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Friday 3rd

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  • Friday 3rd

    Morning all

    Had breakfast and just been for a long dog walk. Have had our 30 minutes of brisk walking for today. Notice board today for a friend's gift at Christmas and as have 2 more canvas's will hopefully make those up to sell.

    Not much else to report today, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, cool, damp - again!

    Yesterday, spent a lot of time in the office measuring, marking and cutting but not a lot to show for it at the end of the day - just one small book completed. I do, however, have a few projects packs put together and fewer oddments and general stash kicking around aimlessly - oh yes, and a full waste bin!
    Had a couple of emails about events - one mooting the idea of a gardeners market in August (circumstances allowing) and another about a Christmas market and alternative arrangements if it can't go ahead in the usual manner.

    Today, planning another day in the office cutting, sewing and pasting, around doing essential tasks.

    Caroline - hope the statins work for you both and the next test shows things going in the right direction. What sort of notice board are you doing today? Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
    Mo - guess life is probably getting a bit less relaxed now - more stock to be made since the gallery took everything you presented, and going back to employment next week no doubt necessitating some preparations.
    Dave - getting sorted ready for a trip to Wales? How's the cutting going - are you enjoying the new designs you were sent?
    Shelley - quiet yesterday, I hope everything is OK
    Mandy - did you manage to get any more cards completed yesterday?



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      Morning all, looks a bit brighter today.
      Nothing much to report. Sue did her shift at the Sams shop yesterday. Considering it was only two at a time, took Β£160 from 9-1pm.
      I cracked on with the two cuts I’ve got on the go, both nearly halfway through.
      I think that English holiday home owners are allowed back today, the Welsh ( us) on the 11th all being well after an assessment on the 9th, holidaymakers in Wales from the 13th.....sods law, that’s the week we have the roofers in. We've waited 3 months, another week won’t hurt.
      No plans for today except to clean the carpet that the dog covered in mud from digging at midnight πŸ˜©πŸ˜†



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        Morning all.

        Busy last couple of days, set up a display in a new local craft shop. Not holding my breath on many sales here but it's newly opened by a crafting friend so supporting her.

        Big house clean today with all that's been going on apart from the essentials things have been neglected so must get things up together before I start making stuff again and start back to work. Big tidy and clear up first putting stuff back in the stock room etc. That will probably be most of the day sorted.

        Tomorrow Pete is going to make another couple of platters that I can work on gradually, have a couple of ideas, some are variations on my new Zentangle theme which has been really well received. He also needs to get making again as most of the new art pieces are now in the gallery. If and probably a big IF at the moment, our September event goes ahead we need some new items. Also the big Christmas one in late November will need decorations if that goes ahead. Seems a long way away but it will soon be here.

        Hope the new meds work for you both Caroline.

        Look forward to seeing the new book Linda.

        Have a good day all.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Afternoon peeps 😊 Dull and raining again in sunny Manchester. Been to the local shop for essential supplies... beer πŸ˜…
          I finally managed to upload a photo of a card, with a little help from son, sorted out putting me photo's on that driveone thing, the one with the cloud pic, that was a major task on its own! Also deleted a shedload of photo's... jeez the crap i have taken photo's of πŸ™„

          Wow Caroline, out for a walk before 7.30! I didn't get up till 9.30 today and thats early for me, i've gotten used to not getting up early since being off work.

          Dave re muddy paws, thats why i had artificial grass put down, the grass used to get soo muddy when wet, so now one half is artificial grass and the other half is flagged, i have a long wide garden.... no more muddy paws 😁

          Mo i had a sneaky peek at your website, the items you and Pete make are bloody amazing and beautiful!

          Linda have you posted the books you do? I will have a mooch about to see. When you mentioned the gardeners market, its reminded me of when me and my ex went to visit our first farmers market, i was disappointed that there weren't any cows and sheep... admittedly i'm not the brightest button in the box 🀣

          Enjoy your day peeps 😘
          Mandy x


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            Awh thank you Mandy. We have had fun during furlough trying out new things butsadly I have to go back to work next Wednesday.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Afternoon all,

              Dry, quite breezy and cool here.

              Caroline, hope the statins work, could you include benecol as well? My brother has had to lower his and has gone over to everything benecol.
              Hope the notice board went well.

              Linda, sounds like a lovely day at your desk even if there wasn't a lot to show for it, maybe today will see the results.

              Dave, she is very sweet, how could you be cross for long with a face like that. Nothing wrong with a bit of mud, leave it to dry and most of it will brush up and the rest will go up the vacuum. Now cats on the other hand will quite happily drag "something horrible and unknown" into the bedroom just where you put your feet down to get out of bed in the middle of the night, or eat grass and bring it up in the hall. None of these things are as easy to clean up as mud.
              Got anything planned after those two on your mat at the moment?

              Mo, is this display in addition to the one you went to the interview for? If so you are doing well with getting your work out there in these difficult times. Hope it goes well for you and your events go ahead.

              Mandy well done on the card and getting it uploaded here. I am also not an early riser, 9:30 am is my usual time even when I open the shop as we don't open till 10am and as my commute is just down the stairs, its plenty of time considering I am actually still at home and so can do things during the day. I am also a bit of a night owl and am not in bed before 1am.

              Yesterday just got away with me, I didn't really accomplish much apart from uploading my pictures from my phone, didn't get round to editing them yet. Did a load of washing and tidied the living room. I finally put the card table away, I had it up to do the puzzle but when I put the puzzle away I wasn't quick enough to take it down and Simon started using it but it soon turned into a dumping ground and wasn't worth the space, so I cleared and put it away. Room feels much bigger and clearer now.

              Today spent the morning on the phone to sort a couple of things out, one was to clear up a question to do with my car insurance. They all have such long waiting times these days on the phone it took all morning to do two things.

              This afternoon went to Sainsburys again, got some fresh things, just realised I forgot the cream, oh well will dash out tomorrow.
              Picture editing on the cards for tonight, then start listing again on Folksy.

              Going to make cheese burgers and chips tonight, better go and get a move on before it gets to late.

              Take care all and have a good evening.



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                Linda have you posted the books you do
                Hi Mandy, I have posted most of my book pictures on a facebook group that Shelley set up for the regulars here to use - several of us have great problems getting pictures on to this site and find it impossible to delete anything (has to be done by admin), so added to the apparently tiny space allowed for pictures we prefer to use the facebook group.

                If you're a member of facebook, I'm sure if you let Shelley (Lilly42) know your details she will add you to the group.

                If that's not feasible let me know and I'll try and think of another way for you to see the pictures.



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                  Yes, Mandy do join our little FB group its just really for us to share pictures privately and much more easily. We all had a lot of problems sharing pictures here . Find me on FB by clicking the link on the bottom of my posts here and I will send you an invite.



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                    Awh thank you Mandy. We have had fun during furlough trying out new things butsadly I have to go back to work next Wednesday.

                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.