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Monday 29th

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  • Monday 29th

    Morning all.

    Yesterday started off well, cooking the lunch a James Martin recipe which called to brown the pork fillet in a pan, then transfer to the oven. Continued with all the other bits removed said pan from oven with oven gloves and placed on the hob. for some reason 2 minutes later I grabbed the pan by the handle and burnt my hand but I continued to do it 2 more times with the right hand then the left. The left was not as bad but could not believe how stupid I was. In agony the aloe gel worked wonders and only a blister the size of a 2p piece. I think I got a mind block that out of the oven hot, hob not! Blamed Lee as his lunch and he chose the recipe but have decided not to put the pans in the oven again, will use a baking sheet. After all that he said it was delicious with it he had a brandy and cream sauce with caramelised apple slices and deep fried breadcrumbed black pudding. Stack in the middle of the apple slices, creamed potatoes and courgettes. I had a scotch egg and salad with sultanas, walnuts and apple. An almost Waldorf but did not have any celery.

    This morning cleaning and not much else. Will post the pic's of the altered playing cards on CC.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all...windy and dull here today.
    Yesterday we went along the Severn valley way which is the part of the old steam train track from the days when the train took you from village to village. The tracks are gone now but they have made a flat hardcore track so you can follow it over the viaduct which follows the river to the old power station site or use the way posts and go up into the woods and pick up tracks there.

    Not got anything special planned, looks like being a wet day, might start the test cut along with some more of the Barbier.

    Lee’s dinner sounded delicious Caroline. Burns were always an occupational hazard for me, we tended to brush forearms etc against red hot surfaces or have to take apart red hot boilers but getting burned to the point of forming blisters was rare....or we just paid no attention to them if we got them. I agree with Aloe, one of the best cooling agents and gels for burns.

    Dave BBL.


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      Morning all! Dull, windy, cool likely to get damp.

      Yesterday, finished owls book and had a go at Coptic stitch binding. Started reasearching how it's done traditionally as I followed a blog with "easy way" to do it; as with so many things there are umpteen ways and not all will suit everyone. Not much else apart from that.

      Today, kitchen and utility all cleared and cleaned except for floors and some cleaned jars which need new lids and putting in storage. A few other bitty jobs to do but really wanting to do more on books again - have some paper of Strawberry Thief design and also a traditional Florentine design, both of which I am eager to use. Waiting for a package of sundries including some pale coloured bookcloth for spines so I can use some of the other papers too. Still thinking about sorting pricing on preserves and doing a bit of making but not actually taking any action!

      Caroline - crumbs, what on earth got into you to burn both hands on a hot dish from the oven - that must have been quite a shock, but quick thinking with the aloe vera gel. If there are signs of scarring then neat lavender essential oil is a good thing to use (providing you don't mind the smell). Go steady with the cleaning and don't aggravate the damage on your hands. Will look out for the card pics.
      Dave - knew you wouldn't stay away from the cutting for long! Nice that you've got some new designs to work on too; I have no doubt they will all be gorgeous in design and workmanship
      Mo - that latest bowl is something else. You're really going to have to put a "not for sale" price on it (then double it!) if you want to keep if for the gallery display
      Shelley - yes, plans - some men are contrary creatures and it takes many years of practice and psychology to get the hang of coping with them! (Present company is, of course, excepted as we well know you are gems not to be parted with!). It's funny how we avoid doing the least favourite bits of our craft work, then we end up with lots of WIPs just because we don't want to spend five minutes on the next stage of something!

      Back later


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        Afternoon peeps, hope you're all keeping well... long time no see, i know, sorry. Sometimes i seem to spend a lot of time doing nothing, but not enough hours in the day🀨 Its really wet and dull here in sunny Manchester, i've got me gas fire on! Which i actually prefer, i hate hot weather, love being cosy. Just been to the shop for essentials (beer lol) I've been furloughed since the middle of April, the first month i was climbing the walls, but i'm quite used to it now 😁 Im a chamber maid in a hotel and it looks like i may be back in work soon, jeeez its gonna kill me!!

        Carol, no chance of me burning meself like that (ouch!) i can do ding dinners or cottage pie and spag bol 🀣
        Dave your walk sounds lovely.
        Linda, can't quite work out what you do... make books? cook? sounds very busy and complicated πŸ˜€


        Mandy x
        Mandy x


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          Lovely to hear from you Mandy. I prefer colder and being cosy inside but do love springtime. Heat and me do not work I find breathing harder if too hot.


