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Thursday 4th

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  • Thursday 4th

    Morning all, typing his on my iPad as the main Mac is doing a software update. 46 minutes to go!

    Been raining quite a bit and the grass is growing already, Lee will be busy when dry again.

    Did all the photos yesterday, then had a problem with Folksy. They had a blip loading images, will have complete today.

    My customer who bought the baby girl card, has received it and overjoyed with the quality and the way it was packaged etc. Said she will be back. Thinking of adding a Bespoke Card post to Folksy, with samples of some of the others I have done for people to order special cards. Will have to put prices from to cover all the costs etc. Not sure how that will work at but am sure will work it out.

    Started the boom folding yesterday, a mushroom or fairy house. Will set the embroidery machine up to do some flowers and butterflies etc this am. Have got to page 69 another 200 to go! Different and enjoying it so far will have to search out some more books of 250 pages at the minimum. Have kept the hardback cover for a friend who uses them to cover her handmade notebooks. Yes Linda she has the same kit you and I used and loved it. A book that is not a book.

    Hope everyone is feeling better. I have woken up blocked this am, mainly because someone shut the large bedroom window!!! Put the Dyson Cool Me on and the filter helped clear my nose. Think will have to order another filter next month to put by.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Good morning all.

    Overcast and breezy at the moment and apparently the sun may make an appearance at sometime today. Not a lot of rain yesterday just a few light showers.

    Didn't do much yesterday, couple of hours ironing, a bit of reading and made a lasagne for dinner. Trying to be sensible and let things heal. It feels ok then you go and stretch for something and wished you hadn't LOL Easing off on the painkillers anyway which is good.

    As it's cooler in the workroom might make a start on painting the kingfisher vase for DD. Staying in one position for a long time doesn't help either so have to remember to get up and move around every so often.

    Looking forward to seeing the book Caroline. Hope your stuffy head clears quickly.

    Hope no after effects if you tacked the garden yesterday Linda, look after that back.

    Day making chippings again ?

    Shelley, glad you are feeling so much better with the time to start making again at your leisure.

    Have a good day all.


    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all! Brightened up quite a bit since I got up, but still breezy and feeling damp and very cool.

      Yesterday, made bread and did other bits and pieces in the morning, but spent some time in the afternoon making the two book blocks from the starter kit. Bit of knitting and soak in the bath finished off the day.

      Today, George got very cuddly this morning after his breakfast and went to sleep on my lap; had to shift him because I needed to get breakfast, so now he's outside sulking. Planning on looking at doing the next stage on the books this morning, then making another foray to Sainsburys in Grimsby later for stuff for G&G and us, plus OH wants something from Machine Mart, but until he wakes up and tells me what it is I can't get going. Also need to ring elderly aunt in Winchester. No other plans.

      Caroline - still going 100mph on the creativity and selling Hope the software update is completed successfully
      Dave - hope the fledgling jackdaw is OK now. A sign of the quality of your work that the museum want more from you, and for such a prestigious reason
      Mo - hope the rib is continuing to improve and moving around is a bit easier now. Did you manage to get any painting done yesterday?
      Shelley - we keep lots of cardboard boxes, but there is a limit, and if they haven't been used in 10 years or more it's probably time to get rid! Sounds like you are well on the way back to normal, hope you didn't tire yourself too much doing everything yesterday. Did the cottage pies turn out well?



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        Mo -
        Hope no after effects if you tacked the garden yesterday Linda, look after that back.
        Far too cold and breezy to be in the garden (hate doing it) and have to say my back is so much better when I don't do anything out there!



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          Morning all....bit gloomy here, mild, dry-ish...

          Not much on today, more of the usual.
          Resized the coracle man template down to A4 and edited it ready to cut.
          Motorbike is about 80% done, few days left in it yet.

          The girl that I cut the last two mounts for has produced more work so needs a few more cutting.

          Awaiting a “Marks n’ Sparks” delivery from Chris the Hermes courier, we see him most days when out with the dog, he knows its on its way...

          Mo, hope the ribs are better...
          Shelley...cardboard boxes get cut up to separate frames when I “Bag for Life” ten at a time to take to the craft fair, stops them rubbing together...
          Caroline going like a demon...
          Yes Linda, the Jackdaw hop, skipped and flew low into the bushes at the back, not injured, just a novice 😁

          Have a good’un all


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            Evening all,

            Grey, dull and chilly here.

            Caroline hope the update went well. I take it you are doing book folding, I have seen some of that, never appealed either to do or to own. Clever but...
            Hope you are feeling less blocked now.

            Mo, hope you are still improving and enjoyed some time in the cooler workroom.

            Linda hope your shopping trip went to plan and you got all you wanted and you made some progress with the book kit.

            Dave, all go down your way, its nice to be busy.

            I had a web, phone and text appointment with the doctors today, I have got myself another infected wound on my left leg this time. Prescribed antibiotics, couldn't collect today as the chemist closed 5 mins after she sent it to them. First thing in the morning I will ring them and get them to deliver it. Thing is I don't really know how I got it, I think I got bitten by something about a week or so ago, I remember it being red and itchy, but now it has turned on me.

            Started work on my cards again, abandoned the foam idea, rubbish, cracking on with the normal way of doing it. No more experimenting for awhile
            Discovered I had done 2 of the same crochet square, #68, can't fathom how that happened, Its an unusual one so would have thought I would remember it. Must have done it before I went into hospital and didn't remember. I must have been more unwell than I thought. Oh well I will use it.

            Cottage pies were delish. Nice and easy too.

            Have a good evening all.