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Tuesday 2nd

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  • Tuesday 2nd

    Morning all, another warm day and cleaning the fish tank, oh joy!

    Finished all the items I wanted to yesterday, cut out another length of farm fabric this time pink background. Been fun to do and used up the full metre. May make a start on the pink today depends how I go with other chores.

    Bob Marley Linda, very reggae of you.

    Mo rest your ribs they can take longer than the time the doctor said to heal and the more you twist the longer it takes. I understand very tempting to do things you always do.

    Dave the motorbike cut sounds a good one trust we will see some pic's when finished.

    Shelley you sound brighter but be careful, noticed my breathing is worse atm the combination of pollen and heat.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, dry and warming up. Despite the national forecast our local one indicates it will be slightly warmer today, but with nippy NE wind.

    Yesterday, a very bitty day, but overall managed to clear a bit more paving, tidying and sweeping up, transplanted seedlings, FT tidying, a bit of knitting and a bit of time on the <shhh!> Christmas </shhh!> decorations.

    Today, weekly shopping for us and quarantined couple, farm shop delivery later. May pass on doing anything outside, still waiting for HMRC authorisation code (now 12 working days since I filled in the form and their letter said up to 10 days) but thinking I'll start get all this year's info together based on last year's form and hopefully it won't be too much different when I finally get access to fill in a return.

    Caroline - well done getting everything done yesterday. Enjoy cleaning the fish tank!
    Dave - hope you enjoyed your walk in the woods with the younger generations, and that you've got your steps sorted out.
    Mo - sorry the rib wasn't so good on Sunday, I hope it was a bit better yesterday. I'm assuming you're not able to do any carving at the moment, but maybe you're able to plan pyro and ink decorations for some the pieces awaiting enhancement.
    Shelley - sounds like you had a lovely relaxing afternoon and the resting is benificial; not stopped the creative juices though!



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      Morning all....another hot one.

      Not much to report, yesterday was too hot here to do anything really, went for a walk through the woods with Amy and Daniel. He’s walking around now so can explore more, also got kiddie reins so he can’t wander off.

      Got a bit more cut, started on the back wheel but it was so hot in the loft I couldn’t do much really.

      Don’t know what’s in store For today, everything is done. Could do with painting the fence but I’m neither queuing nor standing in red hot sun to buy paint so that's that. I see Ikea about 30 miles away is now open and see on the news literally hundreds are waiting to get in..No one is that desperate for furniture surely?

      Oh well, hope everyone is busy, aches and pains are getting better.



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        Morning all.

        Another beautiful day again but rain forecast for tomorrow, not that I mind the gardens and farmers really need it and we have had a great run of sunshine.

        I'm healing. Doc said the worse should be over in 3 - 4 weeks and it seems he was right. The pain now is in the main around the area of the break rather than most of the way around my middle, assuming the muscles have healed at least. Managed a bit of cleaning yesterday without too much bending but not going to overdo it for the moment on the bending and stretching front.

        Going to make the most of the last day of nice weather then find something constructive to do with my time.

        Glad you are feeling so much better Shelley and take care of yourself too Caroline if your breathing is poor.

        Hope you had a lovely walk Dave with the family yesterday.

        The C word is cropping up quite a bit at the moment Linda. Pete has turned some but can't get the mojo up to colour them yet.

        Enjoy the day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening all,

          Another glorious day, albeit the last for a while.

          Caroline hope your breathing is ok, cooler tomorrow should help. Still all go on the making front

          Linda, another ends of bits day, still useful. Hope you had a reasonable shopping experience.

          Dave, glad the walk went well, kiddie reins, brilliant invention - should be law I am not sure if just the furniture thats needed but the whole "ikea thing" meatballs and all
          Don't cook yourself, cooler tomorrow so plenty of time.

          Mo, glad to hear you feel you are healing but take it easy don't over do it. I have to say again I think the patch work is very pretty, lovely choice of colours and fabrics, very summery. When you finally finish it, it will have loads of memories one of which will be the wonderful covid spring

          I spent the afternoon in the garden, moved the chairs round so I was along the long side on the right looking towards the left side and the shed at the bottom. It was much more entertaining with birds and trees and the sunshine. Finished another crochet square #68 less to do than already done, yeah

          Definitely feeling back to normal, had a chat with my littlest brother (all 6ft 6ins of him ) nice to hear him and his are all ok, he is furloughed on 100% wages and his OH works at Waitrose so has as many hours as she wants. Will speak to my other 6ft 6in little brother tomorrow

          Tomorrow will be a shock I think, but looking forward to trying out my flower making idea.

          Take care all, have a good evening.