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Tuesday 23rd

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  • Tuesday 23rd

    Morning all, woke to another beautiful day and warm already.

    Have another order for 4 face mask from a friend in Gloucester, opened the window of my sewing room to cool it down. Hope to get those done this morning then chilling in the garden room later. Casement doors flung open cool from the terrace with the pergola brimming with Wisteria leaves, keeps the room so cool, bliss. Reading may even do some cross stitch if my back allows me to sit upright.

    Not much else planned, still waiting on deliveries and need to check dispatch dates on some as not yet arrived. My order from Joh Lewis on Sunday arrived yesterday, came from Southampton so not delays. Now have a comfy V pillow and some cute dessert ramekins. I love their white House range, building up well. Well had to get the order to £50 for free delivery, lol.

    Shiloh does not like this heat and going to be worse but at least he is sensible, run him early, well walk him as he will not run when hot.

    Hope all goes well and BBL to check what you are all up to. More productive than me I don't doubt, HAGD x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny, warm and breezy

    Yesterday, completed the book started on Sunday - definitely an improvement on the previous attempt, but still plenty of areas to improve. Decided to change the storage for tools and materials, mainly to get the big plastic box off my desk, and ended up doing lots of container and shelf rearranging so didn't start another book. Latter part of the afternoon spent catching up with tv and knitting mainly, after spending a couple of hours mooching around t'internet. Did find a potential bookmaking workshop in the Peak District, but date of the first one in October clashes with an evening social event in Lincoln (if it goes ahead) and trying to decide if it's do-able. There's another in April next year, but it's an awfully long time to wait.

    Today, clearing up done, bread made and almost ready to go in the oven. Had call from hairdresser's trying to get organised for re-opening in a few weeks - potential appointment for 21 July with many provisos. Shopping in Grimsby at lunchtime and delivering some fruit vinegar to a customer. Farm shop delivery this afternoon then collapse in chair and watch tv for the rest of the day.

    Caroline - glad you got Shiloh's walk in early - feel so sorry for animals with thick coats in this weather. Hope the deliveries arrive and your back isn't too much of a problem.
    Dave - sounds like you had a lot lined up for yesterday and trust you managed to do the essentials if not all you'd planned. Nice long walk today with Flo and Sue?
    Mo - hope the van's MoT didn't throw up any nasties. Why do all these big expenses seem to arrive at the same time! The bowl is a crowning glory and will look fabulous in the gallery.
    Shelley - glad you dropped in to say all was well. I wouldn't say getting the boxes cut was nothing - quite an achievement among all the necessary chores.



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      Afternoon all,

      Caroline, sounds like an ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon. Hope Shiloh keeps cool and your deliveries turn up.

      Linda, well done on the desk tidying, I always feel a tidy workspace is encouraging. Hope you work out your busy social schedule

      Dave, can you see the craft room floor yet? Out walking?

      Mo, coming up with ideas for more masterpieces? Hope the rib is better now. Pete keeping busy?

      Yesterday, was a day of not much but it seemed to take all day I did manage to cut out all the box blanks, just need to assemble them today.
      I took my car to the garage today to finally get the clutch fixed along with the boot which stopped opening around the start of lockdown. Getting 4 new wheel trims too and see if they can fix the radio if not too complicated.

      Looking forward to sitting in the garden for the next few days, may do some work on my embroidery, it really needs a last push, its for a friend and he has been very patient.

      Thats my plan for the week, sun, garden, embroidery.

      Take care all and have a good day.
      Enjoy the sun.



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        Afternoon all.

        Had to go into the shop this morning to receive our PPE. Don't know how long they think 50 face masks are going to last. Popped into a friends on the way back to deliver her recent purchases and ended up chatting for 20mins at a socially respectable distance while Pete was waiting in the van, only supposed to be a quick call !! He's very patient bless him. We were then going to Sainsburys to pick up the iron ordered from Argos but the queue was so long gave that a miss for today. On to Palmer Gardens Garden Centre only to find they weren't open so detour to Whitehall to get some compost ......................... £100 later. Back to sort the garden, repot, reorganise etc. Watering, spraying and feeding to do later on. Tomatoes and runner beans are doing really well and have some lovely lettuce. Pete took some lower leaves off the tomatoes earlier in the week and they have rooted so they got potted up too. Going to have a glut of tomatoes I think.

        Big sigh of relief, Valerie sailed through her MOT, no provisos and had a full service, taxed and insured so good for another year.

        You have all seen the latest finished platter and thank you for your lovely comments. Had an enquiry earlier but not holding my breath it's an expensive one. It is my favourite so far though. Have to think up another one now and maybe a couple of smaller affordable ones as well.

        Right, time to get in the shower after the gardening, 27deg here now and humid.

        Catch up later.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie