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Thursday 11th

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  • Thursday 11th

    Morning all

    Another day filled with rain but the plants all needed it so must not moan.

    Shiloh came in yesterday morning and would not put one of his rear legs down. Checked and looked slightly inflamed on one of his pads, applied savlon. Then spent the next hour saying leave as did not want him to lick it off. Lee thought he had caught the step but on checking outside saw a squashed bee. I think it had been half asleep on the ground and he trod on it and got stung. Within an hour he was fully recovered. The last time he got stung by a bee was when he was 8 months old and puffed up like a balloon. Off to the emergency vets and £200 later he was okay. Things we do for our pets.

    Well done on getting the certificate sorted and shame about HMRC Linda. It sounds to me as if the second code got lost this does happen as they cannot send together. They will also send by text if they have your phone online with them. I get another code by text every time I sign in as well as the other codes.

    I hate waiting for things Mo, hope your polish arrives. Well done for your daughter winning all that money.

    Sounds like you have a plan Dave.

    The fabric is already printed Shelley but must admit spoke to me when I saw it, lol. How did the card making go?

    I love parsnips but Lee does not so cheat and buy a bag of Aunt Bessies honey glazed. love them with salad.

    Not sure what I am doing today, have some more drafts to load onto Folksy then I can post something new each day. May finish that. Have so many sitting waiting to be published do not have to stress to make for at least 2 weeks. Ordered the wunderweb for the cutlery holders, let's hope that works if not plan B and faux leather.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dark, wet, windy, cold - more like November than June!

    Yesterday - most of it best forgotten about

    Today - really must give the vacuum some exercise (ran out of time yesterday). Then I'm going to go and make some more books - it's so relaxing - done in a room where internet, tv and phone signals don't reach so just listening to music while I work.

    Put another couple of pictures of books in the fb photo album (are you bored with them yet?)

    "They will also send by text if they have your phone online with them. I get another code by text every time I sign in as well as the other codes"
    I rarely give out the mobile phone number simply because the signal here is unreliable and it could take anything up to three weeks for me to get texts, and voice calls are impossible unless I go out and stand on the footpath. How many codes am I going to need to do this return?!!! I'll be past the submission date before I can even get to the form online! I do wish people wouldn't assume the whole country lives on mobile phones (mini computers!) and would make provision for alternatives methods. Very frustrating!

    Caroline - poor Shiloh! I hope he's fine this morning. Sounds like you'll have a reasonably relaxed day once you've loaded the drafts onto Folksy, but no doubt your creative juices will be running and you'll come up with lots of new ideas.
    Mo - wrap over skirts really compliment so many of the big, bold and bright African prints - you must get on with it when the fabric arrives and show us a picture (assuming you can do it before you have to go back to the shop work). How are the rib and hip these days?
    Dave - L'Ermitage will keep you busy for a while - more prep than cutting needed I think, but it should keep you out of mischief for a while
    Shelley - no hw (ran out of time) so hoping to do some today (enthusiasm level very low!). Loving the sound of the colour ways on your cards and looking forward to seeing pictures.



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      Morning all...
      It looks a bit “ Moody” here today....

      Had a video chat with DIL yesterday, new babba Tobie ( why do they feel the need to alter names by removing ‘Y’ and adding ‘ie’ or ‘ai’ instead? 🙄)...doing well, only waking once, Roman ( don’t ask 🙄😂) his brother seems non plussed so all good on that front, son still flat out running the hospital IT dept from home.

      Got the next two designs Printed up ready to go, just need to edit to where I want it then away we go. Love the books Linda, and the mini’s, they could sell on the cute novelty factor alone.

      Amy is coming down with grand number 3, Daniel, later for her weekly walk, I have to switch off. Sue and I walk each day for around 90 minutes, hardly speak because we are soaking up the sound of birds, trees, streams, no cars. Amy turns up and I hear an hour of salon chat, Tutoring chat, relationship problems with her or her mates, car problems, money problems...youth eh?

      Baby Daniel is of mixed heritage, his dad is of West Indian descent. All of this race stuff kicking off, not something I’ll debate with anyone because I was born In the 60’s in the heart of the Industrial Midlands, a cultural melting pot but I do have concerns how society will treat him, how he will view society while he is growing up going by recent events.

      Right, enough doom & gloom,
      Have a good’un all



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        Love the books Linda, and the mini’s, they could sell on the cute novelty factor alone.
        Thank you Only made them because I have bits left over from the kit and I hate wasting anything, plus from time to time I like doing fiddly things (as long as I get a reasonable result!)



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          Afternoon all,

          What started as a fairly calm if grey morning has now changed, about 1pm the heavens opened, 3 minutes of hail and we now have rain, thunder and lightning.

          Caroline, poor Shiloh, glad he is over it without any dramas, I wonder if becuase it was indirect sting as it were, he didn't get a full dose, hence his quick recovery and not too serious symptoms.
          Is it good to post something new everyday? I have about 20-25 cards yet to post, would it be better to do one a day?
          The fabric is good, I can see why it spoke to you.

          Linda, hope you got the HW out of the way and are now relaxing with some music and book making, you do seem to be enjoying it, I am glad The little ones are very sweet and useful to pop in bag with a pen (and no, not bored at all)
          Thanks to Simon's skills, everything goes everywhere in this house and the garden. I can quite easily ignore it if I want so not a problem.

          Dave glad the facetime went well Names are always a minefield, someone in the states has seriously called their daughter Corona. You are ahead of the game with your print outs. Youth finds it hard to deal with silence, a comfortable silence is just amazing when shared between two people who have reach that point in their relationship.
          I am of mixed heritage, it was all much worse when I was born in the 50s, luckily I spent my first 15 years in Canada, a vast melting pot where it wasn't such a problem. I have spent the rest of my life going through it with some sort of blind optimism, ploughing on regardless, not worried about what people thought and never letting it stand in my way. I feel as if I may have missed slurs and insults along the way because I was too busy getting on with life and I will continue to do so. I think Baby Daniel will grow up in a better world than we have had, not sure though if it will ever be perfect.

          Today working on card #3, daffodils and yellows and spring greens. Started last night with the card base, working on the rest today.

          Baked spuds for supper, mmmm. I don't like parsnips, spicy carrots - weird, Simon loves them roasted so he has them when we have a roast.

          Simon has had a delivery today for a change, he has ordered kit of mini motors and bits and pieces to make models, robots, windmills and the like.

          I have decided to give up on the jigsaw puzzle, suddenly realised that when it was done I would just have to break it up and put it back in the box - a bit demoralising and as it hasn't grabbed my full attention I think I will give up, Simon can have the table for his project.

          Right back to spring, at least on my card

          Have a good day all and enjoy yourselves whatever you find yourself doing.