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Sunday 14th

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  • Sunday 14th

    Morning all, spitting with the wet stuff but managed the dog walk in the dry. Very quiet today just like any other day!

    Tidying up my sewing table this morning, making a sticky toffee pudding and sauce and prepping the gammon for later.

    Not sure if will get any more sewing done, may have a break and catch up on my kindle book/ Joined on amazon and have 2 months free have read 3 books so far in the last week. Think going to be worth the sub price.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull but dry, bit of a nip in the air and some breeze around. Supposed to brighten up later.

    Yesterday, spent most of the day playing with paper, scissors and glue and learning things the hard way - suspect I was yet again trying to go too fast through the process. Books produced are useable but less than tidy finish - picture to be added to the album later. Spent more time on the Ancestry FT hints - a reasonable amount of new/more detailed information, mainly birth, death, marriage dates and places. Confirmed with chiropractor that Monday's appointment isn't happening, but she also confirmed that the exercises I'm doing for my back are right and couldn't add any more. Had a chat about patchwork, quilting (she's an excellent needleworman) and bookbinding.

    Today, already cleared up, sorted (temporarily) the dripping gutter outside the utility room. Going to play with the paper etc again and try and consolidate the lessons I learned yesterday. No further definite plans.

    Caroline - think I might be coming to you for dinner today - sounds lovely! Enjoy your reading once the sewing table is tidy.
    Mo - fabulous news about the gallery approaching you and great that it's not too far away. If you decide to go with it, once you've weighed up the pros and cons, I shall be keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out to be viable. Loving the new zentangle pyro - especially with the Japanese influence in the design.
    Dave - our Saturday postal deliveries are back up and running (food hygiene cert arrived yesterday). Glad you enjoyed the long walk on Friday, hope you can get another in today. How's the Mucha coming on?
    Shelley - sadly I have no frames or cradle for the bookbinding - am very much on the "kitchen table" method. Had a look at equipment, but just too expensive to consider at the moment (and no space to put them anywhere either!). Strangely, I've been looking at Bargello patterns recently - always loved doing them. Hope you made progress on the green card and are happy with it.



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      The cradle is good Linda have a look on Etsy Time to Create Crafts is UK based.

      I also have his press but it is a lot dearer.


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        Morning all....bit dull, mild, sun pops out now and again....

        Nothing doing today. Amy usually pops round for a visit.
        The Mucha is coming along, slowly getting more fragile because it is line work not panels so its more like a stained glass window with no glass...only lead holding the image together, ok as long as the cutting order is correct.
        A local artist wants some mounts cutting so need to order an A0 board tomorrow for Tuesday.

        Kindle Caroline, had mine for years, I love it for holidays etc, Sue bought it for me but its registered in my name so we can both also put the Kindle app on our Ipads too and both read the books from same the Kindle. I love the English and American classics or the sci-fi bundles, Jules Verne etc, most are free or next to nothing.

        Books are coming along nicely Linda, the cradle and press look pretty simple to make with a bit of “ outside the box” you know a decent chippie up for a barter?😁



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          I use the kindle app on my iPad Dave could not see the point Of another piece of tech.


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            Morning all.

            Bit damp here too today and raining again at the moment.

            Terrible night had 5 big attacks of cramp in the same leg, spent hours awake and the worse one I sat up in bed quickly to swing my legs out to stand and forget about my rib so a bit tender today, doh !!

            Must make a crumble later for tonight and might do a bit more on the next zentangle. Still can't decide whether to add a bit of pale colour to the butterflies, maybe shaded from dark to light as they come out into the daylight ?? If I get it wrong the whole design will have to be sanded off to start again so need to make sure.

            Pete loves his Kindle Caroline but alternates with actual books. It's a convenience but nothing like the feel of a real copy. I just read books and probably wouldn't get the use out of a Kindle to make it worth while me having one.

            The books are coming on well. Practice makes saleable if not perfection. We can always see what is not perfect when others can't and are well able to beat ourselves up about it too.

            Hope the cut is going well Dave. Probably a bit damp for a long walk today ?

