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Thursday 28th

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  • Thursday 28th

    Morning all, another beautiful day.

    Waitrose have done 3 subs which are acceptable and everything else in stock. Yippee. No Heinz ketchup though and just do not like any others. May see if the milkman has any.

    Had 3 sales on Folksy yesterday had been getting a bit worried as been quiet. Thought maybe closing my shop had done some damage but no. 1 off 100 sales on Folksy, would be good to reach that mark. Would be done then in my first year.

    Sewing today, trying out a faux leather travel sewing kit design on the embroidery machine. Find the items sold, easy now each box is labelled, package up and Lee will take round the post box tomorrow early for me. He is a keeper.

    What have you got planned Linda, so funny you not brewing up goodies.

    Dave more confetti, please empty the wast basket!

    Mo how is the mini woodwork going?

    Shelley hope you are okay do let us know how you are getting on as worry when one of the pack is missing.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all. Bright sun here again.

    So nice yesterday that we were out walking for nearly two hours, seemed a shame to eventually go in.

    Awaiting a tee shirt delivery, some of mine are getting a bit worn, I only use a few brands and stick to them, usually surfer tee shirts as they last well for the money so but about six to eight at a time...I’m a tee n jeans person, always have been....

    Cut a load of mount board off cuts up and bagged them to go today to a local artist. Our Ben wants four A4 photos mounting into 500 x 400 frames, luckily I’d bulk bought Arctic white in A0 ( 1200Mm x 800mm) sheets so can sort that out plus I’ve got a spare sheet of A0 acid free barrier sheet, I can get 4 500 x 400’s from one A0 sheet.

    Recycling bin is out from last night 😁.....I’ll empty the confetti bin today and hoover up what spills out over two flights of stairs and the path to the wheelie bin today....honest 😁.

    Hope everyone is ok, how’s Shelley I wonder?



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      Morning all! Bright and sunny, early morning nip in the air clearing rapidly, gentle breeze.

      Yesterday, did some of the paperwork, but don't have latest bank statement so couldn't finish. Have printed a copy just so I can get my records up to date, which probably means paper copy will arrive today! Unfortunately, had to stand outside butcher's for about 10 minutes before I could get my order and that did my back no good at all, so didn't risk doing any weeding. However, OH went to start work outside so I took the opportunity to muck out his pit in the front room, remove loose covers and throws from the settee and get them washed (that probably didn't help my back either!). OH got nowhere near the leylandii, but he has had a go at the bit of hawthorn hedge that was providing an assault course at the entrance to the driveway and can now get his car past without scratching from wayward branches (my car gets parked at the other side of the house on the frontage). Quite a bit more FT done, but software is crashing more than ever so getting very frustrating. However, I think I've done enough to risk loading the new version of the program, when I get round to it, and hope the data import doesn't cause any problems.

      Today, will try and finish off the paperwork, do a bit more weeding, see what OH manages to do to the hedge and trees as I've offered to clear the stuff that ends up on the floor. Have some seedlings that I keep thinking I need to transplant, but want to have a dig around in the garden store and see if I can create some sort of stand to put the pots on with various bits of wood lurking in there, rather than leave them on the ground for insects and vermin to get to easily. Back still a bit iffy this morning so not going to push things.

      Caroline - looks like the Folksy sales are picking up again - three in one day is very good going.
      Dave - yesterday was ideal for a lovely long walk in the countryside, not surprised you didn't want to go inside.
      Mo - how is the rib this morning? Hope you managed some decent rest periods yesterday and the conference call was more productive than otherwise.
      Shelley - obviously too tired to post yesterday, but hope you're feeling brighter and have a bit more energy today. Take it easy.



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        Good morning all.

        Another bright, sunny and hot day to come.

        Not a good day with my rib yesterday no idea why, bit easier this morning but doesn't seem to be getting any better overall as yet. Seeing medic tomorrow and will see what she says about it as not seen anyone yet as not really much they can do for a cracked rib.

        Good news though on the shop front ours will not be opening till 8th July. Jen and I then have three days in there to get it ready before opening to the public the following Monday. I have already done the new layout to conform to social distancing and we can't have any more then 4 people in the shop at once. Staff will be one manager and one volunteer at a time. We will have to isolate donations for 72 hours before we sort them and will have screens and PPE provided. Hopefully by then my ribs will have healed.

        No more piercing or carving till the mini dust extractor arrives although Pete has done a fabulous textured art piece outside. More work to do on it before it's finished though.

        Well done on the Folksy sales Caroline and meeting that great target in your first year, long may it continue.

        Take care of your back in the garden today Linda and hope the upgrade goes to plan.

        Dave a shopoholic LOL Surfer hoodies and sweatshirts in the winter ?

        Take things easy Shelley no more hospital visits please.

        Have a good day all.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Lol, tee shirts Mo, hopefully off to Cyprus in November so grabbed them now, no shops open means bargains about too 😉
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            Afternoon all,

            Sun is shining, its hot and skies are blue.

            Caroline good news on the sale, a 100 in a year approx average 2 a week, not bad. Good tip in the Folsky newsletter (my first) about copy and edit posts to save typing. Its going to go a lot quicker.
            Sainsburys are doing well, subs have been very few lately and acceptable, often same product but 2 of a smaller size, which is fine.

            Dave, shame you can't do something with your confetti I am a tee shirt and jeans gal, never much else except shorts at the moment. When we are open I wear one of our T-shirts, we had some printed up for our 40th anniversary and sell them in the shop. Its like our uniform, green T and jeans, practical too. So I still wear them now.

            Linda, hope your sort your software problems, so frustrating. Hope the weeding goes well, a never ending job in the summer. At least some of the bigger stuff is done. Take it easy on your back.

            Mo, I thought you weren't allowed to open till July 15th as on the news last night but I am probably wrong, the 8th is far enough away to give you a chance to recover some more. Sounds like its going to be quite a palava - reopening. Hopefully by the time we get round to it, it will be simpler with us, only room for one in the shop, no self service, or at least not poking and picking at packets. You touch it you buy it I will wear a mask. One thing I learnt from my hospital visit, masks matter.

            My hospital visit was rather forced on me by NHS111 becuase I didn't get my phone call back from a clinician within 4 hours they sent an ambulance. They followed their guidelines and felt they had to take me in. It is all very normal there considering the pandemic. I got a swab test with a short amount of time and the results back within 2 hours, they can do it when they want, depending on your result you are put in the right place. I was negative so moved to AMU.
            Lots of tests and poking and doctors visits. Not a positive conclusion as to what was wrong, so IV fluids and steroids and more beta blockers.
            Resting helped, got better everyday, chest improved, it was decided I could go home.

            Going for rest now, be back with more tomorrow.

            Take care all.



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              Shelley, first opening for non essential shops is 15th JUNE we are going back in JULY.

              Rest up and do stuff at your own pace to recover fully.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.