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Tuesday 16th

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  • Tuesday 16th

    Morning all, woke at 5.30 this morning both of us showered and up ready to go for the day.

    Lee slept from 8:30 through to 6:00 this morning think he needed it. According to my watch I only had 4 hours sleep. Think that was about right as still awake at 1pm. My brain would not shut off because of these face masks, trying to figure how to insert a pocket. Looked at the gov website this am and found a sewing pattern the same as mine with just the 2 pieces of fabric. The cotton I am using is very tightly woven. Not going to sell them though just as requested by friends/family and have made it clear not surgical masks.

    Well my day is sorted, getting post a bit better now providing does not go through London or Birmingham. The order from Germany arrived gets flown into Southampton then straight into Hampshire sorting offices, where the staffing levels must be good as arrived quicker than an order sent from the Midlands.

    Dog walk at some time this morning, when the masks are done and packaged up, then just chillaxing.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Heavy mist, feeling damp, bit of breeze, coolish. No rain in our forecast despite the BBC warning of thunderstorms during the next few days.

    Yesterday, finally got stuff sorted and completed the tax return and refiled/packed away everything I'd had to drag out. Didn't think I was getting too stressed with it, but a noticeable relaxation of mind and body after I'd hit the submit button.
    Made bread, during which my gorgeous selection of papers for book coverings arrived. There is one paper that won't be getting used though (a Japanese paper with a design of green leaves - expensive compared to the rest but beautiful enough to sit and look at every so often!).
    Farm shop and butcher's orders done, scraped moss and overgrowth from the concrete ramp at the end of the building, but realised the door needs rubbing down and a few coats of varnish; added that job to the list.
    OH went across the river to collect something and see a pal, so I spent the afternoon knitting and watching TV from recordings. Also continuing with the seasonal decorations as a fill in crafty activity.

    Today - weekly shopping for us, a couple of things from supermarket for G&G, farm shop delivery this afternoon. Might pop round and say hello to brother and his partner, from a distance, while I'm in Barton. Fingers itching to play with the new book papers so will see how things go and might do a bit of cutting and gluing this afternoon.

    Caroline - sounds like you've got a good day planned; hope it all goes well
    Mo - did you get the panel covering done to your (and Pete's) satisfaction? Hope the hw was achieved without pain or further damage to ribs.
    Dave - long walk day today? and more on the Mucha? Hope the village is more peaceful now the weekend has finished
    Shelley - Don't envy you having to deal with a rat problem - we have a few, but lots of cats, foxes, badgers and birds of prey etc round here so populations are kept down generally. A busy day for you yesterday - hate hanging around on non-productive phone calls when there's a list of stuff to be done. Hope you get all the tasks finished today.



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      You are as bad as me Linda only men is fabric. Why not frame the leaf paper then you will always be able to look at it. Enjoy your day x


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        Morning all..

        Red hot yesterday then it poured down around tea time. I see one of the “Neighbs” has had a go at Severn Trent on FB because the road flooded again due to blocked or ineffective drains forcing sewerage up over the pavements and outside the cafe and school, no one can clean it up because its contaminated, has to be a contract firm or ST and as usual they are nowhere to be seen.

        All of the shops have opened so its pretty busy with tourists.
        Sue is off to town early to go to the bank, I have old £20 notes in my “ Craft tin” that need swapping too.

        Rats....we all have them around our sheds and because of people putting bird food out. Remove the bait or temptation, no rats, they only go for food and shelter, remove those, they lose interest. Not a problem in our garden, Flo dispatches them in seconds, she makes a beeline for our shed. They come from the woods at the other side of the fence.....kills and buries them too, we don’t see that many. Since the trains stopped coming past to the power station, all wildlife appears at the back, badgers, foxes, deer. I’m averse to killing things but if the rat situation got out of hand, the air rifle would see some action, I target shot for many years at a small bore rifle academy, it’s all perfectly legal within my own boundary, 15m from a public highway/ right of way.

        Did more on the Mucha yesterday, doing more today...need to fit some weeding in. A bit of rain and they grow like wildfire.



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          Morning all.

          Lovely and sunny at the moment hoping we don't get those heavy showers till much later.

          Have to go into the shop today to do some sorting. Manager of Bath, Jacquai, is coming over to give me a hand and so is Pete to lift the heavy stuff. Got a couple of things to post as well and a prescription to collect. Jacquai is going to come back for a bit of lunch, socially distanced of course, then we can show her around the gardens here. She is mad keen gardener which has kept her sane in lockdown as she is on her own and rather lonely. I think we stand more chance of being infected from each other than by reopening the shop to the public. Got to make a quick flan for lunch in a minute.