            Looking forward to seeing the next card Shelley, this series are really beautiful.

            Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

            Mo XX
            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
              The cradle is good Linda have a look on Etsy Time to Create Crafts is UK based.

              I also have his press but it is a lot dearer.
              Thanks Caroline - I had looked around on Etsy, amongst other places, and saw these, but I'm afraid that at the moment it's still a bit more than I'm willing to spend. Maybe when the first flush of enthusiasm has worn off and if I'm still making I can reconsider (once the weather is warmer and I have to hit the weeds, and events start up again I won't have so much time to spend on it ). Or I might have some Christmas present money to spend in a few months time

              Books are coming along nicely Linda, the cradle and press look pretty simple to make with a bit of “ outside the box” you know a decent chippie up for a barter?
              Thanks Dave. I'm working on "outside the box" thinking but sadly the nearest decent chippie I know of lives somewhere in Wiltshire and I think he's a bit busy at the moment! roflmao!!! I'll figure out something - I'm quite good at that type of thing

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                I agree Mo books are a joy and have shelves full. Must admit though for general reading the app is easier to use.


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                  Afternoon all,

                  Sunny, warm and quite a nice day.

                  Caroline, remember a change is a good as a rest, and reading is never a waste of time. The poor old sewing machine will be thankful for a day off

                  Linda, you are making good progress and yes we are always our worst critiques. Considering you are doing it freehand as it were with out the frames and cradles to help, I think you are doing an fantastic job. Really like the most recent one with the coloured pages.

                  Dave, glad you are enjoying the Mucha, even if its proving a fragile piece. Hope the visit goes well and all keep safe.

                  Mo, oh dear, nothing worse than cramp in the middle of the night, It used to happen a lot to me, don't know whats changed, its not so bad these days. I know what you mean about inadvertently doing yourself damage in response to the cramp, I remember stubbing my big toe so badly that the nail fell off 6 months later, when it happen my tummy flipped as there was no real warning, had just come out of the bath and cutting my toenails when it just fell off.
                  Can you not try a bit of a mock up with the colour, do you still have your wonderful drawing tool? could you take a picture and import it and play around with colours on your sketch pad thingy?
                  I think the right colours would work well, especially as you say from the dark to the light.

                  Books, where do I start. Simon has a library, one wall of the little hall is covered in shelves, must be 150ft of shelves at least, and about 2000 paperback books all sci fi and Simon has read them all. They don't go in the library till he has read them so there are about 300 in boxes in the spare room waiting to be read. Trouble is lately he has got in to audio books and been listening to sci fi books, so they are staying in the boxes, I am going to get him an Audible sub for Xmas, might have to give it to him early as he is running out of free ones.
                  My craft room also has a wall of books, mostly arts and crafts, in the alcove are all my Chinese textbooks and more art, mostly Chinese and Japanese.
                  We love books

                  I read books on my tablet, one of the best resources is Project Gutenberg, all free, out of copyright books. but thats not a problem for me, I read a lot of old books about China and Chinese, and some have only got 25 or 30 years copyright so are relatively modern. They offer the books in many formats epub, kindle etc and if you don't see your format just use Calibre (free) to convert to want you need.
                  It is well worth a look, you can search by author, subject, title and even language and more.
                  If you like things like Jules Verne there are lots from that era.

                  Work is progressing on card #4, this one is all greens so the flowers are the palest of green almost white. I have cut everything out, now just to arrange it all.

                  Sainsburys delivery later, just need to rustle something up for dinner from whats left in the cupboard. They have emailed me to say no bread or rolls which is a pain in the proverbial as I bought everything else to make burgers and chips. may have to see if Lily is up for a shopping trip to find me bread or rolls or both on Tuesday.

                  Take care everyone and have a good evening.

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                    Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
                    I use the kindle app on my iPad Dave could not see the point Of another piece of tech.

                    I’ve had mine since day one practically, this is my second (trod on the first 😆).
                    We use the iPads mostly but the Kindle is half their size, easy to carry in a pocket if we are out and about.