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Friday 29th

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  • Friday 29th

    Morning all

    Just back from a lovely long walk with dog, only the nature for company. Posted off my orders on the way.

    Tested the sewing kit design yesterday and works, off to do some more this am. Then have to order some bit and pieces to put inside the cases.

    Linda more weeding, watch your back.

    Mo burning or colouring?

    Dave confetti have you cleared up the mess yet?

    How are you today Shelley?

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all.

    Another beautiful day.

    Docs first thing and confirmed that I have broken or fractured a rib. Said I should be over the worse in 3 to 4 weeks so another 12 days or so to go then hopefully it should start to feel better. 8 weeks +/- for a full recovery. Have to do as much deep breathing as I can to stop me developing pneumonia as it hurts to breathe at all but not short of breath thankfully. Plus side I am on so many paracetamol my hip is much better LOL Offered me codine but I'm allergic to it but if the pain doesn't start receding after 4 weeks to go back and will try some opiates. Got to move as much as I can without bending too much or stretching too far. The journey in the van and having to walk around a bit more through town this morning has made it more painful so resting at the moment. Hoping I'm recovered in time to go back to work on 8th July. Poor Pete has the short end of the straw having to do more than his fair share for the moment.

    Shelley hope you are feeling much better today. Take things easy and enjoy the beautiful weather.

    Think we are all appreciating nature a lot more now Caroline. Everything is calmer and quieter and I notice the birds especially in the evening. Even the bees sound louder LOL

    Hope your back is easing Linda, not too much weeding now, it will still be there when you are feeling better.

    More cutting for Dave ?

    Have an enjoyable day all.


    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Take it easy Mo. When I broke my rib they strapped me up and that was a pain in itself.


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        Morning all! Another glorious summer day, blue skies, warm, strong but very welcome breeze.

        Yesterday - spent most of the morning trying to balance the bank statement and failing - gave up in the end. A couple of hours, with a one hour break in the middle, fighting weeds and overgrowth, bits of FT and not much else. Had email from one of the regular fair organisers to solicit opinion on - if usual premises are open - a reduced number of stalls and controlled visitor numbers for the November fair. It's Rotary club and this is one of their fundraising events so obviously want to run it if possible.
        Hung out top floor window as usual to do the final clapping - didn't hear anyone else from our street and only one lonely pan being beaten in the village.

        Today - onto bank statement first thing and got it sorted in about 10 minutes (as expected was a combination of a couple of things and once I'd sorted one the other more or less sorted itself). Brother rang while I was doing finances to say he was at the supermarket and there was no queue (but would get me stuff if I wanted). Decided to go myself as a few things on the list, brother just going back to his car as I arrived so we had a short chat at a suitable distance; unfortunately queue had built up by the time I got there, but wasn't too bad. Got home and OH said "I was going to go shopping" (thanks for letting me know!), so he went anyway for his beer and while he was out I vacuumed downstairs and caught up with shredding as there was some problem with internet connection and I couldn't get into the forum.
        Taking a break from weeding/cleaning paving today as back knows I did a bit too much yesterday. OH says he's getting the scaffold tower out to do more hedge cutting today (still nowhere near the leylandii yet), but will see if he does.
        Bookbinding kit has finally arrived, but don't have any enthusiasm to do it at the moment, as weather far too nice. Still waiting for authorisation code from HMRC - today was the last of the 10 working days period to receive it, so getting very frustrated that I can't get on with things.

        Caroline - everything seems positive for you at the moment. Hope the sewing kits are a success.
        Mo - sadly ribs take a long time to heal as there's very little to be done to assist the process. Hope the paracetamol remain enough to enable you to do necessary chores and healing is rapid and complete.
        Dave - hope the confetti is all cleared up now, but expect you've already started on the new supply Long walk day today?
        Shelley - glad you are home and on the mend. You'll need to rest a lot but so much nicer to do with feline cuddles and someone to look after you (assuming Simon is being attentive ) PS Bert has a new large scratch (as in cat claw) on his nose - second one in a few days. As they appear overnight not sure of the source but think George might be fed up with the harassment and fighting back!



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          Afternoon all..

          Been on a short one today, went out later, scorching hot.
          The park was chokka block with young girls and babies sitting in groups....don’t think I would have., a) in this heat ...b) I’m still practising distancing.
          Not much more to report.
          Cut new mounts, and acid free barrier boards and set Bens photos into large frames, his sister dropped by for them.
          Got on the running machine and rattled up about 3000 steps, Had already done 6000 on our long walk, felt good to run again, not done it for 5 years due to my back problem but its low impact foot strike wise compared to road running...
          Emptied the bin, half filled the bin.....again.
          Cutting this afternoon, got board over the Velux windows to keep the sun out, still gets boiling hot up there though, have to watch out because if my hand gets sticky with sweat, the paper will warp....

          Apart from all that....have a good’un all 😎


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            Afternoon all,

            Another sunny hot day here.

            Caroline, glad your prototype worked out for the sewing kits. Enjoy your afternoon making them.

            Mo, its some consolation to know actually what you have done and what your prognosis is, you have done more than half so you should be getting better now. Yes, you have to breath as much as possible, they don't strap you up anymore becuase it caused too much breathing problems and pneumonia.
            It must have been some a while ago they strapped you up Caroline, they just don't do it anymore.
            I am sure Pete is looking after you well, Simon does his best but...its ok we manage.

            Linda, you are definitely keeping busy, shopping, banking, weeding, FT and more, where did you find the time for cooking up delicious jams etc?
            Sorry to hear Bert getting told off by George Maybe getting a bit crabby in the heat Hope the scratches heal quickly. maybe he will learn??

            Dave, I am on your side, still social distancing for the foreseeable future. They can do what they like, just stay away from me. Well done on doing the framing and emptying the confetti bin. Enjoy the cutting this afternoon, hope you don't overheat.

            Today I am just taking things as they come, no plans. First day of no steroids so stand a chance of not feeling queasy. Thats why I ran off yesterday, had to go and lie down.
            Not really started doing anything yet, might have a play with the jigsaw, but can't really concentrate yet on anything. Not stressed about it, there will be plenty of time.
            I have not been sitting in the garden becuase I don't want to get heat stroke on top of everything. Maybe tomorrow when the side effects of the steroids are completely gone.
            Just resting and recovering. I do feel better, my chest is back to normal and the swelling in my legs is minimal to nothing. It was probably part of the problem, fluid retention. It apparently affects your breathing. Strangely they gave me IV fluids, not enough fluids causes retention?? Hard to understand but thats how it is, so I need to drink more. I did feel better after the fluids, first time my chest relaxed.

            The one thing I took away from my hospital visit was the importance of face masks/covering. As soon as you enter the hospital grounds you have to wear a face mask and everywhere in the hospital except when tested negative and in your own ward. I have some medical masks I bought a few weeks ago so I will wear one outside my front door. I did when I went to the newsagent yesterday for some milk and bits. My exercise
            When they ask you to wear it they say its to protect you, they really think it works so much so that every single person has to wear one, cleaners, caterers, nurses, doctors, just everybody, even the bin men outside in their yard were wearing them. On the first ward I was on they also had all been given large white hoods with acetate visors and a fan unit worn at the waist to blow air in and keep it clear and germs out. They looked like space nuns, or that were drying their hair with those old fashion walk around hairdryers

            Take care all and enjoy the weather and the time to spend in it, the weather couldn't be better for a nation on enforced holiday.