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Tuesday 26th

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  • Tuesday 26th

    Morning all, up bright and early ready for the day. Lee starts a new project in the garden today. Digging a border for some new roses by the new arbour seat (when it arrives, must ring Forest Lodge this week to check progress). Have told him he can only do whilst in the shade and must drink constantly.

    I have sorted out a new project for Thursday, travel sewing kits. Have to source some threaders, needles and mini clippers. Still waiting for bits and pieces to do the tea lights but should not take long once all in place.

    Not much else planned apaart from sitting in the garden room watching Lee work and reading.

    Hope you are getting there Shelley at least you are in the best place hugs x

    Linda how is the FT coming along?

    Dave what are you cutting now.

    Mo that bowl of Pete's with the mini drill is fantastic.

    HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Cloudy, treetops still waving around, dry, cool.

    Yesterday, bread done, bedding changed and managed about half an hour outside, but more sweeping up than attacking new areas; couple of hours soak in the bath, and managed to read about half a paperback book. Strangely didn't feel the need to go to bed early, and actually stayed up a bit later than usual.

    Today, had a better night last night, still a bit lethargic but not too bad. First load of laundry just finishing, next load ready to go in machine, sorted farm shop and butcher's order, need to check with G&G if they need any shopping before I go to supermarket. Depending on weather may try to get another half hour with the weeds this pm.

    Caroline - like your plans for today, but don't get too tired watching someone else doing hard work! LOL
    Mo - hope you managed another reasonable night and the rib situation continues to improve. It seems you have an extra few days before the shop is able to open to the public, but take care when it comes to the practical preparations.
    Dave - you're a (very high quality) production line turning out your fabulous cuts! How deep is the paper carpet on the cutting room floor now?
    Shelley - sorry you're still incarcerated, but glad you're improving. Fingers crossed they will let you out today. Will the cats be missing you?



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      Morning all....dull here, should clear up later.

      Lady came to pick up her mounts yesterday, did a swap with her for some homemade strawberry jam 😁

      Long walk day today, don’t know where but will be less busy for sure.

      Finished that cut, no frames so its in the photo album with the rest...nothing outstanding, just a tree cut but that is going to Wales with us....eventually.
      Going through my public domain image library yesterday I forgot I’d got the
      “Uncle Sam” and “Lord Kitchener” poster images, might be some mileage in those 🤔..we’ll see, I’ll need to vectorise them first.
      Yes Linda, the confetti needs shovelling out at the minute, I tend to sweep the bits off the table into the direction of the bin but then not realise that the bin has been full for a yeah, gets a bit messy 😁

      Hope everyone aches and pains etc improve
      Have a good’un all
      Dave 😎


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        Morning all.

        Managed to draw up the plan of the shop yesterday and now need to reposition stuff to try and make it trade friendly. There will definitely be areas we can't comply with though and isolating donations will be difficult. See what they say when I send it to HO.

        Tried to do too much last night in the garden, didn't seem much at the time but it hurt. Restless night and really uncomfortable this morning. Ohhhhh I hate not being capable of doing stuff, sometimes even the simplest things are difficult and I just hurt it. Not very patient with things like this.

        Did get to sit in the garden yesterday afternoon and it was really hot, we are pretty sheltered there, and read some more. Getting through books like never before LOL

        Hope you can easily source your accessories Caroline and enjoy your time as supervisor !

        Take care of yourself and back with the weeding Linda.

        Must be some way of recycling your confetti Dave???

        Hope you get home soon Shelley.

        Enjoy the lovely weather all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          I do Mo....I turn it into smoke 😆

          Dave 😁


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            Evening all,

            Just a quick hello to say I am home.

            Will fill you in with all the details over the next few days, a bit tired today so going to keep it short just wanted you to all know, I am better and home.



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              Welcome back Shelley. We've missed you (well, I have)



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                Thank you, Linda


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                  Welcome back Shelley, take care x