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Monday 1st

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  • Monday 1st

    Morning Folks and welcome to June. Going to get hotter this week preparing to keep cool.

    Completed the pj's and a drawstring bag to hold them, another drawstring tidy bag and tomorrow or maybe today start some appliqued sheep face sachets for nursery drawer handles etc. Then can do the same with the pink set.

    Got to source some vintage style tea towels in white to add to the waist of aprons I am planing to stitch up out of blue or pink fabric covered with strawberries. Got some hand towels but too thick. May add a small pocket on the bib with a strawberry applique on the front.

    My bunny batteries are fully charged not so sure after cleaned downstairs this morning, lol.

    Shelley please take it easy I know you want to do stuff but if gets hotter that is when you have to be careful.

    Linda you must have done oodles of the FT, found anything interesting?

    Mo still creating?

    Dave becomeing Edward Scissorhands with the cutting.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all....

    Bright sun here today, very warm already.
    Amy is coming down later with the babba for a walk through the woods.
    The latest grand born in the week is doing fine, his mum was only in hospital overnight, better out than in for him...and her.
    Been using one of these pedometer things that click every time you step, if you don’t tread heavily it only measures the step of the hip its clipped to. I did a google search on Fitbit watches and apps and all things expensive and monthly when I spotted a small insignificant looking item that said not many people know that Iphone 5s phones and later have a “ Health app” and a special chip that monitors steps, if you have a 5s, its been counting steps behind the scenes since day one....I has ...for two years now apparently😩😩😂....and it counts a lot more than the clicky hip thing too!

    Partway through a cut of a motorbike. A chap has joined our local group, he rides a customised Triumph. He took a great snap from the rear of it so I asked him if I could use the snap and cut it as a practise piece, he gets the artwork (mounted only) as a thank you. He agreed, its underway. I love projects like that.

    Hope everyone is okay
    Nothing more to report 😎


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      Morning all! Bright and sunny, was feeling warmer but breeze is strengthening and cooling things off a bit.

      Yesterday - as usual things didn't go according to plan - went out to repot some seedlings and create some sort of platform to put the pots on. We have a small brick garden store that I try to keep tidy, but someone else(!) just dumps stuff in, so to get to the piles of wood/chipboard etc for the stand I had to virtually empty the store. The car related bits have gone to find a place in the garage, lots of polystyrene packaging has been binned, bags of unwanted plant pots have gone to a gardening neighbour and others for local lady who grows and sells for charity and a few bits (why do we need five plastic watering cans!) out on the verge for passers-by to help themselves. Unfortunately, by the time I'd finished clearing, sorting, cleaning and repacking it was over two hours and I'd done my back in again. Spent the rest of the day alternating between resting and gentle movement to stop muscles seizing.

      One or two interesting things in the family tree (relationship to a prominent military codebreaker in WW1 and Bletchley/WW2, cousinship with Bob Marley (yes, that Bob Marley!), Olympic gold medal winning champion, a couple of navy war heroes) but no new revelations recently. Still cross referencing facts from the laptop version to the Ancestry version, but now on the maternal side which is less populace than the paternal although very common family names and repeated common given names do complicate matters.

      Today - not had a good night sleep-wise but laundry is on the go and plans to sweep the yard (yesterday's mess not swept) and repot the seedlings. Will see how it goes for the rest of the day but hope to take it easy as much as possible.

      Caroline - you certainly are fully charged - don't go mad with the housework and creating and strain any muscles in the process.
      Dave - motorbike cut sounds like an interesting project and will keep you busy for a little while. I'm sure the chap will be delighted with his piece of artwork when it is done, but I can see that triggering requests for similar cuts from a number of bikers - no doubt your chap belongs to at least one group if not more.
      Mo - a day in the garden yesterday? Hope all is well and the rib is showing signs of continual improvement. You must be getting very fed up with it now.
      Shelley - sometimes it is more beneficial to get on and do something rather than keep away from it all. Glad you found your tasks positive and as long as you go steady I'm sure you'll be fine. Enjoy some time in the garden on your cleaned seats and admiring the water feature.



