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Sunday 31st

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  • Sunday 31st

    Morning all, got woken at 5am by the whole bed shaking and a noise coming from the end of the bed, Shiloh was having a nightmare! Then he wanted a cuddle. Got up at 5.30 will have an early walk today.

    Another sale on Folksy I have now hit the 100 mark in under a year, happy dance.

    Did well yesterday completed 4 more festival badges, 4 tea light holders and sorted the pattern for the child's pj's. Hope to get those cut out today and stitched up, along with the bags to hold them. A small amount of fabric left think will make some drawstring tidy bags with an appplique sheep on the side. Colour ways pink and blue background with farm animals on.

    Off for a walk, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny, easterly breeze making it feel quite cool.

    Yesterday - mainly a day of finishing off chores, doing some of those "I'll do it later/it'll only take a few minutes" jobs, FT (obviously) in between bits of clearing hedge and tree cuttings and branches, soak in the bath, bit of reading.

    Today - more clearing the decks a bit, but no significant plans. Haven't done my back exercises for a couple of days so need to have a session or two to make sure muscles are still loosening up.

    Caroline - poor Shiloh - I guess when he wants a cuddle it can't be avoided Hope you both enjoyed the walk. Well done on the 100th sale, and everything achieved yesterday in the craft line.
    Mo - glad the periods of resting are helping the recovery, and you'll soon be able to go for a short and very gentle walk.
    Dave - long walk today or another short one and running on the machine? Hope all the t-shirts are what you ordered.
    Shelley - sounds like you're getting back into a routine, but hopefully still taking things very carefully. Enjoy some time in the garden - sounds like we've only got another day or two of this glorious weather before the cooler easterly and northerly winds attack us again.



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      Morning all
      Bright and sunny again.
      The road outside sounds like a racetrack, yesterday was really busy, today probably the same.

      Mowed the grass yesterday. It hadn’t grown much and is looking yellow in patches but it saves leaving it then trying to mow a jungle.

      Might only do a short one today, had a week of longer ones. No running on the treadmill yesterday, just getting back into it, be on it again today.
      Few bits n bobs to cut, nothing major, gets too hot up there in the afternoons so I have to do it in fits and starts.

      Tee shirts were just the job, my usuals, I tend to stick to certain brands. Great quality, decent price 😁

      Have a good’un all.


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        Lee is funny with his t shirts Dave. Always McClaren and when on sale. Must admit they wash and wash, never go out of shape. He had some Next big standard ones as back up.


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          Finished the first on and drawstring bag set. Getting ready for the next onslaught.


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            Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
            Lee is funny with his t shirts Dave. Always McClaren and when on sale. Must admit they wash and wash, never go out of shape. He had some Next big standard ones as back up.
            I’ve always worn Animal, Supadry, O’Neill, the latter are a bit on the thin side lately so I buy Soul Cal instead. They are the same, wash well and keep their shape, I’ve had some for years...I only get rid when the neckband goes all “Bobbly” as Sue says...then I’m ordered to divorce them 😆😆



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              Evening all,

              Another lovely day, warm, and sunny.

              Caroline, well done - congrats on a 100 sales. Funny Shiloh, good thing you were there for his cuddles. You are on a roll again, things coming out of your sewing room quicker than lightning

              Linda, those days of finishing off and tidying up loose ends can be the most satisfying, knowing you have cleared the decks ready for new projects. I am taking it easy, too easy I think, I found myself sitting around worried to do anything in case I had a relapse, so I decided I needed to do things.

              Dave, I know what you mean, this morning there was a small motorbike rally in the Polish club car park, huge throaty engines revving and people chatting, felt no different to normal. Glad you are happy with your T-shirts, makes no difference what make they are to me, If I like it I wear it until it falls apart.

              Mo and Pete ok? enjoying the sun?

              Today had my Sunday lie in, to the sound of the motorbike engines. Got up and pottered around for a bit, felt rubbish, just sort of tired and thick headed. Been worried about doing anything in case I had a relapse, decided I wouldn't find out unless I did something so Simon and I went out and did the bins, a big load off my mind, they have been bugging me for a few days now.
              Then went out with a large bucket of hot soapy water and washed all the benches down and rinsed them off with the hose (the water butt is empty) filled the water feature, it evaporates in this weather, filled up the bird feeders and did a bit of tidying up.
              Nothing happened I feel ok, so more tomorrow.

              Finished another crochet square, will do some more tomorrow in the garden.

              Sainsburys delivery this evening, before then something to eat I think.

              Have a good one everybody,