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Wednesday 3rd

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  • Wednesday 3rd

    Morning all, up bright and early. Shiloh woke us at 5.15 today little monkey, well great big oompah loompah really.

    Doing well with the sewing completed the pink pj's, 2 bags and 2 sachets. Today have so much to photograph and post to Folksy. That should keep me occupied most of the morning. Then plan my next project. Got a new design downloaded for a napkin holder and cutlery holder for picnics, may give those a test and see how it goes. Could be perfect for this time of year especially with all the idiots out and about. I can see lockdown happening again.

    Hope you got all your shopping sorted Linda. We have a selection of items always get from Sainsburys and managed to get a delivery from them on Saturday 6-7pm. Missed our Smorgasbord meatballs.

    It was hot yesterday Dave but temps have plummeted today and rain. Wilko's deliver fence paint as we placed a large order with them, came in about 3 days.

    I have seen the C word about Mo, think it is something people are focusing on plus will be here in a blink of an eye. Enjoy your day.

    Well done on rearranging the garden to suit Shelley, nothing better than the birds for company. I sat under the Wisteria on the terrace yesterday and the blue tits were all in the leaves above me, not worried about dog or I. In fact the babies came quite close to ud and at one point almost touched Shiloh's nose, he just looked at them. Would not hurt a fly.

    I do hope to be BBL but the day seems to run away from, enjoy the rain the gardens need it badly.

    Have fun x

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    Morning all! Dull, wet, very breezy and cool. Showers expected on and off throughout the day. A marked difference from recent days.

    Yesterday - shopping - a couple of my non-urgent bits not found, but everything for G&G bought and delivered, lots of FT, passed on some very sturdy cardboard boxes which OH turned out of the garage to someone moving house, more on the decorations.

    Today - bread making then not sure. Had thought I'd do a bit more tidying outside, but too wet so will find something else to do.

    Caroline - still turbo charged with the making - have you still got room to store it, and is the new organisation and stocklist system still working well?
    Dave - am sure you found something to do yesterday; cooler today so you might be able to get some cutting done in a cooler room, if no other urgent plans.
    Mo - hope the healing continues and gathers pace, but don't rush to get back to full movement too soon. Loving the patchwork and hope you got a bit more done yesterday.
    Shelley - your crochet blanket also looking wonderful although a big project. So, yet another similarity between us - I have a "little" brother - well over six foot tall and very solidly built



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      Morning Linda

      In shock that OH actually got rid of some boxes, your nagging must have finally got to him, lol.

      Yes the new routine is working well. Got all the photos done this am, will load onto Folksy when they have sorted out a photo problem. done all the descriptions on the iPad, just a matter of copy and paste. Everything put away in the stock boxes and even done the tent labels for a fair. Getting good at this, lol. Next project something new some paper folding with a book. A cheap one I bought ages ago, read and ideal as hard cover. Instead of paper will embroider butterflies, flowers leaves etc on the machine. Will start on that tomorrow, just need to get supplies sorted.


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        Morning all, gloomy here, rained in the night, dry at the minute.

        Just had to dash out and grab a jackdaw fledgling before Flo spotted it, it could fly low, just needs to flap a bit harder.....Now in the woods at the back where its parents can find it, they are nesting above.

        The museum that I did the Coracle cut for want another as their chairman is retiring, they wanted a bronze casting but the detail was too fine for the size. A portrait A4 is about 3/5 the size of a portrait A3 so shouldn’t be too bad, cooler today too.

        Caroline, thanks for the Wilko tip, they also do a sprayer that has great reviews compared to the others so we’ll grab one and a load of spray paint.

        Have a goodun’ all


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          In shock that OH actually got rid of some boxes, your nagging must have finally got to him, lol.
          LOL! I don't nag Caroline - a sure way to make him stay on the settee and play on the laptop. (If I mention anything more than twice I'm "nagging"). I'm as astonished as you are, but just let him get on with it - he also broke/cut up a few other boxes and put them on the bonfire so there is slightly less useless stuff in the garage now.

