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Wednesday 17th

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  • Wednesday 17th

    Morning all. Woke early but pretended to sleep so that Shiloh would give me some peace. Got too much for him come 5.50 and had to snuggle. Funny that a 7st dog is so cuddly and loving.

    All showered, dressed, iced coffee drunk just breakfast now, then the rest of the day is mine.

    Heard from Forest Lodge Garden Centre our arbour seat that we ordered in March is in and will be delivered on Tuesday. Got to ring them to see if they have any manure and they can bring that at the same time. so hard to get hold of. The local farm shop said things have been manic and all bedding plants, compost etc has been stripped off the shelves.

    Today sorting my projects out as now have oodles of ideas jotted down. Sort into project boxes and make a note of things I need or have already ordered, order stuff needed. Then go through the Daphnes Diary mags and cut out the ideas I want to hold onto. Going to be a day of pasting into journals and writing ideas. Have added another section to my Folksy store this time Amelia Rose's Attic for vintage style gifts etc. Named after my Grandmother on the paternal side. Maternal side Jessica Catherine, did not think it have the same ring. Amelia's surname was Shurville originating from France. My maiden name Otway originally Otvay from Austria. All so confusing.

    There ends the history lesson about my family for today, lol.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Cloudy, misty, humid, not much breeze, temperture supposedly higher teens today.

    Yesterday, visited brother as growing queue at supermarket when I first arrived and I had no patience to stand in a line that didn't appear to be moving. Went for a cuppa and natter with my brother then back to the shop and got straight in. Shopping done and delivered with a bit of a natter with G. Farm shop delivery arrived - everything there, locally grown, fresh and tasty. Back to the book making - no major errors, couple of tiny ones but could sort those before too much effect on the end product (picture in album). Chucked (to car boot/charity) a couple of books of papers I'd originally bought for card making and thought would do for books, but they are too stretchy and floppy when wet with glue and awkward to deal with. Didn't have the courage to break into the recent delivery of papers

    Today, laundry in the machine now, last night's dishwashing cleared and packed away, cats fed. Quick trip to butcher's later to collect order, might try and get outside to behead weeds if weather brightens up. Probably start another book, look at next stage of FT sorting - think it may be time to load up the new software and see what happens to the data sorting etc.

    Caroline - make sure you have time to breathe, you seem to have a lot lined up for today! Shiloh! Bless him - it's often the case that the biggest animals are the softest; our youngest and biggest cat has got very cuddly lately and is currently taking up most of the space on the leg rest of the chair leaning against me.
    Mo - hope things weren't too bad at the shop and you didn't do anything to aggravate the rib healing. I expect a good bit of sweeping and dusting were required in amongst all the reorganisation.
    Dave - did you better the weeds? More progress on the Mucha?
    Shelley - the green card is lovely, and I am expecting the blue one to be just as nice. Hope you've managed to get up early for the rat man's arrival and the visit is productive.



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      Morning all....dry here at the moment.

      Yesterday started off ok, Sue went to do some banking at the town centre. The car parks were empty and so was the bank. I took the dog for a good long power walk.
      Did some more on the Mucha, the girl is now cut, just got all of the flowers above and to the right of her to cut now.
      I was going to do some weeding in late afternoon but the rain and thunder arrived, the dog wedged herself under the china cabinet, weeding will get done today instead.....unless rain stops play again.
      Number 3 son messaged me to ask if I wanted blades and paper for Fathers Day?...why can’t the others ask that? 🤔, although no.2 does get me a Hobby C voucher....the others don’t bother, one doesn’t speak to me....hey-ho.

      Have a good’un all


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        Morning all,

        Sun is coming and going, quite warm but we have been threaten with storms later.

        Caroline, I did the same thing this morning, hid from Flo, for an extra 10 minutes as I had to get up earlier than usual for the rat man. Didn't work So we had a hello and cuddle then I got up.
        The arbour seat sounds nice, I saw one on the telly, said to Simon that looks nice, he looked at me sideways and said remember we only have a postage stamp He is right, we have the bench, the convertible picnic table/bench, the 2 loungers and a couple of foldaway directors chairs for extra visitors.
        You have definitely got yourself organised, I used to keep a cuttings album, like old fashion Pintrest (which I don't like or understand) You should be occupied for days.
        The new store name sounds very appropriate for vintage goods.

        Linda, I do like those papers, if I was nearer I would come and take them out of your charity box The little book is very pretty. You are your own worst critique, it looks fine to me.
        Glad your shopping went well, I can't get hold of Lily, not sure why, thinking about braving a visit to Sainsburys this afternoon, dash in for bread, rolls, TCP and see if they have any flour. If I wear my mask and keep away from people I think it will be ok. They have many safe guards in place so should be ok.
        Good luck with the new software.

        Dave, glad yesterday went well, has Flo recovered? Weather looking good for weeding today? I am sure blades and paper would always go down a treat? Hobby C have a sale on frames, not sure if their your style.

        Mo hope you didn't over do yesterday in the shop and it all went well.

        This morning the rat man (I bet he hates being called that) arrived bang on 9:30, came, surveyed the site, very nice man, he has put 5 boxes down, 4 in the garden and one outside the back gate in the alleyway. He will be back next week to check them and re-bait if necessary. Hopefully the population will diminish to 0 or nearly. The R rate round here is about 10 (that I can tell) at the moment needs to get down to 0

        Didn't get very much done at all on #5, just didn't feel 100%, my breathing wasn't so good, much better today. Need to drink more, tea is good and acts a mild bronchodilator. Its odd how drinking more gets the fluids moving on out Seems counter intuitive.
        So today working on #5, drinking tea and thinking about going to Sainsburys.

        Have a good day all.



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          Take care Shelley. My breathing is bad today but they have issued warnings about the high pollen count and thunder etc. Some sort of thunder fever, can make asthma worse. Know mine is not good today.


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            Oh Caroline, sorry to hear that, yes I do think it might have been pollen or something. On Monday I had a terrible coughing bout that lasted a couple of hours, finally had the sense to blow my nose, stopped coughing almost immediately. Think I had reaction to pollen or something. Yesterday I had a sore throat and croaky voice, I think that was a result of so much coughing and my breathing was not good.
            Sore throat gone and my breathing is better.

            Hope you don't suffer too much.