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Wednesday 27th

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  • Wednesday 27th

    Morning All, lovely weather atm although did get a bit muggy yesterday late afternoon.

    So pleased you are home Shelley but please behave yourself and do what you have been told.

    What are the rest of you up to? I am doing a lot of nothing, well that is what it feels like. On reflection yesterday washed all the downstairs back windows inside and out, clothes washing, dried and put away. Marked out the string for Lee's first go at the rose bed. Cooked lunch. Watered the garden yesterday evening that took ages. So I did do quite a bit. Not sure about today just go with the flow of what I feel like doing.

    Enjoy your day and BBL x

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    Morning all! Sunny, very little breeze, dry, slight edge to the temperature but warming up rapidly.

    Yesterday ended up fairly productive - 2 loads of laundry, weekly shopping, an hour attacking weeds, quite a lot of time on FT (finished one phase but discovered lots of people only on one part of tree so more cross checking and adding in progress), farm shop delivery received and packed away.

    Today likely to be less energetic unless OH does actually make a start on cutting back the leylandii which are currently seriously brushing the side of the top storey of the house and also need several feet lopping off the height; he's very good at coming up with plans but not always putting them into action. Need to get to butcher's before they close at lunchtime to collect this week's order and if I have the energy I'll see about clearing more weeds and moss from paving, otherwise I a fairly steady day today I think.

    Caroline - I think you did a lot more than nothing yesterday - sounds like a very productive day to me
    Dave - still exploring the long walks and creating confetti
    Mo - hope you had a reasonable night and the rib damage is well on the road to recovery
    Shelley - hope you've had a reasonable night in your own bed and feeling a bit better this morning. Take it easy - the only essentials are feeding you and the cats, everything else can wait, but I'm sure Simon will help with some of the household stuff.



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      Take it easy with the weeding Linda. We have a block paved driveway and a thin wire brush on a long handle but back breaking work.


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        Good morning all.

        Beautiful day again.

        Delighted you are home Shelley and hope you fully recover soon.

        Pottered yesterday did a bit of dusting and not much else. My rib is really playing up this morning although I did sleep through till 5.30 which was pretty good for me. Have an appointment with the doctor Friday and will mention it then but I'm sure there is nothing that can be done about it, just time to heal.

        Have the conference call later this morning. Did a plan of the shop with proposals to comply with H&S and sent it off. Got just what I expected back, '' thank you and we have to do the best we can'' I think the government guidelines are we can go back from 15th June. Will see what they have to say today as the call is for all Managers and Assistant Managers so obviously decisions have been made.

        Laylandii grow so quickly you have to keep them in check don't you Linda, nightmare if they obstruct walkways, house etc Hope OH gets it done for you.

        Enjoy your lot of nothing Caroline, at least we have the weather for it.

        Have a good day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
          Take it easy with the weeding Linda. We have a block paved driveway and a thin wire brush on a long handle but back breaking work.
          Afraid this is a "get down on the knees to it" job with a variety of tools. The paving is true crazy patchwork type (beginning to think it was put down in 1852 when the original farm cottage was built, so they used what was available and no regularity at all) and it's been disrupted by tree and shrub roots growing underneath it. I have one of those wire brushes but while great for removing moss, it doesn't work very well on the tenacious grass that has rooted itself, or on the gaps between stones/slabs that have raised/sunk so it's a long job. I'm getting there, just a matter of keep working away at it and attack a new patch as often as possible whilst keeping on top of what I've already done.



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            Morning all....glorious again here today.

            Good walk out and about yesterday, around 5000 steps.
            Laylandii are the devils spawn, I had four taken out here and a Larch.
            The Leylandii just kept growing even after being cut right back, the Larch used to shed its pins over my car so when I put the heater on full whack It was like Gulliver getting arrows launched at him....they all had to go!

            Still producing confetti, need to empty the waste bin ( sometime 🙄)...few projects in mind, still looking for a bit of Art Deco, the images I have look detailed but less so when printed out, you know me...deet freek.

            Glad to hear Shelley is out and getting better.
            Caroline sounded nice and productive...

            Take care all
            Dave 😎