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Sunday 7th

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  • Sunday 7th

    Morning all! Looks like I'm first to post again - Caroline must be on another crack of dawn walk with Shiloh, who is probably walking off the extra calories from all his birthday treats Weather is cold, wet, windy again. Cats still in winter mode.

    Yesterday I made another book - an A6 (ish) size, using bits left from the kit and stuff I had in my craft stash (will put a picture in the fb album soon). I'm much happier with this one - it's a much neater finish, still not perfect but an improvement. I've also taken the plunge and ordered more supplies, but as I have a selection of textured and hand made papers already I'm aiming to use many of those initially. I did find on Etsy a lady who has an absolutely fabulous selection of good quality wrapping papers, mostly imported, which has really fired my enthusiasm. Other than that bits of FT work in the periods I was waiting for glue to dry!

    Today, still enthusiastic so after I've cleaned the kitchen (OH cooked tea last night) I'm going to make up some more signatures, book blocks and casings as far as I can then they'll be ready to finish when the supplies arrive (could be up to 3 or 4 weeks ). Rest of the day will be take it as it comes.

    Caroline - your William Morris design books are lovely, I'm not surprised you had a sale Have you settled on your next project?
    Dave - hope you enjoyed the visit from the younger generations. We've always had trouble with delivery drivers finding us - no idea why, post code is correct, name of house carved in stone above upper window, less than 20 properties along the road and I always give detailed directions. Bike cut is fabulous!
    Mo - glad you got over your "down in the dumps" day - probably the rib/muscle aches contributed to it. Keep on with the carving, you can only get better - and I expect you will
    Shelley - I can't take credit for the book papers, I just ordered the kit and that is what came, but I do like them. Hope the queasiness from the ABs wasn't too bad yesterday and today is much better.


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    Good morning.

    Actually lovely and sunny here this morning at the moment and that wind has died right down. At lease we didn't have to watere the garden yesterday.

    I pottered yesterday and didn't really achieve anything at all tp speak off. Spent far to much time on line looking at fabrics when actually I have drawers full. Found some gorgeous African prints on 100% cotton, the colours are amazing. I think though this is one area Pete and I disagree on, colours LOL The itch to start sewing again is getting stronger but maybe if I put some cream on it it will go away for the time being !!!

    No idea what I'm going to do today. Pete has been out in the workshop experimenting and coming up with some lovely new ideas though so one of us is being productive. I think most of you saw the little video I posted yesterday on SM with the peacock butterfly. It was chilly so I think it was looking for warmth. It spent ages on me on and off, settling on my top at one point, probably because I had a black top on which attracts the heat in the conservatory. Open the door at one point with it on my hand but no way was it going out LOL Think it's still somewhere in the conservatory. Problem is it can get too hot and it will die anyway. Such beautiful creatures.

    Tere are a couple of buzzards riding the thermals outside my window and one is being bombarded by a couple of crows. Obviously too close to their nest although they seem a long way up to me.

    Love the book Linda saw it on faceache this morning. Looks beautifully neat. I do have loads of notebooks, a drawer full of 'spares' too. Usually pick them up from the shop after Christmas when the unwanted gifts come in.

    Hope you are feeling better today Shelley and the nausea has subsided.

    Caroline hope Shiloh didn't over indulge to much yesterday.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Afternoon all,

      Sun is in and out, no breeze, much warmer. Laundry out

      Linda, 2 days in a row starting things off I like the third book, well done. You are going to have a few, thinking of selling them? Yes the queasiness has gone, feel fine today thank you.

      Mo, the little butterfly was pretty, they don't live long anyway, sad it didn't get out, mind you yesterday it might have perished from the cold.

      Caroline hope all is well.

      Dave, hope you have had a good day, out walking?

      Today a nice peaceful day, more card making, need to organise a light so I can work on the jigsaw, worked out I wasn't doing it becuase the light is bad.

      Sainsburys delivery this evening

      I am seriously thinking about buying a new fitness watch, mine is a Huawei band 3 pro, its great, does loads of stuff but the new model the Band 4 pro also does oxygen saturation. If I can cancel the other measuring device, I will and order the new watch, £10 off at the moment.

      Take care all, have a good evening.



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        Afternoon all...
        Went for a 2 hour walk this morning, very pleasant and stayed dry.
        Didn’t do anything at all yesterday, didn’t feel 100% and no energy. Went to bed at around 9pm, slept until 9am....very unusual for me.
        Today just loafed around since we’ve got back...feeling better.
        Nothing more to report