          Unfortunately, the sorting out hedging and cutting back the leylandii is seemingly at the bottom of the list again, but at least he did some of it. He spent all day Monday cleaning the cars (always makes a meal out of any job and it takes so much longer than it would take others!) and yesterday doing something or other with the wiring to the outside light on the garage which he thinks has been tripping the power to the building.



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            Morning all.

            Cooler and we must have had a shower earlier as their are a few small puddles about, but couldn't say it's cold. Could do with some rain now and there is plenty I can do inside. Must get some ironing done, not a lot but my linen dresses have to be ironed.

            Might get some painting done today or a bit of carving to finish off the leaves I started as practice last week. DD wanted to buy a piece I had done with a kingfisher on it so I am doing one especially for her for Christmas instead, that's one gift sorted anyway.

            One of Pete's art pieces, we have both decided that we don't like the base so he is going to have another think.

            Rib not good yesterday afternoon, maybe did a bit to much bending and stretching as it was feeling a lot better. This morning it's fair again so going to try harder today, so frustrating though but only 3.5 weeks in so should know better.

            Got the patchwork out sat in the garden yesterday and finished off a row, so now I really need to be practical and decide what to do with it. Think my original ambitions of a king size quilt is out the window, with small hexagons all hand sewn I will be 120 before I finish it. I started it before I moved to Wiltshire in 1979 !!! A throw maybe feesible and I could put a plain border on it to increase the size overall.

            Shelley your crochet is lovely. I tried to remember how to do a granny square last year, took me two goes to get it right LOL

            Have a good day all.

            Mo. XX
            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Afternoon all,

              What a difference a day makes, grey skies, 10 degree drop in temperature and torrential rain. It has been raining heavily on and off all day, mostly on

              Caroline, doing well with the sewing. I must get back on to Folksy and finish what I started. I think now I am up to it, I found it hard to sit in front of the screen too long while recovering. The cut and paste will speed things along.
              The birds don't mind me either and even ignore Meimei if she sits still, she is more interested in the the rodents than the birds, she is wise enough to know she can't get the birds. We had a new visitor to the garden over the last few days, the brightly coloured bullfinch, what a flash of colour.
              On the craft shopping channel they are starting their xmas sales, 2 weeks of it. If you are making for xmas you do need to start now, not sure about these strange times though.

              Linda, well done on the shopping for the quarintinees. Hope the bread went well and you found something to occupy yourself. Well, big little brothers, are you my doppelganger ??!!! I am also accused of nagging if I mention it twice, but he forgets by the next day so I can "remind" him. He is allowed to keep cardboard boxes becuase he uses them to light the fire in the winter and by the summer they are usually gone and we have to start saving again. He folds them flat and they don't take up too much room.

              Dave, well done on the jackdaw rescue, we have them, they are magnificent creatures. Good news on the new commission. Lovely fence coming your way

              Mo, I am sure you will come up with a plan that will work for your patchwork. Perhaps applique as the centre in a large plain piece? Very lucky DD.
              Hope the rib is improving, I suspect it will be a bit up and down as it heals, soon there will be more ups than downs and then no downs at all
              I can crochet and really like it but I don't knit. I think you either do one or the other, but some probably do both.

              Today has been odd, so much rain and grey skies but its quite muggy so want the back doors open for the air. Not done much this afternoon apart from have a nice natter with my big little brother (other brother) on the phone, the COPD nurse from the hospital rang and we had a phone checkup. Paid some bills and checked everything was ok paperwork wise.
              Going to make a couple of shepherds pies, well technically cottage pies, but we still call them shepherds. I think I may have a play around with some die cutting this evening.

              I need to order some more A4 magnetic sheets to finish off the die storage. I am also going to order the 2 dies sets that make terrariums and greenhouses. Been thinking seriously about them and have figured out the things I could do with them, seems like a lot so worth it. Also need some more red liner tape.

              Have a good evening everyone and take care.