on Folksy. Haven't had any feedback on the sale yet, must check and see. Do you get feedback Caroline?

            Must go and start on supper then get down to some editing and listing.

            Have a good evening all.


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