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        Good morning all.

        Welcome to June and Summer. Should be warm for a couple mre days then cooler and possibly some rain. The farmers need it, top soil is dry. Slept better last night although yesterday was a non day apart from a little bit of pyro, my rib really hurt again and no idea what I did to make it worse, so did absolutely nothing in the afternoon.

        Yes Linda I am getting very fed up with it now, over 3 weeks in. Apparently should start to get better after 3 to 4 weeks and sorted at 8 so keep hoping they are right. The pain around half my middle has eased a lot though which is probably the internal bruising and stretched muscle. That will take me to when I start back to work again. Pete has been great encouraging me to take it easy but I do have to move a bit too without bending at the waist or over stretching. They think it is a stress fracture as I didn't bang into anything and no bruising just a small lump on the injury site, but I twisted and stretched towards the worktop to try and save myself from falling which is why I thought i had just pulled a muscle initially. Hey ho such is life.

        You need to be careful with your back too Linda.

        Glad to see you are recovering Shelley and able to do a little more without exhausting yourself.

        Well done on the 100th sale Caroline. Long may it continue.

        Pete woke up to a sale overnight for a Navaho spindle so has gone out to the workshop to make that today.

        Disgusted at the mess left by visitors at the weekend. All those posts on SM about everyone respecting the world after lock down, never going to happen. Humans seem in the majority by nature horrid, selfish, rude, cruel, unkind, self centred and generally vile. Ashamed to be associated with the human race sometimes. As for the riots in America. I have very sympathy with the sentiments and it's heartbreaking that a man died and without a doubt our non white brothers have a raw deal there, but there is no excuse to loot, destroy and burn businesses and homes of innocent people, it's just pure vandalism. Good on the Sheriff who put down his weapons and walked with the peaceful protestors. Good on the ring of black guys who protected a separated policeman from the mob, shame on the rest of them.

        Well that's Mrs Angry out of the way. Have a good day all.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Evening all,

          Hot, sunny day again here.

          Caroline, very pretty lace coin purse and tissue holder, very vintage. You are definitely on a roll. Hope you find the things you need to finish off projects.

          Dave, that motorbike cut sounds interesting, a good view point. Have fun counting steps with the step counter you didn't know you had My watch counts them, its pretty accurate I think, unlike the heart rate thing which is unreliable. Ordered a new gizmo, should arrive next week, plugs up to PC or android, records your O2, and heart rate with a finger meter, I have one that is self contained but not sure how accurate that is. Also ordered an infrared thermometer, so we can point it at foreheads and declare them clean or unclean!!! before they come in the shop, well no probably not going to that but it will be useful.

          Linda, that is interesting, That Bob Marley!! I live with another "just put that here for the moment" chap, he actually verges on hoarding, but doesn't actually stop me throwing stuff away so only border line. When we get back to "normal" I am hiring a skip and a strong couple of youngsters and empting the shed in to the skip Well thats my dream.....

          Mo, sorry you are still in pain, hope the painkillers are working. Glad you are sleeping well at least.
          I am with you on the Mrs. Angry, did you you hear about the fools jumping off Durdle Door, one bloke nearly died, 2 others also injured, beach packed, people still jumping even after the 3 injured parties had to be helicoptered of the beach in front of everyone who had to be herded down the beach to make room for the helo.
          It was like a stampede to coast, the human race hurtling towards its doom and leaving rubbish in its wake, disgusting behaviour.
          So glad I am safe at home in our lovely little garden with the birds and the flowers.

          I spent the second half of the afternoon in the garden, bliss, birds twittering, gentle breeze, flowers and bees. Feet up on the lounger, drink and crochet to hand. A couple of pleasant hours drifted pass.
          Tomorrow I am going to put the lounger in a different place so I can see more of the garden and the birds and get another few hours before the weather turns.

          Came up with an idea to improve the look of the flowers I am making with some foam, hard to explain, but will share asap. Getting itchy for some die cutting and card making, maybe Wednesday when the weather breaks.

          Still feeling fine and even a bit better, almost normal!!! well as normal as I ever am

          Take care everyone,