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Saturday 20th

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  • 3dDave
    Afternoon all, bit changeable, bright now.

    Flying visit, mounts cut, bagged, awaiting collection.
    Parcel arrived from no.3 son, paper & blades, parcel arrived from no.1 son, don’t know yet....
    Been out for a long’ un with the dog, missed the storm again just as we got in.
    Wales is opening up around the 13th so we can get back in and see the sea at last..
    Made a Thai red curry type thing in the slow cooker, tasted great but now the house smells like a Thai restaurant 😆
    Need to crack on with the Mucha....the room needs shovelling now, not hoovering 😆

    Have a good’un all
    Dave 😎

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  • Lilly42
    Afternoon all,

    A dry bright day here, perhaps some rain later.

    Caroline hope Shiloh's drag went well and you enjoyed it too. Has your embellishment pad turned up? Looking forward to seeing your revised cutlery holders.
    Enjoy your afternoon reading.

    Linda, sorry to hear you didn't have a good night, hope the day isn't too sluggish. Don't push yourself unnecessary things, it will all still be there tomorrow and the next day and the next......

    Mo, well done on the sale, as Linda says you are going to have hide one for display at the gallery at this rate.

    Dave, hope all going to plan with the Mucha and the mounts were done and collected.

    Today not much planned except for working on the purple card, progress slow on this one mainly becuase I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen cleaning the deep fat fryer. It also necessitated the cleaning of the sink and counter tops and floor after the deep fat fryer was done, one of those jobs that spreads.
    I did discover the intense program on the dishwasher is fantastic, things have never been so shiny, may just use it all the time. It did a great job on all the oily things from cleaning the fryer.

    I made us cheese burgers and chips, now the fryer is clean and food supplies are pretty much back to normal we can have some of our favourites. egg and chips, chicken nuggets, onion rings and chips, all made from scratch and yummy I said now we have flour I can bake a cake, Simon said Oh couldn't we have cherry pie? with a sadish look on his face. Of course, you pick the cherries, I will make the pies. So thats what I will be doing on Monday I will do a cake later in the week.

    Lily has been and gone, put together the 2 customer repairs that got abandoned after lockdown, they have been asking about them but until now neither Lily nor I were happy about her coming in, but as we have gone to level 3, it felt doable. It went well, I took her temperature at the door and gave her a medical mask. All possible doors and windows were open and the door to the workshop was shut, she stayed in there, did the repairs, and left, a bit of chit chat on the doorstep and she was off. Hands washed and the workbench now in quarantine for 72 hours as are the repairs, they can be collected after next Tuesday. Not a problem, I don't use it.

    Looking forward to next week's heatwave, hopefully the R level will be down in the garden, not seen much change yet, but I guess if he plans on weekly visits for 3 weeks it can take time.

    I have been drinking more to help with the legs, but it also seems to have helped with my breathing, in hospital they said if your ankles are swollen its possible you are retaining fluid around your heart and/or lungs. In hospital they gave me a couple of litres of intravenous fluids and within a couple of hours my chest felt so much better, better than for a long while, so I vowed to keep up my fluids, the one day I slacked I did notice it so now I don't missed any.

    I am expecting the collection of the 3 butterfly cards today, but now off to get on with the #6 the purple one, then I need to make 6 matching boxes.

    Take care all and have a good day.


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  • craftdancer2
    Morning all! Dry, sunny, warming up but still quite breezy.

    Yesterday - a fairly steady day, essential household tasks, shopping for G&G, checked brother's house, bit of sewing, went to start another book but ended up sorting through all the left over bits and pieces and managed to get enough together to make a couple of small/mini books.

    Today - not had a good night, pushed myself to get the essential stuff done this morning. Need to vacuum OH's "pit" once he's awake and hopefully out sorting gutters and downpipes (not holding my breath), then will see how things go. If I have enough energy and enthusiasm might have a go at some of the re-growing weeds for half an hour.

    Caroline - hope Shiloh wasn't too reluctant to go for a morning drag. Frustrating when you have to wait for things to dry before going on to the next stage (I usually start cutting and sewing a new book block while waiting for glue to dry, or I time it so it gets overnight to dry properly). Hope the new version for the cutlery holders works well.
    Mo - great news on yet another quick sale of a zentangle bowl! If you want any for the potential gallery and your end of year shows I think you'll have to keep a few makes secret from the sales page! How is the rib doing now? Hope there is continual improvement.
    Dave - Well spotted on the mount measurements! Gently does it with the Mucha - don't want any mistakes now you've got this far (I'm sure you won't). I expect the cutting room floor is covered again - having you booked the next vacuuming session?
    Shelley - thanks for the definition of ATCs - I knew what they were but not why and could never see the point. Now I do! Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. Hope today's collection goes smoothly.


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  • Caroleecrafts
    started a topic Saturday 20th

    Saturday 20th

    Morning all, dry here so dragging Shiloh round the village, back for bacon on crackers, avoiding bread atm.

    Still working on the altered playing cards, have to wait for things to dry consequently takes longer with the breaks in between. Then could not find my embossing pad for the embellishments. Ordered off Amazon and should be here today. My fault should have checked before I started. Will make another start on the cutlery holders, doing them slightly different and hope this turns out better.

    Catching up on tv programmes, reading the norm in the pm.

    HAGD & BBL x