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Friday 5th

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  • Friday 5th

    Morning all. Did well yesterday folded the book and stitched out all the lace flowers etc. Hopefully if the lace is dry will start to embellish today.

    Sorry about your leg Shelley, hope it heals quicker than the last do.

    Linda going with the flow?

    Mo how did the painting go on the vase?

    You sound busy Dave.

    I had a telephone appt with my new doc yesterday pm. Very nice to talk to he has given me some new reflux drugs as the ones I am on are not available until June 2021 at the earliest. Reviewed all the others so that is done for another year. Just need to have a blood test done for the normal kidney, cholesterol and the rest of the annual checks. Will not book until Lee has spoken to the Prof on Monday, just in case need to book him an appt at the same time.

    Cold this morning did not want to get out of bed but finally made it and 5.45!

    Off for breakfast, HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Weather decidedly unpleasant after our glimpse of summer during last month. Very wet, dull and very cool. Breeze has eased off a bit, but not gone away

    Yesterday, cats have gone into winter mode again and got all cuddly instead of wanting to be outside at any cost. George did go out (of his own accord) later in the morning when it warmed up a little but he didn't look happy. Didn't enjoy the trip to Sainsburys (picked the wrong time to go I think), but did get everything on the list eventually - annoying wait at the Lloyds medicines shop for service for nearly 5 minutes - could hear voices in the staff/prescription area but couldn't catch anyone's attention. Finally someone came and started asking me about my health, in a chatty way; soon stopped that as I was buying OTC for G&G. Chap in Machine Mart was extremely helpful.
    Spent a couple of hours on the book making but gave up when I started making silly minor mistakes and realised I was trying to progress too quickly without reading instructions carefully. Pleased with most of the progress I made though. OH actually did a bit more hedge cutting (got enough offcuts for another bonfire!), after he sharpened the chainsaw with the files I got for him.
    Came over very tired early evening so went to bed earlier than usual.

    Today, still tired - woken up twice during the night with rain falling on the flat roof just outside the bedroom (gutters need clearing) in addition to the usual waking up anyway. Cats still in winter mode - Bert fast asleep on the footrest of my chair and George in a box very close to the kitchen radiator - heating is on for an hour to lift the chill.
    Hoping to get back to the books and get them finished. Also looking among my crafting stuff and think I've probably got enough bits suitable to substitute/from previous bookbinding workshops to have more practice at making by this method, before I go for the real thing!

    Caroline - another productive day for you yesterday - looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished bookfolding. Like Shelley, it's not really my thing (seen too many hedgehogs, hearts and "Mum" over the years) but appreciate the skill it takes to produce a good quality result.
    Dave - hope you had a good day yesterday - floor covered in confetti again? Plans for today?
    Mo - sending good vibes for the rib healing. Did you manage any of the kingfisher painting?
    Shelley - very sorry to hear about yet another another infected bite. I hope this one clears up more quickly than the last one. Hope the crafting stuff gets sorted too - obviously your lack of full health was affecting things, but trust it won't take too long to get back on track.



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      Morning all....chucking it down here.
      Red hot one day, heating on the next....😁

      Delivery day today, Sue’s parcels plus an online shop, first one for about six years but its a biggie to save going and queuing with the rest.

      Cutting later, on the last part of the bike cut, just some shading on the floor, the bike itself is done. Then onto the next...

      No signs of Wales opening up yet, need to see the sea but its not going anywhere, I do feel for the tourist trade of which most of coastal Wales relies.
      Number of deaths is still too high, herd immunity in action this side of the border!
      Stay safe all.



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        Morning all.

        Intermittent sun and cloud at the moment. Must have got chilly over night as the underfloor heating came on first thing.

        Sorry to hear about your leg Shelley, poor you one thing after anther at the moment. Hope it heals soon.

        All systems go for you Caroline looking forward to seeing the end result.

        Biggest shop for 6 years Dave, I'm impressed !!!

        Sorry to hear you are not sleeping well again Linda. Usually best to leave things when you start making mistakes not helped by feeling weary I'm sure. Hope it goes better today.

        Rib not so good today despite a relaxing day yesterday, I'm just too impatient.You have a good day and think yay that's it nearly mended LOL
        Pete as resurrected his Etsy shop, might as well it's sitting there unused. Only put 10 items on there at the moment to see how it goes but more promotion to do.

        Well No15 grandchild on the way. I wish they would put a knot in it LOL, due 24th November. Parents live on a very small boat with one child at the moment so have to look for somewhere on land to live as absolutely no room for another little person.

        I am going to finish the Kingfisher vase today. Can't put it on SM as it's a Christmas Gift but will see if I can get a photo on here when it's done.

        Have a good day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Well, the two books are completed - after a fashion - and currently sitting under compression for a couple of days. One of them is passable for a first solo attempt, but the other one is going nowhere out of my ownership at any time - the minor errors made yesterday had a knock on effect This book is perfectly useable but not very tidy finishing-wise.

          I will do photos in due course, but am thinking about trying a couple of A6 size books with stuff I've got left from the kit and bits from my craft stash to try and consolidate some of the construction methods.

          Off to investigate sources for various materials I'm likely to run out of sooner rather than later.



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            Evening all,

            Caroline, saw the picture of the book folding, very pretty, different from most I have seen. Glad the telephone appointment went well. Hope your further tests go well as do Lee's.
            This might just be the way things stay now. I got diagnosed and medication prescribed without seeing a human being. Filled in an online form, was rung by the practice nurse, pictures of wound taken and sent to the link provided, she rang me back, arranged prescription to be sent to c h e m i s t, they delivered, all with in 24 hours of first contact. If the c h e m i s t didn't close at 6pm yesterday, prescription made there by 5:50, I could have had it yesterday.

            Linda, wise decision to call a halt to the too hurried book making, hope you find some supplies to do some more at a more sedate pace Cats in winter mode sounds sweet. So you also have a chainsaw wielding chap I watch him with a mixture of fear and happiness that the job is getting done. I help him hold the logs, with my earplugs in and chainsaw gloves on, I refrain from closing my eyes - self preservation kicks in.

            Dave, one big shop in 6 years?? How do you manage that? Well done on the bike. Wales will be there later, then you can really enjoy it knowing there is no or little danger.

            Mo, wonder if the weather is affecting your rib a bit? There will be good and bad days, soon there won't be any bad ones - hopefully. What is SM?
            Pete beautiful chawans, or whatever you ended up deciding what the were. They should be more bowl shaped to be a cha wan. Cha 茶= tea and wan 碗= bowl. cha 茶= tea and bei杯 = cup, so teacup, sorry being pedantic but its good practice for me to remember these things.

            Today not much of a plan, did some laundry ready to hang out tomorrow, should be good drying weather. The weather is set to improve as the new week begins and should be garden weather by the end of the week
            Finished the first of the rainbow butterfly set, started on #2. Will post a picture here asap. Still needs an insert and I need to make the box, this will use the new die set that arrived bent so we will see what happens.
            Ordered a new rectangular nesting die set as I don't have quite the right sizes, this is a set of 24, A5 down to a few centimetres. Should do the job.

            Take care all and have a good evening.