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            Lovely to hear from you Mandy, and glad to know you are well. It's not very pleasant weather on this side of the Pennines (North Lincolnshire) either and I had to go and put some socks on earlier 'cos me tooties were getting cold!

            It will be a real shock to the system when you have to go back to work, but I'm sure you'll soon get into the swing of things again. I'm fortunate that I've done my stint and can happily manage on the pittance of a state pension and the savings I made during my working years. I don't have an extravagant lifestyle

            You're spot on with my doings - I make preserves (chutneys, jams, pickles etc) from foraged and gifted fruit and veg from friends and neighbours to sell at local events (when we're not in a pandemic lockdown), but I have recently revived my interest in all things paper, scissors and glue and treated myself to a bookbinding starter kit with some birthday money. I don't do things by halves and as the book making is still a novelty I'm going at it full pelt! I also do needlework - knitting, cross stitch and bobbin lace mainly - but that's purely for myself as and when I feel like it; I'm not one to sit and do nothing

            I'm another one not keen on too much heat, but I do like a nice warm spring when the world is waking up and looking beautifully green.

            Don't stay away so long next time


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              Welcome back Mandy, nice to hear you are well.



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                Evening all,

                Its been overcast and chilly here today.

                Caroline, oh dear, I do hope you are ok, some how it sounds terrible but you seem relatively calm about it, I hope you are not suffering too much. I can see how you would make that mistake. The Altered cards are very pretty, can see why they took a while.

                Dave, sounds like a nice place to walk or even cycle. Hope the test cuts are going well.

                Linda, so glad to hear you are enjoying the book making so much. The strawberry thief should be lovely but the Florentine sounds intriguing too.
                I have managed to get him to agree in principle to a clear out some wood that has been kept for about 10 years for "firewood" but is mostly chipboard and has turned into puffy slaps of wood chips and glue, and get rid of an old, old satellite dish he will never use. Once we clear the area we will move the coal storage up and plant another plum tree. Now we just have to get some action agreed This is garden project for this year, we can't have the plum tree till October at the earliest so we have time on our side

                Mo, Linda is right you are going to have price this one through the roof just to hang on to it When Pete said he had sold a blank one to another pyro artist, I thought maybe you have sparked something in them. Hope your day has been busy and happy.

                Mandy, welcome back, glad you found your way back. Its been a strange old time, I suspect almost stranger going back to work. I am a sun lover, I don't like hot and humid but warm and sunny to make sitting in the garden pleasant is for me. I don't mind being cosy round the fire in the winter either, its the not quite one or the other that bugs me

                Today I made my first sale on Folksy yeah... happy dancing feet here. I was all a dither till I saw just how easy they made it all. So my first sale all packed up ready to go. Wanted to pop it in the post box today but ...NO stamps ..what a calamity none at the newsagent oh no. I shall have to go to the post office and stock up on packing materials and postage.

                I need to go to the shop a couple of doors up to drop off Simon parcel for return. I should have done it today but had to wait in for my repeats delivery, unfortunately some more ABs for my leg. Spoke to the doctor this morning and explained what was going on and she said why didn't I do a 10 day course last time and I said thats what I asked for but the nurse practitioner wasn't allowed to prescribe more than 7. The doctor said its now common practice to give 10 days for leg ulcers. So I am embarking on 10 days of ABs, they are quite the bombs.

                I was half way through the inserts and labelling of the butterfly set when I checked my emails to find the sale announcement from Folksy, reckoned it was a sign, concentrate on one thing and get it done So I promptly dropped what I was doing and sorted out the card that had sold, checked it over and packed it up. Decided I needed some Please Do Not Bend labels, so whipped some up on the PC and printed them out. Then thought I need a receipt or compliments slip, so combined the 2 and printed out double side business card with a receipt form on the back to fill in by hand so ready for more sales.

                Once I found out there were no stamps to be had, it was supper time, then the kitchen need a going over, feed the cats and finally sit down to pop in here, now 22:22 and still not finished the butterfly set I am going to to do it now...honest

                Take care all, have a good evening and sleep well.



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                  Well done on the sale Shelley. You can print your own postage through Royal Mail, so much easier and cheaper than the PO in some circumstances.


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                    Evening all.

                    Sorry so busy today and now just to tired to think. Got to go to the selection panel of the gallery tomorrow must admit to being a bit nervous.

                    Catch up ASAP.

                    Have a good evening all.

                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                      Thanks for the welcome back all πŸ˜€

                      Wow Linda you are a busy bee!

                      Congrats on your first sale Shelley πŸ‘
                      Mandy x