          Linda, I think the covering of the panel went ok, rich red cotton velvet which seemed to make the wood pop. It's up on FB. Did a mad clean yesterday as well, the house is a dust magnet being not far from the furniture factory and with what we do we have a trail of woodchips and sawdust. Clean dirt as Pete says, but I have been attacking it more since I have been home. Pete hoovered through while I cleared up my work space so you can see it's a conservatory again for the time being LOL

          Latest card is lovely Shelley. Not a fan of rats either we have stopped feeding the birds as it attracts them along with the fowl in the next garden which I can't do anything about. They are so bloomin' fearless too, and big, sat on my garden table having a wash and ignoring me the last time I saw one, but not for a few weeks now.

          It will be interesting in town today to see how many more people will be about. Can't understand the mentality of people queuing for ages to get into the likes of Primark. Is there really anything in there they are that desperate for. Hear o the radio this morning, prospect House Charity opened one of it shops in Swindon I think, to take donations yesterday and they got 650 bags !!!! Expect much of that will be skipped. That amount would fill our shop LOL Hoping by the time we reopen it will be back to normal. PPE arrives next Tuesday.

          Good luck with the masks Caroline.

          Better get on with that flan.

          Have a good day all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Found some ready made filters, ordered 10 to test and make the masks with openings etc. Think will charge more to include the filters.


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              Afternoon all,

              Its been sunny and warm here, very nice. if it wasn't for the unwanted rodents I would be sitting in the garden. Never mind action against them starts tomorrow at 9:30. Its R-day

              Caroline, good find on the ready made filters. I might make myself a couple, I do have a pack of 10 medical masks I bought ages ago so am prepared if I need one immediately. Enjoy chillaxing.

              Linda, its nice when you get an unexpected sense of relief from something you didn't realise was stressing you out. The papers sound beautiful, especially if one is so nice you just want to look at it, if you have a printer/scanner you can scan/copy it and then if its a good enough copy on nice enough paper you could use it for a book. I have done that with papers that I can't get anymore, not as good as original but can be usable. I have even done it and changed the colour scheme to fit a project. I have some 150gsm ish linen effect paper that works well, its ivory rather than pure white so adds something.
              Hope the shopping went well.

              Dave, it must be sort of annoying to have all those tourists traipsing around disturbing your peace, hopefully they don't go anywhere near your walking routes. Just what you don't want, raw sewage especially if its been hot, smelly.
              The rats round here are refugees from restaurants and takeaways that are closed, I do feed the birds but have concocted old speaker grills with fine nylon mesh to hang under each feeder to catch 90% or more of the bits they drop. The rats are also eating the cherries and there is no way Simon is giving up his beloved trees. The crop will soon be gone.
              If I was a better shot I would have a go but I fear I would only hurt them and I can't bear to think of even a rat unnecessarily suffering. The rat mans poison is sure and apparently they mostly die in their nest so you don't even see them, but you do have to be careful if they do die in the garden that the cats don't get them and you have to let the rat man remove them. I think I will have a bucket and a brick or 2 ready.
              The Mucha is coming along, when you mount it, could you not remove the bit on her chin as it won't be going anywhere? I think its ok as is but if it bugs you?

              Mo, hope the shop sorting went well and I sure hope you don't get 650 bags donated The Yin Yang looks good, the red velvet square works well because in Chinese philosophy the Earth is represented by a circle surrounded by a square which represents the heavens. So you have 2 things in one, Yin and Yang and the heavens and the earth.
              How was town? busy?

              Yesterday made a bit of a start on the card#5, the blue one. Got distracted after supper by an old 1950 film - The Long Arm, the plot was actually very interesting and no unnecessary blood or gore. Simon and I chilled out on the sofa and watched it together, it was lovely really a bit of us time. It was then time to tidy up the kitchen which i had put off and do the girls suppers. Pottered around on the internet for awhile then off to bed. slept like a log.

              Today working on the blue card, going to make a ham and cheese omelette and boiled spuds with lashings of mayo. More work on the card after dinner.

              Going to try for an early night as rat man arriving 9;30 am and I want to be up and ready for him so need to rouse myself out of bed about 8:30 which is early but not too bad for me. I will probably go to bed early but fall asleep at my normal time so may be a bit tired tomorrow but it will be worth it to reclaim my garden.

              Take care all and have a good evening.


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                Originally posted by Lilly42 View Post
                The Yin Yang looks good, the red velvet square works well because in Chinese philosophy the Earth is represented by a circle surrounded by a square which represents the heavens. So you have 2 things in one, Yin and Yang and the heavens and the earth.

                Didn't know about the circle and square. Have to incorporate that into the de=scriotion and possibly the name. Thanks Shelley

                "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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                  Yikes, I got it the wrong way round, sorry. Earth is the square and heaven is the circle. Just saw a Chinese coin and it made realise I got it wrong.